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  1. wow wow wow it's been a while! 

  2. Art

    Just some random sketches or art related things. This is all done by me unless otherwise stated. (There will 99.9% be just my art up here. I see no reason to upload other's art to my album.) ^_^
  3. Warming up!

    From the album Art

    Just a warm-up drawing... I love popping on here to see what's happening! :-)
  4. Character Design

    From the album Art

    Just a character I'm working on for a personal project :-)
  5. Being on break has never felt so good.. I hope everyone is doing well. :D 

  6. Illustrator work

    From the album Art

    A thing we did in my class on Illustrator.
  7. Falling apart

    From the album Art

  8. Curiosity

    From the album Art

    I'm enjoying my winter break.. But also kinda excited for next semester of college!
  9. Green

    From the album Art

    A redesign of one of my characters.
  10. Exploration

    From the album Art

  11. Apologies

    From the album Art

    I did not mean to post this much... I guess I'm still figuring out the gallery. :/
  12. Ghost

    From the album Art

  13. Random pigeon

    Aww thanks you guys! Thank you so much for your kind words.
  14. Woops.

    From the album Art

  15. Recent doodles

    From the album Art

    I post a lot on other places, but I thought I'd update here too.