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  1. Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

    @gamma Okay sounds good!~ I'll make some new chars tomorrow. Edit: @gamma Sorry to bother you again, but there are three major positions open at the moment (archiver apprentice, dep, medicine cat) I already have the Medicine Cat Apprentice role, so I was wondering whether you'd rather me be the Archiver Apprentice or the Deputy - unless @Alcarie wants another higher-up rank. (which I'm fine with) Also, I can make a Queen and a kit or two just for the sake of more characters as well.~
  2. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples Ohh alright then ^^ I likely I wasn't here when you posted that. I just appreciate how much time and effort you put into this thread and I wanted to help out a bit, lol. I'm glad that you found a way to make things easy for yourself! <3
  3. Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

    @gamma If we still need some cats for the roleplay I can make 1 or 2 more ^^
  4. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples I haven't been able to put any pets in the click room, and as of now I'm unsure if I can click everyday, so I can't enter any in at the moment, I just wanted to suggest something to you: It seems like it's becoming hard for you to see who has and has not clicked during the day. Maybe have a separate thread where everyone has to go to after they click to let you know that they clicked, having it be a kind of mandatory thing, plus it might un-clutter this thread. Just an idea. ^^ lol may or may not make things easier for you.
  5. I just wanted to let everyone know that from here on out I won't be as active as was a few weeks ago. I will still come on every so often (meaning at least once or twice a week) to reply to things, I just won't be on every single day for over an hour as I did before. I believe I might have a person or two waiting for me to respond to them (checking PM's and stuff soon here) sorry for that!! Will get to everything soon. <3

    1. Lady of Baskerville

      Lady of Baskerville

      Thank you for letting us know <3

  6. This or That?

    I've actually never tried funnel cake, but I'm just gonna assume it's better than cotton candy lol (I find cotton candy a little too sweet imo) Dogs or cats?
  7. 5A76AC39-2AA6-4493-8F4D-C72742F22BFD.jpeg

    Her fur is so pretty!! And she sounds adorable! These puppies are too cuuuutteeee D:
  8. 2C31DDBD-9304-4C2B-89F1-25D350330542.jpeg

    Aww <333 they're too adorable lol! And I bet their little noises are really cute, too
  9. 31888548-5EBD-46E0-B119-3EE27B758280.jpeg

    Aww she's so adorable!! ~ And I agree with @cinnamonapples, the name is really sweet and cute <3
  10. Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

    @gamma lol thank you finishing up the rest of them now!~ <3
  11. Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

