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  1. Christmas Advent Calendar

    I loved all the pets I got from this event! Happy New Years to you all ~ <3
  2. Newbie, with questions and a Hello

    @Cobwebz Which pet did you want hatched?
  3. Newbie, with questions and a Hello

    @Cobwebz You can only purchase Customs from the people who made the Customs. They aren't usually in the bazaar because the owners of the pets usually sell them directly. If you're looking for the owner of a specific custom, you could look in the Color Almanac.
  4. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Thank you again!
  5. Newbie, with questions and a Hello

    No worries! I understand. We have a couple of main moderators, however @Kitkat and I are usually the most active. The community as of now is a bit small, though the site used to be a lot more active a little while ago. We still have members who come on every so often. There are only a couple of pets that you can cross breed into a hybrid. For instance, the Pookita. If you have a Standard Poodle Dog and an Akita Dog, you can breed them to make a Pookita. Usually, if you choose to breed with a pet, it will show all of its breeding options, including cross-breeding. (so if you choose to breed a Standard Poodle Dog, it will show you that you can breed it with an Akita Dog) Hope this helps! ~ <3
  6. Newbie, with questions and a Hello

    @Cobwebz I'm sure all of the mods have been busy with Christmas lately, but I'm here to reply now. what is there to do on site here daily?: There are a lot of different things to do on the site daily - you can enter the Avatar and Pet Pageant, you can get an egg from the egg drop every hour, you can shop at the Avatar or Pet Mall, you can create or read comics, breed, dress your avatar/pet, check the bazaar, create pets or clothing for the site. On the weekends the abandoned room also opens up randomly, so you can get free pets there, and sometimes there are exclusive deals or giveaways on the News page. how long for eggs to hatch and grow to breed? It depends on which pets, but usually they hatch at 50 clicks. If you don't want to wait that long, you can either place your pet in the Pet Spotlight for clicks or ask for a Gift-A-Hatch exchange. That, or you can post your egg in the 'GAH The Person Above You' thread. (in the link below) You can hatch 3 pets a day, but only from separate people. Only certain pets can be bred, and they usually have to be in their teen or adult stage in order to be able to breed. How to make zc fast? There are a few easy ways to get zc, such as clicking pets (1 zc per click) voting in the pageants (200 zc every day if you vote in both pageants) putting pets in the bazaar or the auction house for zc (at a fair price). You can also sell clothing, CYO's, and etc. for zc if you would like to. You can also mine, which gives usually around 1-10 zc per mining expedition. some avatar clothes don’t fit base. Why? There are a few different bases you can purchase. For instance, there are Quads, which are animal bases, and a few other bases made by the members of PA. (search 'base' in the Avatar Mall and you can find them!) A lot of clothing items in the Avatar Shop is not made officially by PA, so if a couple of them don't fit any of the bases that is just the mistake of the person who made the clothing item, although most of the clothing items out there do fit a base. I hope this helped you! Sorry for the late response, if you have any other questions please let me know. Link to the GAH the person above you thread:
  7. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Haven't been able to comment for awhile ~ Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. Merry Christmas everyone!~ <3 Hope you all had a wonderful day. Expect a New Years event coming soon on the main site! :D

  9. Hello All

    @Fox~ Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions just let me know.

    @FloraFaun No worries! I probably should have locked the thread after the event had finished. I will be hosting a different Christmas event soon that you can participate in! @Xene Unfortunately this event is no longer active, but I will be hosting another Christmas event soon so keep an eye out for it!
  11. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Thank you for the pets~ Christmas is coming so quickly! lol
  12. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Almost forgot to comment today! Love the prizes I have been getting <3
  13. GaH the Person Above You

    @Tiler Remember to only post one pet at a time ~ ^^;