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    Video Games, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Star wars. I also enjoy writing and obviously chatting and online sites. :D
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    I would like to enter. I'm sonicx510 on the main site. Although I don't know you that well, I still hate to see you leave. :'( I hope you'll come back sometime though.
  2. Bramble´s Alt Swaps (Update: 06.08.13)

    I have this stage: Cam I trade for ? Which stage? o.o
  3. Want a ZP pet, but can't get the ZP? This is the place for you! ;3

    Neevvaaa!!! Yeah, sure, right here xD:
  4. Fossil Pets

    @tomomi Yay! lol. xD Sending....
  5. ~Operation Black Hole~ Roleplay

    ((Thanks. xD)) Clive got up and asked the pilots for the info on the mission. "Alright, lets go!" Clive opened the helicopters door and jumped out, holding his gun forward in case there was something waiting for him. He was kind of surprised to find what looked like a normal forest, with no seeable threat. "Well, this is different." He tucked his gun in his jacket and looked around. "So in other words, your ready to go?" Matthew got up and looked out the door. Michael was.... Doing nothing. xD ((Fail. xD))
  6. Blueberry Sparkle! o3o

  7. you got me some chocolate? :3

    Howdy Rel! Welcome to PA! xD
  8. ~The War of the Dragon Clans~ (Roleplay)

    ((We need a temporary leader of Frocice! xD))
  9. Stormclan (Roleplay)

    ((How did I do that...?! Lol, sorry. I read Icefur in an above post... Sorry. xD))
  10. Auctioning pets! For free!

    Lucky, I'm She didn't say anything about that yet. xD
  11. Auctioning pets! For free!

    Oh, I forgot.... Can I change my request? I really want a Cloud Shepard... Even if it's the only thing I get. *Hates to seem greedy and hopes that I don't* o.e
  12. ~The War of the Dragon Clans~ (Roleplay)

    ((Okey dokey. xD Okay Soare, lets see.... Flare can run into Chan.. xD)) Flare walked over to Chan. "Certainly taking Lava long enough to get ready, isn't it?" Vortex was done. Stone was about to fall asleep. xD Freeze sighed. "Come on! Hurry up!!" He muttered. ((Do I have to play the Frocice leader too? xD)) Lava was ready for the gathering, he walked out of his den and jumped up the rocks to the ledge from which he held meetings. "Let all dragons old enough to breath fire gather here!" ((Lame copy, I know. o.e))
  13. Auctioning pets! For free!

    So no one can ask for the Javan? lol. Can I have: I'm, not sure exactly what you mean so.. xD I cant say I hate to see you leave? Okay... xD (I kinda feel bad asking for that... o.o) Thanks!!