    Name: Salsa Age: 13 moons Gender: She-cat Clan member or Newcomer?: Newcomer Rank: - Description: Salsa has dark ginger-brown tabby stripes. Under the stripes is a yellow-ish white, which gradually transfers to darker ginger as it moves along her spine to her head. She has a few pure white marks around her face, and some dark ginger tabby stripes on her forehead and around her eyes. The stripes on her back legs are thicker and darker. Salsa has a slim build, meant for running and chasing rather than fighting, though, if needed, she knows how to use her claws. She's considered a bit on the petite side, and has a natural graceful and on-her-toes posture from being on the run so often, almost appearing as if she's ready to take off at any given moment. The inside of her ears are light pink with white fluff, and her eyes are a dark amber flecked with gold. Personality: Salsa is always quite curious, and it's hard for her to stay in one place. She's always up for adventure and fun, and it's not often that she's quiet or timid. In fact, more than not, Salsa constantly speaks her mind, whether it be blunt, kind of rude, or simply not true; she's very stubborn to the point of being a bit annoying. She has a bit of a temper and tends to hold grudge and be overly obnoxious about an argument. Underneath her thick-skin and hard-hotheadedness, Salsa's actually quite soft. When things get serious, she can automatically switch into a shy and quiet mode, with a serious demeanor; especially if one's life is on the line. Despite her 'I-don't-really-care' kind of look and act, Salsa can be very kind and caring. She also absolutely loves to tease kits, and although she'd NEVER admit it, she wants them someday. Background History: Salsa grew up at a twolegs' house, born and raised to be a kittypet. Her siblings were given away, but she stayed with her mother and her one brother at the twolegs' home. Salsa had a young caretaker whom she loved very much, but it wasn't long until the ginger tabby realized something was wrong. Not only did the twoleg kit seem weak and unstable, she constantly coughed and was in bed 90% of the time. It worried Salsa, and eventually it grew worse - so bad that the young one rarely was home. The older twolegs came home one day looking even mopier than usual, and Salsa had known something was wrong. She waited weeks, and yet the twoleg kit never came back. Heartbroken, Salsa ran away out of pure sadness and denial at the age of 10 moons, hoping maybe to find a way to her caretaker. It was an anomaly that she survived her younger days, but after awhile, she simply learned how to run when needed and unsheathe claws when she had to. Then, she found the cave. Thoroughly engrossed in how Cave Clan handled things, she's decided to stick around for a bit. Family: Brother, mother, a few other siblings - all left behind. Mate: She believes she'll never get into a relationship like that. Crush: Not at the moment. Kits: Maybe eventually, right now she enjoys watching them and teasing them. Is your character killable?: I'd say yeah, but maybe later in the roleplay.~ Other: Blind vole. ^^ Name: Nectarpaw Age: 12 moons Gender: She-cat Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member Rank: Med Cat Apprentice (is this okay? @gamma) Description: Nectarpaw has a naturally thick, fluffy white pelt. Sometimes it frustrates her how much it gets in her way when hunting - especially in the snow or rain - but she is thankful for the warmth it brings. Her fur is mostly white, but around her face she has a few pale-yellow or light honey marks around her muzzle and eyes. There are also a few faint streaks on her forehead, and behind her ears. A few things about her say 'delicate' - her light pink ears, nose, and pads, for one. The way she holds herself seems genuine in the way she leans forward slightly and often has her ears angled forward. Her eyes are a striking dark blue, her paws are tiny, and her tail is basically white fluff. Personality: Nectarpaw is generally a bit quiet. Not quite shy, intimidated or timid; she just doesn't usually think her thoughts are worth speaking aloud. She's up for small chat and things like that, but when it comes to big decisions she tends to keep out of it and let the older cats lead the way. Nectarpaw - as her name suggests - is very sweet. She has a sort of instinct to care and protect, and it's been with her since she was very young. She tries not to get in trouble and can thus be seen as boring by some cats, but she finds that having a calm, average life suits her fine. That is to say, she's not a complete goody-two-shoes, as she's had her times as a kit when she got into a fair amount of trouble, and she wouldn't protest if someone suggested something fun, or interesting to do. More or less, she's just a laid-back, caring and sweet cat, one that much prefers caring for others or talking things out other than using claws; which made her choose the Medicine Cat route, and she does not regret it a bit. Background History: Nectarpaw has an average history: she got into trouble a few times as a kit (as most kits do) but otherwise she hasn't had any tragic life history. Family: Older brother, Leafheart. Mate: No. She's not looking for it, but if she found the right cat maybe something would happen. Crush: At the moment - no. Kits: Nope. Is your character killable?: Yes. Other: Blind vole.~ Name: Leafheart Age: 23 Gender: Tom Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member Rank: Warrior Description: Leafheart - size-wise - is quite average; not too stocky, not too small. His fur is mainly white, but he has dark grey streaks around all four legs. Around the top of his head, the white fades to dark grey, and then back to light grey around his face, and white around his muzzle. He doesn't have any particularly striking features; in fact, he's a bit dull, with faded-looking blue grey eyes, a dark grey nose (with faded pink poking out there) and overall a very normal appearance. Personality: Leafheart is quite the opposite of his sister, Nectarpaw. As an apprentice, he was pretty cocky and a bit stubborn; and, unfortunately, he still kind of shows this side of him often enough. He's not necessarily bold, to say, but he does have a fair amount of sarcasm under his claws, and he's not afraid to use either. As he is, he'd even sometimes let out some sarcasm to the Medicine Cat or Leader - but of course, at the end of the day, he knows when to back off. He loves to tease Nectarpaw, and although he doesn't quite wear his emotions on his pelt, he does care deeply for Nectarpaw, and he's promised himself to protect her. Background History: He had a regular kit-hood and apprenticeship, just with more putting bugs in denmates nests and tricking kits. To put it simply, he was a mischievous trouble-maker his whole life. Family: Younger sister, Nectarpaw. Mate: No, doesn't really want one. Crush: Nuh-uh. Kits: Nooooo. Is your character killable?: Maybe later!