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  1. GaH the Person Above You

    Whoops sorry this one please? Adopt your own virtual pet today!
  2. GaH the Person Above You

    @Imzadi83 Hatched Adopt your own virtual pet today!
  3. Hello

    @Sabrientjuh Nice to meet you!!! if you have any questions feel free to ask and if you need any help and/or pets I can send some your way!! <33
  4. Plopaz

    Thanks <333
  5. Hey, I'm New!

    Welcome! For the first question a mine after you set it up can get you Zc after you mine from it around 10 times every 30 minutes! I don't 100% know when they'll hatch and level cause I've been gone for so long but I'm pretty sure Bloodstone is correct! If you need any help or some pets or stuff just ask me and I can send whatever you need your way! Welcome to PA! <3
  6. New sketchs and stuff 2017

    Lets do this!
  7. Zwie

    From the album New sketchs and stuff 2017

    She's one of my sonas I have like 3 xD but anyways she's super fun to draw and stuff <33
  8. Unnamed Magic Gem

    From the album New sketchs and stuff 2017

    Closed species info here http://magic-gems.deviantart.com/ Decided to sketch a pic of my magic gem who still doesn't have a name xD
  9. Plopaz

    From the album New sketchs and stuff 2017

    This is my friends Sona and I'm gonna give her this pic when I go over there today, but just curious is there anything I should add or change to it?
  10. I may add a few pieces of art to the gallery tomorrow (to redeem myself from the kind cringy art it has in it now xD)  if I'm not to lazy xD its also like 1:05 am in the morning so Im gonna head off to bed.. Cya guys! <33

  11. Heya! I wondered if you have pets for sale. I saw you have a selling group,but it was empty.(heartbroken lol) I would understand if you haven't sorted pets in a while. 

    1. jpmouse


      Oh man I haven't sorted my pets in a long long time is there any pets in particular your looking for?? 

    2. TheOneAndOnlyTastical


      I can wait and let you sort em all ^^ I'm patient 

      Depends on what you have. Maybe I should take a look through of your pets. 

  12. Turtle-in-a-bowl

    It looks amazing keep up the great work and never give up!! <33
  13. Wow I haven't been on here for awhile o:

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    2. Lilytora


      You can do it! Just make sure you study and try your best

    3. Kaylercool


      @jpmouse Thank you very much! That's very kind of you. :3 I owe you one, okay? If you need anything just ask.

    4. jpmouse


      @Kaylercool You don't owe me anything <33 Honestly I'm glad you like them!! <33

  14. Alt 1 Male and Alt 2 Female sending a trade right now and Thank you :D!
  15. Drawing OCs

    For picture 2 B5 -Character is a Oc of mine if that's alright http://sta.sh/25sw2nry2yc?edit=1 or Picture 2 A9 - Character is also a Oc http://sta.sh/2150ai3ls9ik?edit=1 or Picture 1 C6 Another character. http://sta.sh/0f0exsha2hp or Picture 1 F10 Maple you Oc maybe? I hope this is alright ^^"