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  1. Ochibi and Shiraishi

    did someone say Minoru Shiraishi *couldn't resist* I wish I had some nice figures like this ;v; But I'm poor, eheheh. I would totally get some Yotsuba figures if I could. And I'll definitely be getting allll the Nagisa Hazuki figures that come out. The closest I have to figures are little Pokemon figurines ;n;
  2. How can you like policeman Rin more than astronaut Nagisa? D:

    1. tomomi


      Because Rin is my fave. And Policeman are better then Astronauts. ;P But Astronaut Nagisa is cute too!

  3. Official Raffle!

    I'd like to claim my one free ticket owo
  4. CYO' names poll-Might win a free CYO!

    Ahhh, sorry for not replying D: I liked Auroran Sentinel because the effect looks like Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights And sentinel is another word for guard or guardian, basically.
  5. CYO' names poll-Might win a free CYO!

    I like Polar Guardian of Winter the best, but if I were to name it, I'd pick Auroran Sentinel.
  6. What is your LEAST favourite animal?

    Spiders :I Can't stand the things.
  7. Can we do one of each?
  8. Ice's Arts and Screenies

    Various drawings I've done and screenies I've taken c: Screenshots: Copyright to owner of the game I screenied.
  9. Plushies

    From the album Ice's Arts and Screenies

    The Mew and Dragonite plushies I just got C: That's how big they are compared to a can of pop/soda. I love them so much

    © Me

  10. Lady Dragon - Looking for Artist

    They look great, Match! I love them c:
  11. Lady Dragon - Looking for Artist

    Sure, I can wait a while, Match c: Thank you!
  12. Lady Dragon - Looking for Artist

    I'm looking for an artist for a CYO (with alts) I'd like to make, called a Lady Dragon (using the wyvern dragon lineart, of course). It wouldn't have any lineart edits, I just need someone to color because GIMP dislikes me and I always had background troubles anyway. The reward for doing this would be a full set of Lady Dragons c: I might also be able to pay 1k ZC or so along with a full set. The alts I want are as follows: Somehow relatively similar to his coloration: (Greygnarl from DQIX) Similar to him: (Barbarus from DQIX) A silver/light gray dragon with white undercolor. Basically, the same color placing as the purple/gold dragon, but with light gray and white. A red and gold dragon, colored like the purple and gold one, but with red and gold. Red body, gold undercolor. A blue and white dragon, colored like the purple and gold one, but with blue and white. White body, light blue undercolor. Obviously the Greygnarl and Barbarus alts should not be exactly alike, just somewhat resembling him.
  13. Iceberg's 1-Hour Auctions

    The auction is over! @Lilytora and @, I'll be sending the trades shortly c: