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    Elloooo people of PA! I'm Rose305 if you haven't noticed yet, but most people just call me Rose (duh :3). Anyway heres some stuff on me! :P

    Fav Color: Purple, but honestly I like a whole bunch of others too!
    Fav Animal: Bat
    Why: Well where I vacation there are a lot of bats and they get rid of them pesky bugs. Plus they are really cute up close and their unique.
    Fav Fantasy Creature: *Pfft* Dragon! They fly, breath fire, and are freaking epic!

    I love reading but there are so many books I could pick a single favorite. Currently I am reading: none T^T

    Love anime! Currently: Fullmetal Alchemist
    Next?: One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, BoT! ;3

    Anime/Manga List to try:
    Shaman King

    I also love to draw and am currently working on my skills! :P
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  1. Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well! Its been awhile. Due to my extreme lack of activity here I thought it would be nice to ask if any of the wonderful owners of the Customs and CYOs I have would like to have them back (so as to not go to waste). Just send me a message (I know who these Customs belong to, don't try to be sneaky >_>) and I'll get that trade going. Sorry I haven't been active, life just got busy for me. Finally started nursing school and all the jazz. :) I still role play but occasionally now due ti time constraints. I am on discord though if ya ever wanna talk (I check that as much as my text messages). Gotta go now but I'll be back to check up on this. Happy holidays everyone! ^w^

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      Long time no see.

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      Hey guys! ^w^ Its good to see you all! <3 

  2. Hello friends, sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth. Since I don't (hah, try ever) get on very often anymore (T-T) I'll leave my Discord name in case you guys need to get a hold of me. 

    Discord Name: ButterRose305 (Don't judge me, I like butter).

    Or my email: lmarrone305@gmail.com

    I'm sorry again.

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      You're welcome! You've got that right. ;) 

      Pleasure to meet you as well. ^.^ 

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      Discord, what is that exactly lol?

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      Discord is a communication app for phones. :)

  3. Raven Clan (Roleplay)

    OoC: Sorry for that, taking an accelerated course. >.<; BiC: Frogstar- The gray and white she-cat opened a single murky green eye to stare at Slatejaw, yawning again. "Fine I suppose." She drawled, arching her back on a stretch. She flicked her ear in greetings to her sister as well as Singedwhisker. "I assume you slept fine as well?" She asked, her fur fluffing up in a undignified way but she could care less. It seemed like Slatejaw had things handled so she opted to letting him assign patrols. Her greened eyed gaze swept the camp then, looking about for anything that may be amiss. With winter on its way it would be best to fortify the camp against snow and wind. Especially the Elders' den. Just then a loud commotion attracted her attention, murky eyes landing on a heap of fur as two apprentice tumbled from their den. It didn't take much for the leader to figure out just which ones they were. She raised a brow as Kestrelpaw untangled himself from Pantherpaw, her tail flicking in dry humor. How graceful. Troutleap- The ginger she-cat hummed loudly (a noise two bold to sound like a purr), beaming at her sister and deputy before nodding. "Of course! I'll get started right away!" She promised turning to go find her clan-mates. Foruntately, both Lavenderwilt and Nimbleleaf were together so that only left the tom's apprentice. "Good morning you two. Slatejaw placed us on a hunting patrol. We'll set out as soon as your ready." She greeted, heading toward the camp entrance to wait while she thought of a few good spots to try. Lavenderwilt- The gray she-cat twitched her whiskers in amusement at his morning greeting. Though in this case it was more like the early cat got the mouse. She nimble away at her meal as he continued, her blue eyes flickering to his thin fur before returning to his eyes. The she-cat felt that the tom wasn't being entirely honest but decided not to pry. Rather she casually shifted closer until her fur brushed against his, playing it off as a stretch. "Well that's good. I think I may of fallen asleep on my leg wrong, it's all tingly this morning." She purred humorously, stretching out her back legs. "Nothing like a busy morning to stretch them though." She added, finishing off her meal. Her ears perked up as Troutleap approach, inviting them on a hunting patrol. She purred, whiskers twitching as she wink at Nimbleleaf. "Speaking of busy," she laughed, getting up. "Sounds good Troutleap!" She called after the ginger she-cat. Lavenderwilt turned her eyes back to Nimbleleaf, "Meet you by the entrance then." She purred, trotting off after Troutleap. Waterdance- The silver she-cat purred, offering the elder a mouse. "Oh dear, then we must fix that. Aching joints are such a bother. I'll ask Starwalker for something to sooth it for you." She replied, settling down to eat with the elder. "As for the drafts I'll I'd the apprentices could patch any holes in the wall and bring in some more bedding for you. Can't have you getting cold this leafbare now can we?" Waterdance mused warmly. Sootmask is available for interaction, otherwise he is still waiting on a patrol.
  4. Raven Clan (Roleplay)

