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    Well I am studying to become a teacher so I guess I love to share what I know, probably a little to much XD
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  1. Notice: I am leaving PA. I have sent all the pets I can to the Abandoned Room. Enjoy~

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    2. jpmouse


      What no? ;w; I will miss seeing your art! and I will miss seeing you around! *Huggles*

    3. Lilytora


      I will miss you

    4. JellyBelly


      Aww. Bye Yania. Good luck in life, dear <3

  2. Painter (Supreme CYO) Auction

    @ @A@ I won?...Okay...sending now...*can't believe it*
  3. Sochi Olympics 2014 Discussion!

    @ Very true *nodnod*
  4. Sochi Olympics 2014 Discussion!

    @ Yeah...I don't feel sorry for any of them...they are all corrupt and hateful
  5. Sochi Olympics 2014 Discussion!

    @ You shouldn't, it's under construction because they are corrupt. The price of the games kept going up but money kept disappearing or going into random contracts for the higher ups friends.
  6. Sochi Olympics 2014 Discussion!

    @ I really don't...Especially because their games is the most expensive in the history of the games...yet the town surrounding the stadium was still 'under-construction' when reports arrived 2 days before the games.
  7. Sochi Olympics 2014 Discussion!

    @ I thought the Olympic Rings fail was hilarious
  8. Sochi Olympics 2014 Discussion!

    @ Yes I heard about that...it has the international animal welfare groups up in arms...I don't blame them.
  9. Stage4150x

    I like the mask, reminds me of my very first CYO
  10. Sochi Olympics 2014 Discussion!

    I am Australian. START RANT To start with... I was watching the womens Slope Style last night. I understand it's a brand new sport...but the judging? Is messed up in my opinion. The girl who was winning (probably won, got to annoyed after the Aussie went) touched her hand on the snow. That is 'suppose' to be a huge penalty, yet she still scored in the 80s. The aussie girl makes her run, all decent, clean and well executed jumps and does the same by touching the snow and gets hit with scores in the 60s-50s I don't understand the judging. Watching the accident though was physically painful. I was glad the woman was obviously unconscious for the fall...her helmet got split in two from it. END RANT
  11. Fat Chubby Hamster Coloring Contest (CLOSED :P)

    @ Miosita is a site artist. She is allowed to make pets without a base.
  12. Painter (Supreme CYO) Auction

    *creeps in* 9,000ZC *runs away screaming*
  13. The Final Year: OCC Thread

    @bronwyn0702 As I said in the very first post of the sign-ups it was not first come, first serve. I was filling slots. I was only taking the people who I wanted to, and their characters work for the roleplay. @SpiritWolfe I posted the pairings but I really don't want pre-emptive attempts at getting to know your partner. It kinda ruins things.
  14. @ @Morph Perfect! You can both go ahead and post the forms for those characters here
  15. The Final Year: OCC Thread

    OTL I am a failure at making the first post *hides under rock*