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  1. I just realized you changed your name!

  2. Hi! :-) Just dropping in!

  3. Is happy that she doesn't have school tommorow

    1. Hearth


      -is jealous-

  4. Hi Everyone :P

    Hi Winty hope you have a good time here
  5. Fennec Fox Sale

    Im guessing 20-50 ZC
  6. Poison Signups

  7. I like Division 6 but I also like Rukia Kuchiki. i finished most of the episodes and one quarter of the manga, but I skipped part of the Bount Arc.

  8. Used to complain it was too hot and now is wishing the sun will coem back

  9. Poison Signups

  10. OMG thx so much ANNA Everyone did so well! I loved all the entries Congrats for all the other winners~
  11. Poison Signups

  12. Count Till Mod

  13. The Change A Letter Game

  14. but it would still be complicated because if someone had 100 pets that would still be over teh ZC lilmit and then it'd be debated which pets would get the clicks