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  8. Bluepaw // Interacting with Quillfeather, Deerspring, and Sparrowfur Bluepaw twitched his tail at his mentors praise, his pelt warming. It wasn't often that Bluepaw received such words. He watched as his mentor proceeded to state that Starclan wouldn't help anyways, and he couldn't help but grudgingly agree. If they could at least gather some herbs to soothe the sickness it would be helpful, even without any guidance from Starclan. He glanced up, pushing away his thoughts, as Deerspring padded over. Pity washed through his pelt as he noted the desperation edging the queens' eyes. He glanced over at Quillfeather, unsure of whether or not he should answer. He knew a few herbs that could soothe the symptoms, but he wasn't quite sure whether or not he was correct on all of them, and he didn't even know if some of the herbs that could help her kit were in stock. "We were just about to go and gather more herbs, but we might have something inside." He meowed, glancing at Quillfeather for approval. He didn't think they had any honey in stock, but he hadn't checked since the day before and wasn't sure. He spotted Sparrowfur padding over and twitched his tail in disapproval. The Clan deputy looked ragged and worn out. He must have been waiting for Deerspring, but Bluepaw couldn't help but think that wasn't a good idea. He watched as the tom started to groom himself. It wasn't good to be out and about around all of the healthy cats; he'd have to have a word with him about it after they had helped Deerspring. Moonfeather // Interacting with Thunderheart, Hushpaw, and Blackelk Moonfeather watched with amusement as Hushpaw hurried off, Thunderheart following without question. She glanced around camp. Three cats weren't enough for a border patrol. Her gaze wandered over the cats when she spotted Blackelk, looking as if he didn't have much to do. Flicking her tail, the fluffy she-cat padded over to the lanky black tom and blinked. "Up for a border patrol?" She questioned. Moonfeather knew that the tom could be... different, or at least, that was one way to word it, but Moonfeather believed that he was a warrior no less and thus didn't hesitate to invite him to patrols. Although she knew some cats avoided him, she didn't; in fact, she felt a bit stubborn on the matter. He was born in Roseclan and was trained to be a warrior, and if Moonfeather was truthful she found that Blackelk was sweet and different; something she appreciated. Tawnystripe // Interacting with Mosspaw and Fallenstar Tawnystripe couldn't help but twitch her whiskers in amusement at Fallenstars words. It made Tawnystripe feel happier when the Roseclan leader was cheerful instead of more weary as he had been lately. She couldn't blame him; Tawnystripe knew that his position as leader was a difficult one, especially with his deputy sick. She watched as her apprentice seemed to grow less anxious and more excited and felt a flicker of pride. Although half of the clan was sick, the clan still had apprentices and warriors who were still going and working for their clan, and Tawnystripe had to believe that the sickness would pass sooner or later. She couldn't handle the thought of the sickness consuming the whole clan, and so she didn't think of it, and instead tried to be more positive when she could be. Rainfur // (Rainfur is slowly waking up, feeling sick and feverish) Minkpaw // (Asleep still) Blazepaw // Interacting with Gingerfox and Dustblossom Blazepaw listened as his older sister purred and flinched at the pain and hoarseness that came with it. What did she do to deserve such pain? He felt a fierce hatred towards Starclan. Why would they let this happen to Gingerfox? She had kits whom would be motherless if the sickness continued to get worse. The worst thing for Blazepaw was that he could do nothing but sit and watch it all go by. He was pulled abruptly from his thoughts as Gingerfox's raspy voice brought him back to reality. When I'm gone. The tightness that had been lingering around his chest has worsened, but he didn't interrupt. Then shock as he had never felt it struck him like a blow and he sat up suddenly. Tidechaser! His eyes widened. How could his older, dependable sister fall in love with a cat like Tidechaser? His felt panic raise the fur on his shoulders. Tidechaser wouldn't take responsibility over the kits; would he? Grief clouded his gaze as she continued, and he felt a surge of emotions lodge in his throat. He pressed his cheek against hers. She was right. Dustblossom might be waiting for him; but could he really leave her in this state? A familiar voice echoed around the nursery and Blazepaw stood, feeling his heart pattering in unsteady beats. Training. He couldn't see how he could train after all he had heard, but he couldn't quite focus on anything yet. He couldn't tell Tidechaser yet, either. He had to wait - if Gingerfox got better, perhaps Tidechaser wouldn't