    (Will update this with my post hopefully later tonight!!!! >.<)
  5. Raven Clan (Sign ups)

    I'll post as soon as I can! I'm a little sick but haven't forgotten! Sorry!
  6. Raven Clan (Roleplay)

    OoC: @Stonetooth Hehe, I believe you mixed up Waterdance with Frogstar! ^^ Waterdance brought Cherrywing the food and Frogstar finally decided to slip out of her den, greeting Slatejaw! ^^
  7. Raven Clan (Roleplay)

    My Characters: Frogstar, Waterdance, Troutleap, Lavenderwilt, Lizardtongue, Sootmask. Frogstar - Fox dung, Frogstar thought, as a particularly brisk breeze decided to wrench her from the comforting nothingness of her dreamless sleep. Dead green eyes refused to open to the world, at least until another breath of wind invaded her warm lair. A ragged sigh turned moan tumbled from her mouth in a yawn, surrendering to the inevitable advancement of daylight. Oh, if only the sun decided to rest a while longer. The smallish, ratty looking she-cat lounged a while longer, reluctant to leave the nest. Her swampy green eyes gazed at nothing in particular as a kind of deadbeat glaze overtook them, leaving them devoid of any lively sparks. As always, the gradual weight of her duties was enough to finally rouse her, as much as she would like to bury herself her in the gloom. There were things to do, though, a clan to feed, and, most importantly, an apprentice to teach. The infamous Frogstar emerged from her den, fur instantly flaring in a most comical way as her immortal foe swept by once more, only making her look more of a mess. Not to mention her shoulder was beginning to ache, blasted thing. She had half a mind to track down that no good piece of a dung of a fox and rip off it's tail. Course, that did happened moons ago. So high chance of that, but it was a thought. A slight movement above her drew Frogstar's lazy attention and she unsurprisingly discovered her deputy to be up and very much awake, prepared to take on the day. Thank Starclan, what would she do without him. "Morning Slatejaw." She yawned, stretching while she minded her aching scar tissue. Waterdance - If Waterdance loved anything to death it was a nice crisp morning! She happily slipped from the warriors' den, taking a deep, steady breath of the fresh mountain air while sparing the sunrise a warm smile. Yes, indeed, today would be an excellent day, the warrior could just feel it in her bones. Now, the only way to make this morning any better would be a nice, filling breakfast before a morning patrol. The silver she-cat trotted easily over to the freshkill pile to take stock, selecting a humble sized mouse. A large breakfast would weigh her down, better to eat something light and then make up for it later. Besides, the weather was quickly approaching leaf-bare, now wasn't the time to indulge in food, she had the rest of the clan to think about. Such as a queen, her kits, and an elder who would need the most care to ensure their health through these trying times. Perhaps she would pay Cherrywing a visit and make sure that the den was properly guarded against unwanted drafts. The silver tabby swept up vole before she left, carrying the two pieces of prey towards the Elders' den. "Greetings Cherrywing! How are you on this fine morning!?" She called softely in her singy song pur. Troutleap - Perhaps the cat least affected by the dropping temperatures, Troutleap followed not long after her sister, pausing to aggressively stretch. She sighed in pleasure as a few of her joints popped, releasing the kinks of her awkward sleeping patterns from the night before. She hopped she didn't disturb anyone from all her shifting and kicking about. The previous day had kept her busy and even she had to admit that she had been exhausted. Usually, strange dreams kept her company in the night after such days and try as she might, she couldn't seem to stop herself from phsyically repsonding to a few. In fact she had even been told by her sisters that she used to sleep talk often as apprentices. She wondered briefly if she had continued that habit into her warriorhood before her thoughts quickly shifted gears. Amber eyes sought out the freshkill pile and soon she had herself a tasty mouse before her hyperactive mind located Slatejaw atop the rock ledge. Bout time she got herself a task before someone beat her to it. Hastily swallowing the remains of her meal, Troutleap rose and lumbered over to her deputy. "Hiya Slatjaw! Got any patrols started yet?" Lavenderwilt - A tickle of air stirred the grey she-cat from sleep, caressing the long hairs of her ears as Lavenderwilt blinked herself awake. A quick glance around told her that a majority of her fellow warriors have already awoken and so she prepared herself to join them. Plucking moss and smoothing fur through her thick coat, the grey warrior rose and stepped out to meet the morning. Just as she predicted, several warriors were out an about, mostly eating before Slatejaw begins the duties. A short, grumble of annoyance from her own belly has her moving towards the freshkill pile as well, green eyes tilting up to find a nice spot to eat. They catch a shorted furred tom in their sights and steer her paws towards, her crooked tail held up high in a cheerful greetings and she approached Nimbleleaf, giving him a bright smile. "You're up early, did you sleep well?" She purred after she release her meal, settling down at comfortable distance. She wrapped her tail about herself as best as she could and eagerly took the first bite, melting into the delicious meal. She then turned her bright green orbs onto the tom, awaiting his response. Lizardtongue - Usually the short furred tom looked sleek and streamline with his lithe body, however today, he looked comically irritable. His fur bristled in an attempt to gather and store his body heat, making him look like a burr on legs. His pupils were particularly thin today, no doubt due to how cold it was but he knew that as soon as work started it wouldn't be so bad. His sharp eyes had already noted Nimbleleaf and while he would never wish for another clan-mate to struggle with the cold it did give him some comfort that he wasn't alone. He closed his eyes a moment, trying to forget the coming snowy weather and focus on other things. ... On second thought maybe it didn't help that he was settled in the shade. Bitting back a sigh, Lizardtongue rose to his full height and prowled out into the sun. There was a definite difference at least and Lizardtongue could greatly appreciate that. He made a mental note to request a patrol with lots of running involved as he angled himself towards the rock ledge, pausing a few tail lengths away from the main group gathering there to settle. Even sitting be tended to be rather tall. Not that he complained, this build made the Green-leaf heat very easy to deal with, but not so great during a bare-leaf. Sootmask - The burly tom awaited patiently beneath the rock ledge, having joined his clan-mates only moments ago. The windy mountain air certainly made sleeping in easy if not for the drafts that wriggled their way into the cracks among the dens. Not that they bothered him to much, but it would be wise to fix those before leaf-bare, even if the snow would clog most of them. The smokey tom decided not to eat this morning. While the freshkill pile wasn't too low the tom had eaten a large meal before bed. Rather he would wait for later after some patrolling and hunting. Food always tastes better after hard work anyway. It looked liked it would be a beautiful day too as the tom observed the lighting sky with some satisfaction. He always did love that deep blue color.
  8. Raven Clan (Sign ups)

