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  1. Looking for a CYO artist

  2. Jade's Weekly AR Drop

  3. LF: a male grizzly bear

  4. Jade's Custom Shop!

    @Imzadi83 Added and accepted thank you! @Miss Kitty Sure! could you send the trade please?
  5. Jade's Custom Shop!

    Hello, I've been fairly inactive so sorry for the late response! @Kookie Yes of course! do you just want one or two? @Imzadi83 Yes of course, could you please send me the trade? @TheOneAndOnlyTastical Yep! could you send me the trade please? specific gender? @Kaylercool yep! could you send me the trade? what gender would you like? @Storybook of course! could you send the trade please?
  6. Jade's Weekly AR Drop

    Obviously after a year of being away i'm not too active on here! I'll try and stop by every so often to still participate in these AR drops as this was the only thing on PA i generally enjoyed, and still would! Hope you guys still have interest in this
  7. GaH the Person Above You

    @secretfox hatched, ty
  8. Jade's Custom Shop!

    @Lone Wolf sorry for being slow added and accepted! @Imzadi83 sorry about the wait! added and accepted.
  9. Jade's Custom Shop!

    @Lone Wolf oo wow big order! but of course!! ^^ could you send the trade? @Imzadi83 Sure! could you send the trade?
  10. I dropped about 700 pets into the AR on friday! thanks for all the donations everyone!! :) happy hunting! if you're absolutely loving what you find please post in my AR DROP thread!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Altaluna


      For someone that came back from a long hiatus, huge help. :D

    3. Jade


      ahh well i'm glad you're back and I'm happy to help!! :) I try to give the AR a little variety every so often! ^^

    4. Altaluna


      -wry grin- Explains where all those Pile Perch came from. Heh.

  11. Jade's Weekly AR Drop

    Dropped my AR room on friday! hope everyone is finding some good stuff!! ^^
  12. can i buy 5 zp for 2750 zc please?