have to know? He fluffed out his pelt and nodded to his mentor. He knew that if Gingerfox passed, it was his responsibility to tell Tidechaser, but he couldn't yet. Not until he thought things through. Dustblossom beckoned to him with her tail and Blazepaw squeezed past her out of the Nursery into the fresh air, trying to steady himself. I have to focus on my training right now. He told himself firmly. I can visit Gingerfox again... later. Nightpaw // Nightpaw listened as Swiftdarkness explained, and although she still felt a bit frustrated, she did feel better to talk to some cat, and she felt reassured that Fallenstar wouldn't abandon her for a healthier apprentice. "You're right." She sighed. Of course she was glad she wasn't as sick as most cats in the elders den. She didn't want to be considered a nuisance, but the boredom was killing her more than the illness was. Perhaps one of the other apprentices would visit her; or maybe when Rabbitpaw awoke they could play a game of moss-ball. That's a kit game. She told herself, shifting again in her nest. Whitekit // (asleep) Honeykit // Honeykit pulled her tail over her ears. In the back of her mind, she could hear cats talking softly, but she was mostly still asleep. After a few moments, she blinked open her eyes and peered at her sleeping litter-mates. Poor brothers. She thought, blinking a few times. I wish that they weren't sick. Feeling her mothers' flank, she heard her raspy breath. The chatter had stopped. Well, it woke me up. She thought, only slightly bitterly. Her jaws widened in a long yawn, showing her small white teeth and pink tongue. Perhaps she could still sleep. It wasn't too late. She curled up again against her mothers belly and closed her eyes tightly, but to no avail. With a sigh, the small she-kit sat up and looked around the nursery. Mintkit was alone in Deersprings nest; she figured that the queen had gone out. Frostwhisker and Whitekit were asleep in their nest, but it seemed that Darkkit was already up. Turning, Honeykit stepped carefully over her brothers and nosed Gingerfox tenderly. "Are you feeling better?" She whispered to her.
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  12. OoC: Added her to the clan list. I also realized while editing that I hadn't added Fernwing or roleplayed him... lets just say he was asleep, lol. Bluepaw // Interacting with Quillfeather, Swiftpelt, and Moonfeather Bluepaw squeezed out of the Medicine Cats den, spotting Quillfeather washing nearby. The clan Medicine Cat looked like his mind was somewhere else, which, quite frankly, wasn't a surprise to Bluepaw. After all that had happened, Bluepaw couldn't quite think straight either. He dipped his head respectfully to his mentor and padded past him. The clan was already bustling. Fluffing out his pelt to try and block out the wind, he padded towards the fresh-kill pile, nodding to Swiftpelt and Moonfeather as he pawed through the meager offerings. The best thing there was a vole; there were two other scrawny mice and a sorry-looking shrew to accompany them. Leaning down, he grasped the vole in his jaws and turned. He would give it to Quillfeather. Bluepaw could wait until the hunting patrol went out; he wasn't too hungry anyways. He padded back to his mentor. Sometimes, Bluepaw wished he could see inside his mentors mind. There was no question that the Roseclan Medicine Cat could be snappish, and that his temper wasn't always easy to predict, but this made Bluepaw even more determined to impress him. He padded over and dropped the vole at his paws. "Hi, Quillfeather." He greeted him, twitching an ear. "I brought you some prey. I figured you might be hungry." Shuffling his paws, the grey-and-blue tom hesitated. What was there to say? Worry him over nonsense? "Maybe we could go out and gather some herbs?" That was dumb. He thought immediately. What herbs are there to gather? None of them will help the sick. He felt like raking his claws into the soil but held his temper. It wasn't like him to feel so upset about things. He supposed it was just one of those days. Shaking his head to clear his mind, he blinked. If he were to help his clan, it was always better to be calm. Moonfeather // Interacting with Fallenstar, Swiftpelt, Thunderheart and Hushpaw Moonfeather wasn't quite sure about the fresh-kill, and she was pleased to hear Fallenstar call her name. Did he want her to join a patrol? Go out hunting? As she turned to look at the dark ginger tom, she couldn't help but feel a flash of pity. Usually it would be Sparrowfur dolling out the tasks and organizing patrols; now not only was Fallenstar responsible over the whole clan, but also over the deputies' duties. She nodded to Fallenstars' orders and whisked her tail. It would be good to go out and teach Hushpaw some of the herbs to treat cats. It would do good for her in the future, when Moonfeather wasn't her mentor anymore. Glancing around camp, the she-cat spotted Hushpaw and