    Name: Waterdance Gender: Female Age: 33 Moons Rank: Warrior Description: A silvery-grey tabby she-cat with warm amber eyes and bold, black stripes. Average in size yet dainty and sure footed. She dark pink paw pads that match her nose. Personality: Kind, sweet, and very much the motherly/sister type, Waterdance is whimsical and airy with her singy song voice. She is both graceful and elegant in personality and movement, excellent at communication and word articulation which boost her charisma. These traits make her a good teacher and overall good listener. Trustworthy, loyal, and devoted to her clan-mates, especially to her sisters whom she treasures a great deal. kin/kits: Troutleap and Frogstar (Sisters) Crush/Mate: None Currently/Open History: Born into clan (nothing important) Other: Killable Name: Frogstar Gender: Female Age: 33 Moons Rank: Leader Description: And grey and white she-cat with solid green eyes. Slightly shorter and skinner than the average cat. Her fur tends to be unruly, especially around her left shoulder which sports a narly old scar from her younger days. Personality: She is the complete opposite of her sister Waterdance. In fact, it's a wonder they are even siblings. Frogstar is lazy and apathetic in certain things. She shows little concern for personally safety and health which makes her extremely rash, though this development of personality did not fully sprout until after receiving her nine lives. Whether she feels confident with more lives or whether she just doesn't care is a mystery as to why she seems to put herself in harms way, almost as if she wishes for death. However she would never allow her actions to put anyone else in danger. Frogstar has a dry sense of humor and at times, dark. She laughs at threats aimed towards her (probably because of her multiple lives, meaning that threats towards her life are almost meaningless unless she's on her last). She practically dares others to try. An excellent bluffer and good at stringing lies and tall tales, most often used to humor kits or throw off enemies in battle. However, despite her less than leader-like tendencies and complete lack of self respect, Frogstar would do absolutely anything for her clan. And she has, throwing a good majority of her lives away for them. When she is needed Frogstar can be a chilling strategist and cunning fighter. kin/kits: Troutleap and Waterdance (Sisters) Crush/Mate: None Currently/Open History: During the period of her first few moons as a warrior Frogstar's (then Froglegs) patrol got into a nasty fight with a fox. Her shoulder ended up getting damaged after the well placed bite and it took a good moon for it to heal. Her collection of scars only continued to grow after she became leader, though not as visible as her shoulder. Other: Killable (As an on going joke to simple humor herself, she constantly changes the number of lives she has left when asked. In reality though, she only has two left). Name: Troutleap Gender: Female Age: 33 Moons Rank: Warrior Description: The largest of her siblings, Troutleap is taller than the average cat and slightly bulky, making her almost seem tomish in a way. She has white and ginger tabby fur with large greenish amber eyes. Personality: Troutleap is perhaps a balance between her two sisters; not as graceful or serene as Waterdance, but also not as apathetic as Frogstar. In fact, Troutleap is very tomboyish. She's loud, friendly, adventurous, and has a good sense of humor (meaning if you prank her she would love it). She is smart in her own way, not cunning like Frogstar or knowledgeable like Waterdance, but experienced. Experienced in hunting, fighting, and She has picture memory. She only needs to see something once to remember where or what it is. She makes for a good teacher for warrior skills and always does her best to pull twice her weight around the clan (just cause she can and she likes the challenge). Speaking of challenges, she loves them! kin/kits: Waterdance and Frogstar (Sisters) Crush/Mate: None Currently/Open History: Nothing important. Just a lovable fuzz ball. Other: Killable
  9. Raven Clan (Sign ups)

