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  1. @RabbitTZY OOOOH Not too interested in the galaxy pony but the clydesdale for SURE How much are you wanting??
  2. Oooh your american paint horse! Are you still willing to sell? Afraid I'm not too keen on trading Sorry! All of the ones in the top row!! <3 How much would you be looking for for them?
  3. Yum or Yuck

    Yum! Sun dried tomatoes? (Or just tomatoes if you don't know what they are)
  4. Title pretty much says it all If you have any, let me know, and what you want for them.
  5. Grant a wish above you [Wishing Well]

    @Error Sent you a whimsical pet~ (its one of my customs~) Wishes: Witchwing A horse/equine pet Random gift Colour/Pallet/Theme Inspiration
  6. @ Currently 3:30am so I'll send the funds when i can get on my laptop later in the morning. Thanks so much~! <3
  7. Grant a wish above you [Wishing Well]

    @Error I don't really have many spare fairy themed pets :c But I sent you some butterfly ones??? And when I finish these guys up and get them on site I could give you a set??? If you'd like Wishes: 1. Equine pet 2. Dragon pet 3. Something really colourful 4. Random gift!
  8. Grant a wish above you [Wishing Well]

    @Dashy We're allowed to grant two, right~? Felines and German Sheps ahoy! Wasn't too sure what felines you wanted SO here dump of felines! Anything you dont want you can give away or sell
  9. Grant a wish above you [Wishing Well]

    @Error GAH'd one of your pets lovely! Same again <3
  10. Art and Design Club!

    I'm afraid I don't think I'd have the time to be in charge of anything but I'm happy to help out here and there where I can, and the commission thing is still throwing me. It still sounds really unfair. Like I said, I still firmly suggest you have a post where people can OFFER to do free CYO commissions, or commissions where they're paid with a set of pets. It still very much sounds like you're trying to force those within the group to only give out fre commissions. I mean, once they're in the group by your rules they literally cannot sell commissions to those within the group. It ALWAYS has to be trade for pets or totally free. Giving them an option and a nice master post is fantastic. Forcing everyone to only have one or two options is a bit worrisome.
  11. Grant a wish above you [Wishing Well]

    @FlamestarAJ Sent you one of my CYOs (but I'm pretty sure giving four difficult wishes is actually against the rules, the rules say to give two easy to give ones so just for future, take that into account that most people here don't have custom pets, ZP or the newest/rarest pets, it makes it incredibly difficult to give you a wish and would kill the thread) My Wishes: 1. A Clydesdale horse 2. A GAH for one of these guys 3. A colour pallet! (you can pre well just google 'color pallets' and then just pick one you like and link me!) 4. A surprise gift! (like a small bit of zc, or a random pet, whatever! )
  12. Seeking BREEDING ARTIST for ZP

    @Snowflakke WELL it actually wouldn't I don't think. Since i didn't use anything of any of the provided bases I drew it from scratch. And thanks guys <3
  13. Seeking BREEDING ARTIST for ZP

    @Cake Are we allowed to post up examples not on provided CYO bases like this as well as CYO bases? If not, no worries!