Thunderheart near the Apprentices den. She flicked her tail in slight amusement. It seemed the white tom was always trying to find a way to speak to her. Before she could head off, Swiftpelt padded next to her and pulled out a mouse. She blinked at the offer and twitched her ears. "I'd love to, but I have to lead a patrol. You can come along if you'd like." Glancing back to her apprentice, Moonfeather brushed her tail along her flank. "I had better go and get my apprentice." She meowed, then trotted off. Moonfeather padded over to her apprentice and Thunderheart, the young warrior. "Hushpaw! Glad to see you're up and about." Flicking her tail, the white she-cat glanced around camp. It seemed that the majority of the healthy cats were around; perhaps she could ask Poppyfall to join. She was already going to ask Thunderheart, as she expected the tom would be interested. "We're going on a border patrol." She nodded to Thunderheart. "You could come, too." She meowed. She glanced back at Hushpaw. "You can get a bite to eat before we head off, if you'd like. There isn't much on the fresh-kill pile, but just a little is better than nothing. I can round up the rest of the patrol while you eat." Tawnystripe // Interacting with Fallenstar, Mosspaw and Dustblossom Tawnystripe glanced at Fallenstar as the tom padded towards her. She dipped her head as a gesture of respect and twitched her ears as she listened to Fallenstar's orders. It was true that the Roseclan leader hadn't yet seen how Mosspaw and Blazepaw had improved, and it would be good to get the two assessed; it wouldn't be long until Blazepaws' warrior ceremony happened, and Tawnystripe had seen that her own apprentice, Mosspaw, was getting better everyday. She glanced up at the sun. It would be sun-high before long. She stood. "Alright, sounds good-" She stopped in surprise, glancing at her apprentice and blinking. She could sense that the white apprentice was nervous, and she could see the anxiety in his light green gaze. She lifted her tail and brushed his shoulders lightly. "That's right." She meowed. "And next time, be a bit more composed when greeting your leader and mentor." She meowed, stifling a purr of amusement. Glancing around camp, Tawnystripe spotted Dustblossom walking back into camp carrying a rabbit. She twitched her tail. It was a large piece of prey; it would keep the queens in the nursery fed - if they were able to eat. She stood and called to the brown she-cat. "Dustblossom! When you've put that rabbit on the prey pile, fetch Blazepaw. At sun-high, we're heading to the training hollow for Fallenstar to assess the apprentices." Rainfur // (feeling feverish in the elders den. Half-asleep.) Fernwing // Fernwing woke with a pounding headache. It wasn't quite the headache that meant you were catching something, but more of a headache which came from sleep deprivation. He had hardly slept at all; he was much too worried about Darkkit, Whitekit, and Frostwhisker. Although Frostwhisker wasn't sick yet, she must have been exhausted from watching over two sick kits, and being around all of the sick cats in the Nursery could mean that she could catch the illness as well. He screwed his eyes shut, trying to block out the pounding in his skull. Was he getting sick? I hope not. After a few moments, the tom opened his eyes. Was it early? He stood after a few moments, stepping over the nests and making sure not to step on any tails or paws. He squeezed out of the warriors den, his headache lessening slightly. The sun hit him, and yet the wind pierced through his fur. With a slight shiver, he blinked a few times and padded out into camp, glancing around. The sun was rising in the sky, and faint traces of orange were etched into the horizon. Stretching, the tom sat next to the warriors den and lapped his matted-down chest fur, grooming himself until he felt cleaner. Getting up and washing had made him feel a bit better. Perhaps he would go and see Frostwhisker and the kits; they'd surely be restless. He flicked his tail, and then glanced at the little that there was on the fresh-kill pile. If he was going to go and check on them, it would be better to bring them prey that was edible. He decided that he'd check if there were any hunting patrols open; if not, he'd go out and catch something by himself. Minkpaw // (beginning to awaken - tired and achy) Blazepaw // Interacting with Gingerfox Blazepaw blinked a few times to adjust to the light and slunk down towards Gingerfox. He couldn't imagine sleeping in this place now; it felt too small than it had when he was a kit. Shaking away nostalgia, he glanced back at Gingerfox. Pity made his fur prickle. She looked so drained. It worried him that she was awake. Was her sickness causing her to have trouble sleeping? He shuffled his paws as she spoke. I'm well, but you aren't. He felt alarm raise the fur on his shoulders as she continued. Why was she sounding as if she was leaving? She couldn't leave. She