    @Stonetooth I'll go ahead and make a leader and one/two more warriors to fill in the empty space. I don't mind role playing with just the three of us unless you want to wait longer for more people. I'll try to get them up before work but it might not be till later tonight.
  10. Raven Clan (Sign ups)

    @Stonetooth Probably all warriors for now unless we need a leader (assuming the position doesn't get filled).
  11. Raven Clan (Sign ups)

    @Stonetooth Awesome, I'll finish Lavenderwilt and might add one more as soon as I can! You can never go wrong with a Warrior Cat RP. (I'm thinking on of his rash moves results in an unfortunate death or maiming of his litter-mates. Not quite sure how yet, gonna try to think of something more original then a rock slide or a fox attack *shrugs*)
  12. Raven Clan (Sign ups)

    Name: Lizardtongue Gender: Male Age: 26 Moons Description: A long legged tom with diluted, sandy-grey fur. He has pale yellow eyes with pupils that always seem to be narrowed into slits. Short-furred with faint gray tabby stripes along his spine and legs. Nimble and lithe, Lizardtongue is hardy and has a healthy dose of stamina. Personality: Lizardtongue is quiet spoken, preferring to listen to conversations rather than actively joining in. The tom does not seek out social interactions however he does not run from them either. He believes it is important to have communication within a clan, especially between Mentor and Apprentice. Lizardtongue has a soft spot for kits and younger warriors/apprentices, though he greatly lacks emotional expression his actions tend to speak louder than words. His first reaction during raids or dangerous situations is to ensure the safety of the nursery or to provide aid to the less able cats. However, despite his silent, caring nature Lizardtongue can be quite violent. He used to struggle with his anger and often lashed out at his litter-mates and fellow apprentices. He had a rather sharp and brutal tongue in his apprentice-hood that often got him into trouble. However, a tragic event the occurred the few days after his warrior name would scar him for life. However, when pushed beyond his limits of patience Lizardtongue will lash out. He is actually slightly afraid of himself now. Kin/Kits: Father Unknown, Mother Deceased (natural causes). if someone wants to be a brother or sister that's fine, one or two siblings will be deceased due to the accident mentioned above. We can talk about it if anyone is interested. Crush/Mate: None Currently. History: Lizardtongue was born into a litter of (3 or 4) litter-mates. He has quite the temper and violent nature and picked fights with other kittens and apprentices often. Later however, after a tragic accident had taken the lives of (1 or 2) litter-mates, Lizardtongue fell silent, seeming to blame himself for the accident. Becoming just as diluted in emotion as his fur. It took Lizardtongue several moons to recover mentally and by then he made an obvious personality change, showing a kinder, gentler side of himself. However, he doubts he can ever make up for his wrongs, nor ever full change. Other: Meh, nothing I can think of. It's been so long since I've role played, super excited! ^^ Name: Lavenderwilt Gender: Female Age: 23 Moons Description: A slender long furred she-cat with a large white patch on her chest and throat. She has bright, earthy green eyes and white tufts of fur in her ears. She is slight shorter than the average, however she is well built and surprisingly strong. She has a long, fluffy tail that was broke during her apprentice-good, healing back crooked. It does not damage her balance too badly and she has learned to coup with it, however, that is how she earn her warrior name. Personality: Lavenderwilt is a kind, bubbly, cheerful cat who takes the time to enjoy the simple things in life and always looks for the silver linings even in the worst of times. Perhaps a result of her own physical blight, Lavenderwilt is very determined and constantly gives out encouragement and advice to those around her. She believes that anything is