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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Preorder Hebunzu· har�banī CYO

  3. Closed Artist Found

    Friendly Bump Good Luck
  4. Cyo commissions

    Please and thank you. I`ll add you on the first post
  5. Cyo commissions

    Its really up to you, that's why I did'nt put a price because different artist have different prices. If you are able to do several of them I could offer you a few alts of my leyendas magestic and orb series.
  6. Preorder Hebunzu· har�banī CYO

  7. Sketchi ♥ CYO's

    @sketchi Do you do Commissions?
  8. Preorder Hebunzu· har�banī CYO

    @sketchi Sakura34
  9. Sakura`s Shop and Trading spot including Customs

    @jpmouse ok Just wanted to know
  10. Sakura`s Shop and Trading spot including Customs

    @jpmouse are they still eggs?
  11. Bunny Doodles

    ooh i love your idea If you don`t mind i would love for you to do a pic with my bunnies in real life. Preferably in poses like sitting, jumping, laying down. Also would you mind doing them all in one pic please. And i would`nt like them to be on DA please and Thank you Here`s some pics http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/gallery/album/432-my-pets/ This is where all the pics are Ava-Tan(Please make her smaller than the others Avery- Black,grey,and Blue Tori-White with Brown spots and heart on nose Cream-White with Tan spots Melody-White with Black spots Buddy-Red mini Rex Dreamer-Pure white with red eyes Avalon-Same color as Ava but with blue/Chinchilla underbelly The first Six are a cyo of mine if you need more reference Thank you for doing this, would you like a free cyo
  12. Sakura`s Shop and Trading spot including Customs

    @jpmouse I`ll just buy one for now. 150zc?