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    Dragon and Kitsune queen :3
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    Dying at school
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    A collector of kitsunes ^^ I'm looking for a hane kujaku at the moment.
    Pokemon, dragons, cute things, Especially trolling my little brothers :)

    Also a big anime fan. Fairy tail is the best :) : Sekaiichi hatsukoi, Bleach, Togainu no chi, Natsume yuujinchou, Tora dora,OHSHC, Junjou romantica, Naruto, Jewel pet, D-gray man and many, many more.... Vampire knight

    Manga is something you shouldn't miss out: Five, Bleach, Say I love you, Dengeki daisy, En passant, wild ones, chocolate cosmos.... could write eternally

    Books.... Eragon (all 4), Promise of the wolves, Shiver (all 4), Left hand of god, Wings, Dark Academy - the chosen, You're the one that I don't want, Graceling, Fire...

    Writing is a hobby of mine. I'm not that bad at drawing too. Check out: http://wolf-moonlight.deviantart.com/
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  1. Official Click Thread

    @Yurusumaji just look at the comment above
  2. Official Click Thread

    oh no! I touched one egg and it poped! oops
  3. @kuitsumi *facedesk* sorry, this is what happens when I have 12 trades open and I'm adding pets to ALL of them ;-;
  4. these "holes"

    I found these holes in rooms. This ones are from mysfits' sale room, 2nd page. Time screenshot taken: est. 11:30 am today. Not sure if this is a layout error or if a bug, but posted this to be sure. and from the same room, just the bottom: url to the room --> http://www.petadopta...pp=10&room=3465 (hope I did this right)
  5. Project ANTHRO: Act Two (sign-ups)

    *edits* sorry
  6. Wow, you're getting a lot of votes girl o: and you get one from me too wenga (:
  7. @tomomi I change my mind a lot, don't I? xD
  8. @tomomi yup, yup, alt 5 female, and I'll add the zc for an alt 6 male :3

    oops, gonna now, 300 zc so I can have a bigger chance

    I'm joining, i'm leafeon
  11. Rant thread

    ignore this, one, I posted in the wrong window o.o
  12. B-day Wishlists

    birth month: august birth day: 8 (8/8 xD ) pa user: leafeon List of things on pa you want: labs, fennecs, caracals, brown hyenas, KIT FOXES!!!! <--- for these alts I don't have, lions, tigers, sabers, felidroids (lol), any customs/cyos I want and don't have (check custom shop), techically any pet I have ever wanted xD
  13. you got me some chocolate? :3

    webby, willow, next time let me join the fun! xD
  14. ~The War of the Dragon Clans~ (Roleplay)

    ((I'll just throw away ulruquiora, do what you want with him make him a leader or whatnot, too much energy to make another dragon))