possible. Lavenderwilt likes to spend her free time walking through the woods, enjoying the fresh air, flowers, and dappled sunlight. She is thankful for her life and never takes anything for granted. She would gladly pay her life down for clan-mates without a seconds hesitation. She would even do it for a stranger. She sees the good in everyone, no matter how evil (she will defend herself and others though if anyone threatens them). Kin/Kits: None, open. Crush/Mate: None Currently. History: Lavenderwilt was born into the clan, either as an only kit or with siblings if anyone wants to be one. She went through a trying time as an apprentice when she lost her footing on a rocky outcrop and fell, lodging her tail in a crevasse. It took some careful maneuvering on her mentor's part to pull her up and out from her hanging position, her tail having broken from the stress and strain of her weight. She pressed on however and worked hard to improve her balance, never once giving up. She was granted her warrior name only a two moons after her siblings/apprentice-mates. Other: Meh. Name: Sootmask Gender: Male Age: 36 moons Description: Burly tom with broad shoulders. Long, gray fur the darkens towards his paws and tail while the markings across his face almost appear as if he exposed himself to a fire. This physical feature heavily influencing his name. Pale blue eyes. Personality: Sootmask used to be a complete goofball as a kit and well into his apprentice-hood. As he grew older his antics calmed somewhat however he proudly still harbors a easy, warm sense of humor. In adulthood Sootmask is mature, thorough headed, and rather clever when he wants to be. Sootmask is humble and not a very vain or prideful cat, though he does have a bit of a teasing side and may boast because of it out of brotherly love for his clan-mates. But, when the situation calls for it, Sootmask will rise to the occasion and project a much more serious and mindful persona. Kin/Kits: None, open. Crush/Mate: None Currently. History: Born into clan. Other: If no important position are taken by the time the RP starts he can take which ever needs filling.
  13. *epic face plant* Hey everyone! ^^ Rose here! It's been a little bit, not too long but certainly long enough is be slightly too long. XD Gosh, I missed everyone. So much! *hugs* I'm sorry again for leaving guys, things just got so crazy and hectic and I was burning out super fast. From the looks of things, I think I should be okay to come back, perhaps not as often as I used to get one but I'll make things work. :) I'm not sure I can commite to a whole bunch of stuff yet but like I said, I'll try. I may take another short break for school if I can't handle both again. Otherwise, I'm back! XD


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      It's good to hear from you guys again! And no worries Chloe, college is a pain! 

  14. Hello PA! Missed you guys, sorry for everything (my flakiness the most). I honestly just got really burned out and depressed this summer and didn't know how to handle it. Fortunately I managed to change a few things that have made me much happier and healthier (exercising, better food, more socializing) and I tried to cut out electronics a bit. I will not be leaving PA however I need to focus on life right now, this summer has been the businest one thus far with work, wedding plans (my cousins), and an increase in difficulty for school. Plus I don't have a laptop and haven't been able to draw (my sister was in charge of computer science, thus I couldn't barrow her laptop that has the program). Sorry again! When things settle I'll try to make more time for PA! Love ya guys!

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      *in a computer science class

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      Glad you dropped by to let us know. :D

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  15. Ugh, sorry guys. I've been so tired lately, my motivation is zip right now. *flops* I'll get to my things soon... (hopefully, gosh I've been flakey, bad Rose) *weakly face palm slaps repeatedly*