~ Other: Blind vole! Name: Sootpaw Age: 13 moons Gender: Tom Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member Rank: Apprentice Description: Sootpaw is a little small, but it fits his age. His pelt is perfectly in the middle of fluffy and thin - to the point of sticking out, but not weighing him down. Sootpaw has a light grey fur color, and his two front paws and right back paw are pure white. Around his muzzle / face area, it's smoky black, with a few darker stripes on his forehead and above his eyes, thus his name. The inside of his ears and his nose are also grey, and his eyes are a surprising dark blue, the one thing that stands out about him. Personality: Sootpaw is a bit shy, and can come off as standoffish or awkward. It's a bit hard for him to socialize or talk to new cats without stuttering or fidgeting a bit. Around cats he knows, he's not as shy, but he doesn't talk as much and generally just enjoys watching and observing other cats, rather than interacting with them. You could say he's anti-social, but that would be wrong, because he actually enjoys the company of other cats - he just also enjoys peaceful silence and calmness, as well. Sootpaw can be very comforting if he needs to be, and doesn't mind cuddling or being close to a cat he really cares about. In fact, he's quite the sweet cat, if you look past his first impressions. Background History: Sootpaw was born by himself, as his sister died nearly a day after being born. Although he does not remember her, he still wishes that he had some kind of family member to be close to, since his father passed away at a young age, and his mother passed not very long after he was born. Family: ~ Mate: ~ Crush: ~ Kits: ~ Is your character killable?: At the moment... I'd rather he wasn't, lol. Other: Blind vole!~ Name: Cloudwhisker Age: 42 moons Gender: Tom Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member Rank: Senior warrior Description: Cloudwhisker - as his name suggests - is pure white and fluffy, resembling a cloud. His pelt is thick and heavy, and there are a few extremely light, pale yellow marks around his face that can be seen in certain lights. He has slightly broad shoulders and he's got a slightly tall stature; his build can't be considered bulky, but he certainly isn't petite or small. Cloudwhisker's ears are fluffy and pink on the inside, as well as his nose and pads - all a light bubblegum pink. His eyes are a light, almost milky blue, and he's got a calm aura. Personality: Cloudwhisker is usually very kind and optimistic, though he never goes overboard on the optimism when it isn't needed. He does try to think positively, and gives of a kind of elder vibe because of his calm, wise, and kind personality. Despite his laid-back kind of attitude, Cloudwhisker can automatically snap into overprotective mode, extremely loyal to Cave Clan and the members within. He's not afraid to use his claws and his weight to frighten off any enemies, and although he'd rather talk things out smoothly, he's got no problem with fighting if it means saving his clan. Background History: Very basic history.~ Family: No cat of importance. Mate: No. Crush: He's getting a bit old for crushes. Kits: No. He would love some of his own, however. Is your character killable?: Yeah. Other: Blind vole. Name: Poppyrose Age: 21 Gender: She-cat Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member Rank: Warrior Description: Poppyrose has a very distinct look about her. Her back-fur, legs, and head are a mixture of rose-brown; she has a rose-ish hue all over, but it mostly shows in her back. She has a few faint stripes on her back, but the darkest stripe starts at the base of her tail to the fluffy tip, with a few branching stripes. Around her ears is a dark rose color, and her chest fur, belly fur, and some of her front legs are a tainted white. She also has a patch of white around her muzzle. Poppyrose is of average height and size for her age, and despite her thick mane, she can be quite graceful. Her eyes are a mixture of green and yellow. Personality: Poppyrose will give it to you straight, no matter what the news is, though she'll try to soften it up a bit. She's not a push-over, but she believes that being kind and understanding is a cats' greatest asset. It's a difficult - and much different - situation if Poppyrose is in an argument; more often than not, Poppyrose can spit fire when she disagrees with something or when she sees some-cat being wronged, and she's certainly not one to cower or sheathe her claws in battle. It can be said that she's very stubborn and determined, always giving it her all and never backing down. She's fiercely loyal to Cave Clan and would most certainly die to protect it. Poppyrose is also very fond of kits, just not too excited about the thought of being held captive in the Nursery. Maybe someday, though. Background History: Basic.~ Born in Cave Clan and plans to die in Cave Clan. Family: ~ Mate: No. Crush: Not yet! Kits: Nope.~ Is your character killable?: Perhaps later in the roleplay. Other: Blind vole. ^^ Name: Age: Gender: Clan member or Newcomer?: Rank: Description: Personality: Background History: Family: Mate: Crush: Kits: Is your character killable: Other: Name: Age: Gender: Clan member or Newcomer?: Rank: Description: Personality: Background History: Family: Mate: Crush: Kits: Is your character killable: Other: Name: Age: Gender: Clan member or Newcomer?: Rank: Description: Personality: Background History: Family: Mate: Crush: Kits: Is your character killable: Other:
  12. This or That?

    I like both... If I have to choose, likely shooter games with some kind of strategy. or ? (as you can see, I'm a little brain-dead at the moment, lol.)
  13. type the username above you with your elbows!

    jzadcdspdedtzs lol
  14. Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

    @gamma, If this is still open, could I create some characters within the next day or two?~
  15. Hi guys!... I'm back! :P I know it's been way longer than anticipated and I'm SO sorry! This month was a little crazy but things are all good now! It also took an extremely long time to get over my sickness (when I get sick, it usually sticks to me 2-3 weeks after. This time, that was the case) and that held me back a little, too. Anyhow!~ I will reply to everything I've missed within the next few days to catch up and stuff! :P <3 Happy to be back! How have you all been?! :D 

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      That is so good! ^^ PA has been pretty okay since you have been gone

      Not too many breaks ^w^

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      DAAAAAAAAASHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ♡ !!! ♡ tumblr_inline_p7ga3tqRl31qid2nw_540.gif 


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      YAY :D Welcome back <3