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  1. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    @Alcarie Will do! (unless you'd rather have the Beta position ^^;) I can also make an Alpha-in-training if need be! c:
  2. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    I can make a few more characters if needed ^^;
  3. ~*~ Gamer's Heaven ~*~

    @tomomi Ah, thank you for checking for me! I'll make sure to take a look! And wow, xD, they have them all! And it looks like I'll also have to check out all of the other games on Steam... Also, if you're talking about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, I was actually thinking about getting them, though it'll be a hard choice. The legendary's this time look pretty cool. Not sure if they'll change the starter pokemon though, so if it's still Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio... not sure which one I'd choose. Most likely Litten, since I usually like most fire starters, and it's cat-like. But Popplio is kind of cute as well. The problem for me is their later stages c'x I've never played the original Sun and Moon so it should be different and fun :3 And the new characters look super cute as well! Solgaleo looks kind of cool but now since he's 'ultra' or whatever he has this... like, giant tail thing I think, but he still looks cool. Lunala reminds me of a bat and I love bats so I might choose her... eehhhhh I don't know xD. Are you going to be getting the new one? Or have you already gotten it?
  4. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    Orchid [open for interaction] Orchid was sitting outside of a dark cave, leaning against a rock and holding a dagger in one hand. Her bow and arrows were slung to the side, a few arrow tips dappled with crimson stains. She had been awake for over an hour and it had thus far been uneventful. Her last rest in the cave was extremely uncomfortable and she hoped that she could get a better place to sleep for the next night. With a heaving sigh, she stood up, stuffed the dagger in a little pouch around her waist, and hoisted the bow and arrows over her shoulder. With a yawn, she started down the rocky terrain. It's windy today, she noted as her hair blew into her face. In annoyance she pulled the loose strands behind her ear and continued. She had put herself a fair distance from the Sun territory, so she had no worries about Unknown-hunters, but she was wary all the same, making sure to look behind her from time to time. Eventually she stopped to rest beside a tree, wondering what her next meal would be. Trixie [open for interaction] "Go get em', boy!" Trixie said with a little grin as her wolf (Aryu) chased down the flock of little rabbits. The wolf growled and raced after one, their paws sending dust up into Trixie's eyes. With a sneeze, she took a few steps away as the two vanished from sight. He'll be back. She told herself with a yawn. He always did. Aryu knew Trixie's scent and would never be gone for long. With another little yawn, she went to sit down behind a rock to shield the wind. Blinking a few times, she leaned back against the rock and ran a hand through her silver hair. She hoped she wouldn't see anyone again. She had encountered a man large enough to butcher her and Aryu a few days before, but thankfully they had managed to escape. Trixie had wandered a bit too far towards the Sun border and that's when the man came after her. She heard Aryu heading back and looked around. The white wolf scrambled forward, carrying the corpse of a skinny rabbit and looking extremely pleased with himself. It was a messy kill, but Trixie appreciated that Aryu could hunt at all. Scratching his head, the wolf dropped the rabbit and came to sit next to her. Xander [open for interaction] Xander grinned as he watched the doe amble slowly, sniffing around. If he could aim his dagger just right... then he could get a meal for days. If he missed though... shaking his head slowly, he lifted his arm which had the dagger and aimed. Don't miss, He told himself. If he hit the tree beside it or anything beside it, he would lose the kill and dinner. Narrowing his eyes, he threw the dagger, and the doe squealed. Xander looked up, excited, to see that the doe was running off and the dagger had just barely scraped the side of the tree. "Darn it." He muttered with a sigh. "Oh well." Standing, he took the dagger out of the tree and put it away. "Better see how Bianca's coping." (kinda have to rp with myself here since they're siblings... sorry.) Bianca [open for interaction] Bianca sat with Tapioca curled in her arms, looking out at the forest. Xander was in there now, finding something, but Bianca wasn't that hungry. The wind buffeted her sweater and Tapioca mewed grumpily, cuddling closer to her. With a sigh, Bianca couldn't help but wonder if they were standing for the right thing. What was wrong with having the Moon and the Sun? Couldn't they just live like they did? Like normal people, not having to wander and hunt and stay in the cold, barren mountains of the Moon territory? Cuddling to Tapioca closer, she closed her eyes. "Xander would never listen to me." She muttered resentfully. She looked up suddenly as Xander came out from behind the thick foliage of the forest. "Aaaand here he is now." She muttered to Tapioca, scratching her cat behind the ears. Tapioca purred and nuzzled her closely. (here it is finally x.x all of my chars are open for interaction! Also sorry about RPing with myself a bit up there.)
  5. Elemental Wolf RP