couldn't go! Her kits needed her. And - if Blazepaw was honest - he needed her. But he didn't interrupt as she continued. His heart twisted with grief. Her voice was so quiet and raspy; she wasn't her usual self. Blazepaw had never seen his older sister like this. His eyes widened. She sounded so intent; so determined. He leaned down so that the conversation wouldn't be announced to the entire nursery. "Gingerfox, you always knew that I would become a great warrior." He meowed lightly. Blazepaw couldn't let her know he was worried about her; it would make things worse. He had to be confident for his older sister. "And your kits are my family. Of course they'll be watched after." He looked into her eyes and blinked. Why was she so persistent? Why did he have to promise? In the back of his mind, he knew what she was thinking, but he wouldn't accept it and he refused to think about it. "I promise." He whispered, resting his head on her paws. Why was there grief tugging at his heart already? Gingerfox wasn't going to die. She couldn't. As he lifted his head and drew long laps between her ears, a fierce thought struck his mind. She won't die. I won't let her. He pushed the doubts out of his mind and swallowed the lump of fear lodged in his throat. Why did this have to happen now? Starclan couldn't let this happen to him. They couldn't take Gingerfox away. His eyes wandered to her three kits - two of which their breaths were raspy - and blinked at them fondly as he stopped lapping between her ears and instead looked at his kin. Gingerfox's kits. What would they do without her here? He didn't want to think of it. Instead, he rested his head next to Gingerfox's and closed his eyes. Gingerfox would get better. She had to. There could never be a day where he didn't see her and hear her. It felt impossible. Blazepaw tried to block the insistent thoughts from his brain but it was difficult. It felt unrealistic. He knew cats died; but he didn't know how he would cope if Gingerfox did. I would have to for her kits. He told himself sternly. But she's not going anywhere. I'll make sure of it. Nightpaw // Interacting with Swiftdarkness Nightpaw was rolled over on her side, her throat sore and her muscles achy. The cold draft that whistled through the Elders den didn't help her incoming fever, either. She felt restless. What was Fallenstar doing now? Would he have to take on a new apprentice? Would she have to wait even more moons to become a warrior? She turned over. Nightpaw glanced up as she heard Swiftdarkness speak to her. She nodded in annoyance, clawing at the edge of her nest as she spoke. "Yes." She rasped. "The elders den is no fun. And I could probably still train right now! I'm not that sick." She coughed. "Not that sick." She muttered again, blinking at the warrior with round yellow eyes. "Aren't you bored?" She questioned inquisitively. She shifted again. "Don't you wish you were out hunting and doing other things warriors do?" Whitekit // (Asleep; wheezing) Honeykit // (Asleep and unaware~)
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  14. Bluepaw // Bluepaw could feel that leaf-bare was close, and he knew everyone else in Roseclan was aware of it as well. Even through the shelter of the Medicine Cat den, he could feel the breeze slipping through. He didn't get up from his nest, not wanting to get up and look through all of the herbs that he knew couldn't treat his clanmates. It was a horrible feeling - awful, really, knowing that you were responsible to heal them, but having no control. Bluepaw twitched his tail and then wrapped it around himself. Cats would be waking; the dawn patrol was probably already out and about. Although he knew eventually he'd have to get up and pretend like everything was going to be okay. He felt his pelt ruffle as his thoughts wandered to Starclan. Why haven't they responded? Bitter resentment rose in his throat. If they could just help them - just guide their paws a little - then Bluepaw and Quillfeather could cure their clanmates and everything would go back to normal. Bluepaw finally rose to his paws after a few moments. Perhaps he'd check if there was any prey in the fresh-kill pile. Maybe he'd grab something for Quillfeather, or the kits in the Nursery. As the thought struck him, he couldn't help but feel a prickle of fear. The Nursery was filled with sick kits and queens. Eventually the sickness - along with the incoming leaf-bare - would lead to death; death meant grief, and grief meant low spirits; and who knows what was to come after that? He felt especially worried about Gingerfox. He knew she was a strong queen, but the she-cats illness could be fatal. Shaking his head slightly and muttering, he crept stealthily out of his nest and headed towards the sunlight peeking weakly through the entrance. Moonfeather // Moonfeather wondered if she should go to the Medicine Cat den. Would it be too early? Perhaps I can fetch some of the basic herbs. Although