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  1. Checking what brush we submitted?

    So back when I was more active, I would submit brushes to make private CYOs as soon as I got the ZP to do so. I'd love to finally get some of them on site but I can't remember what ones were supremes/full alts/no alts etc. Is there somewhere I can view what brushes are what? I can't seem to find it myself haha. Any help would be greatly appreciated! <3
  2. Chit's CYO & Custom Shop [open] *playful pup added!*

    @Kitkat Accepted, thank you <3
  3. Chit's CYO & Custom Shop [open] *playful pup added!*

    @Kitkat Sent
  4. Chit's CYO & Custom Shop [open] *playful pup added!*

    Added and accepted <3 Just to check- alt 4&5 of lynis and alt 5 playful pup? Just want to make sure because the picture of the lynis is alt 1 haha
  5. Chit's CYO & Custom Shop [open] *playful pup added!*

    Bump <3 May not reply quickly as I'm on holidays in the US at the moment, but will get to any trades as quickly as I can. To make things quicker, make sure you note all alts and genders you want (where applicable), and have a trade ready to go. That way I can just log on, get the pets and send them to you when I get back to the hotel each night <3
  6. ~Free Thanksgiving CYO Giveaway!~

    @Kaylercool Thank you very much!! c:
  7. Looking for another CYO artist! (Cat CYO)

    @Kitkat Awesome, thank you very much! <3
  8. Looking for another CYO artist! (Cat CYO)

    @Kitkat Any, surprise me!
  9. Looking for another CYO artist! (Cat CYO)

    Yeah that would be awesome! <3
  10. Pet Shop!

    @Kitkat Trade sent! <3
  11. Looking for another CYO artist! (Cat CYO)

    None, just have them! I have ZC out the wazoo so no use for more haha!
  12. Pet Shop!

    I'd love a Speckled Charmer please <3
  13. Looking for another CYO artist! (Cat CYO)

    Currently on a vacation to the States and we've been driving from CA to FL so made these for you on the drive today- hope that's okay! Let me know if you want anything changed, though if I don't see a reply before we leave the hotel in the morning, I won't see it until we hit the next hotel tomorrow night. Enjoy! x