    OoC: Quick question, what time of the day is it?
  6. GaH the Person Above You

    @cinnamonapples Hatched! So pretty!!! http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1075911 Thank you!
  7. GaH the Person Above You

    @Kirito Hatched the second one! Such a cool alt! This one please: http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1082120 Thank you!
  8. ~*~ Gamer's Heaven ~*~

    @tomomi That's a lot of info to take in! xD It sounds fun! I love any game with a good story or plot. Is there a specific reason you preferred 7 and 9? I kind of travel around a bit so I don't really stay anywhere long enough to settle in with any kind of game system, but I do have a PC! Do you know if 7 or 9 would be available on a PC? Not sure if my lil' laptop could handle it but thankfully I should be getting a better one soon. Although it never hurts to try! xD It sounds like the games are quite long, but honestly that's not really a problem for me, I actually prefer longer games over the shorter ones. I finished Pokemon X way too quickly and was disappointed about how short it was. I actually restarted the game I believe, giving me another three days of Pokemon joy before the joy vanished again x'D. I also just recently finished Minecraft Story Mode season 1, it was really fun. I would definitely recommend it even if you aren't a Minecraft fan. I don't play Minecraft much but I actually really enjoyed playing Story Mode. I believe it's on PC as well as mobile. c: (and of course xbox too... unless I'm wrong ><) A bit off-topic but I had to mention that up there ^^; I mean, this is gamer's heaven, so I had to mention it somewhere, lol.
  9. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    @MoonlitBlood I mentioned you in my post above, is it okay to have color-changing eyes that show her mood? Wanted to finish her before I posted ^^;
  10. The Frost Archer's 1x1 Search

    @Ashe, Combining them would be cool! They don't realize they have superpowers and when they do they have to hide it until they realize that there are others like them. As for an enemy, I'm not really sure... we could always make the main enemy the people who want to hunt them down, unless you want a more mythical/magical enemy. Or both. Like they have to convince who's chasing them down that they have their powers for good cause? To defeat the 'enemy' of them all perhaps? Maybe some evil magic-y person who is trying to wreak chaos through the land or something dramatic like that~ As for the characters - honestly I don't mind the relationship of the two (friends, don't know each other, maybe some kind of romance-drama, bad/good, good/good, etc.). What matters most to me is that they somehow meet and discover each others powers. Maybe they kind of despise each other but must help each other to survive, or maybe they've been friends for a long time and have some kind of cliche 'best friends like each other' type roleplay. Or maybe even it's just two people who find each other by fate. Lots of 'maybe's' in that post above, just suggestions ^^;
  11. Collection #2

    And then there's lil' Rapunzel in the bottom corner. All of them are so pretty, you have so many cool figurines.
  12. Abandoned Room Notification (have read the other one)

    @Gamergirl3579YT Not very familiar with the AR (used to look at it a lot more, not so much recently though) but I think that others (including myself) have had issues like that before. I think the notifications system for the Abandon Room is a bit buggy, so only @Cake or @Bob would be able to do anything about it, as Kitkat said.
  13. ~*~ Gamer's Heaven ~*~

    @tomomi Just wondering, don't kill me, what is FF? I've heard of it before but never really had the time to thoroughly research it and from all of the posts you've made it sounds like you enjoy it. xD Unfortunately I don't have a PS4 so if FF is only available on there then rip me. I'm not a huge gamer initially but I'd actually like to try out some more games and stuff. I have a few games on my DS right now. (Pokemon X, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Super Smash Bros., which I don't play often anymore)
  14. Your profile pic is so cute! :D 

  15. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    @MoonlitBlood Will edit my previous post to add Orchid's soulpower, then I will add a character or two more