Moonfeather wasn't a Medicine Cat and was glad she wasn't, she'd been experienced in the Medicine Cat den from being in there so often and she knew the basics to soothing the sicknesses symptoms. Maybe she could fetch some honey, or poppy seeds? Even fetching some water would help. Standing, Moonfeather whisked her tail to the side and stepped over the nests, squeezing through the Warriors den entrance out into the weak, milky light. The air was fresh with morning chill, and the ground was frosty with dew, but the sun was steadily rising in the sky, orange and red streaks over the horizon. Fluffing out her pelt, Moonfeather padded towards the fresh-kill pile to see if there was anything to offer to Bluepaw and Quillfeather. The two Medicine Cats were working hard, and Moonfeather had nothing better to do than help them out and keep them moving. It had startled Moonfeather how the sickness had spread so quickly. The thought had pierced her mind as she sifted through what little was the fresh-kill pile; she knew this was often what it looked like when the hunting patrol hadn't went out yet. She was glad no one else had caught the sickness recently, but the reek of fever and sickness still echoed around camp - especially near the Elders den - and she knew that there would be more death and sickness unless they found a cure. She was determined to keep hunting, patrolling, and helping Bluepaw and Quillfeather until the sickness finally went away. She refused to think about what could happen if the sickness didn't go away. Tawnystripe // Tawnystripe sat, shuffling her paws in the cold, as she looked up into the sky. Although it was growing brighter, and the sky was a light blue, echoes of stars were still etched in the sky, and Tawnystripe stifled a scoff. Starclan. What use would a bunch of dead cats be to the living? Her tail swayed. Tawnystripe never thought of Starclan as precious or sacred. If you asked her, she would tell you outright that she thought the whole bit was rubbish. Cats had dreams; dreams come from things you see in real life; not from cats in the sky. Although it was true Tawnystripe questioned Starclan and the cats that supposedly roamed there, the clan was in need and she wasn't about to go and stir up trouble about whether or not Starclan was real. What Tawnystripe couldn't understand is why the clan wasn't looking for cures themselves. Had the Medicine Cats tested unfamiliar and different herbs? Tried roaming past the borders for a cure? Tawnystripe had considered going off herself in a search for a new herb that might cure the sickness, but knew she couldn't leave suddenly while Roseclan was in such a stricken state. The clan would begin to panic if they thought cats were going to start running off. They would think it as a sign of disloyalty; or even cowardice. Yes, it wouldn't be good for the clan. She conceded in her head, with slight amusement, as she stood. Perhaps she could join a patrol; maybe Fallenstar or Sparrowfur would start one. Tawnystripe remembered suddenly that Sparrowfur was sick and a thought crossed her mind. Would Sparrowfur have to step down as deputy because of the illness? Shaking her head slightly, the she-cat sighed. Worrying would do nothing to help Roseclan. She glanced around camp, hoping to catch sight of Fallenstars pelt. Rainfur // (Sick, asleep in the Elders den) Minkpaw // (Asleep in the Elders den) Blazepaw // Interacting with Gingerfox Blazepaw was already up and about, his thoughts on Gingerfox and the kits in the Nursery. He knew that her sickness was getting worse by the minute, and he prayed that she would get better soon. His pelt ruffled as he padded out of the Apprentices den and glanced around camp. Moonfeather was sifting among the remains of the fresh-kill pile. Blazepaw glanced disdainfully at it and sniffed. Perhaps he could go on a hunting patrol! Or maybe Dustblossom had something planned for him to keep him busy? He fidgeted restlessly. He wanted to learn a new battle move; or maybe even do some hunting. Hunting would do the clan well, especially right before leaf-bare. Blazepaw decided it would be good to fatten up on prey before the prey scurried away from the cold into their burrows. Even though Blazepaw was usually carefree, he couldn't help but worry about Gingerfox and the kits. Were they okay now? Should he go and check on them before finding Dustblossom? He figured it might be too early; he didn't want to wake them. After a moment, he decided it didn't hurt to check. The orange-and-white tom padded towards the Nursery, the breeze sifting his thick coat of fur around. He leaned down and squeezed into the Nursery, blinking in the dim light. Inside, it smelt of sickness and the faint smell of milk. He wrinkled his nose. It wasn't a great combination. Blinking, Blazepaw squeezed forward. "Gingerfox?" Nightpaw // (In the Elders den, wishing she could be out training. Awake) Whitekit // (Asleep) Honeykit // (Asleep)