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  1. Pet Descriptions

    I would like to bring this topic up again. I was hoping in the time that I was gone that descriptions would have been brought back, but I am disappointed to find that they have not. They are a key reason why I became so deeply involved in PA and their absence played a large role in my extended hiatuses. @Cake Again, I ask you, please reinstate the descriptions for pets.
  2. Just dropping by to see how everyone is doing.  I miss you all.  I hope you are feeling loved and that this upcoming year will be one of the best!  <3

    1. Dashy


      Morph! <33


    2. cinnamonapples


      Nice to meet you ~ <3 Best wishes to you as well ! <3 :D 

  3. On another hiatus, see you guys sometime in August! <3 -Morph

    1. Dashy


      Bye Morph! See you then <3

    2. Lilytora


      See you when you come back

    3. Starstream


      Bye Morph! Hope to see you soon!

  4. Rini wants to buy a HEAP of pets! :D

    @ I am trying to organize all my pets (everything is kinda crazy after my hiatus, and I'm leaving again tomorrow for a while), however, I have a room that has pets just for you in it, so if you want to check it out, I will keep adding pets as I get more organized... It's called zxLGs.
  5. @ I like @Rose305 's idea... However, I think it would be cool to do kinda like what they did in Spy kids and make puns out of already existing animals... Ex: Bullfrog - frog with horns and a nose ring Catfish - could be like a cat version of a mermaid, or maybe a furry fish, or even just a cat with fins Horsefly - winged horse, with bug eyes and insect legs... or maybe just an extra pair of legs for insect legs Spider Monkey, Ladybug (in naming these I realized how many animals we have with inanimate objects in their names... like butterfly, musk ox, teacup yorkie, etc.) Oooh! How about a wolf spider? Or a Dragonfly? Also, I really would love to see a hippocampus on site, like you could do a Lionfish one, and appaloosa one, with different fins/ spines depending on the breed of horse an species of fish... And it wouldn't have to even necessarily be fish... like someone did a sort of lobster hybrid that was super cool too! Here are some examples: http://tygwa.deviantart.com/art/Lion-Fish-Hippocampus-148728674 http://a2wildfox.deviantart.com/art/Hippocampus-59309439 http://www.deviantart.com/art/Hippocampus-78003945
  6. @Storybook Sure! Send the trade and I'll add her straight away.
  7. Rini wants to buy a HEAP of pets! :D

    @Rinai One more question, would you be willing to trade for the pets you are asking for? Ex: I have 5 Frilled Lizard eggs, but I'm afraid to trade/ sell them because I still need alt 2 (the red one). So, if you had a hatched alt two, would you be willing to do that as part of a trade so that I could give you the 5 eggs now?
  8. @Rainbow_Dashi Are you still interested in those?
  9. [ 08/07! ] neverending pet sale! [ restocking! ]

    @thylac1ne Thy, has your never ending Pet sale, finally run out of pets? xD
  10. Pearl Alt babies auction

    @bluefiregirl 300zc
  11. Rini wants to buy a HEAP of pets! :D

    @Rinai Is this a hoarding type thing, or do you just want specific alts?
  12. @Cake @Bob, it has come to my attention that after I have reached my max of 300 clicks, the message I receive says, "You gave this pet attention today! You have reached your maximum number of Zodiac Crystals free clicks today, but you can earn my by clicking in the click exchange." However, I believe that it should say, "...but you can earn more by..." rather than "...but you can earn my by...". I believe this is probably just a typo and not an actual bug, but I thought I should inform you nonetheless. Also, just in case it is a bug, I still should fill out all the requested information when creating a bug report... Also, as the screen shot shows, this happened at 6:47pm, but please note it happens every time I exceed my 300 daily clicks. It occurs on all pets, whether my own that I am clicking, or those in the spotlight, click exchange, forums, bazaar... Once I have hit my cap, that is the message I receive. I hope this information helps. -Morph
  13. COLLECTING Feature Suggestions Wanted!

    @thylac1ne Sure thing Thy!
  14. COLLECTING Feature Suggestions Wanted!

    @Cake I really miss the pet descriptions we used to have. I would always read them, and they were always interesting, or funny, or emotional. I would really love it if we could have them back, because it made me feel like I could connect better to the pets, knowing their backgrounds and stories.
  15. Dun, dun, dunnnnn... I'm baaack.... O.o

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      Oh no! *Gives Cookies and milk :c*

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      *noms* I'm sure this will make an excellent and highly nutritious breakfast. xD

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      Totally xD