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  1. October Advent Calendar!

    Got a bio exam today. Fun!
  2. October Advent Calendar!

    I'm feeling better, but still a bit on the stuffy side. Just spotted a Red-bellied Woodpecker right outside my dorm window. It's going to be a good day ^^
  3. October Advent Calendar!

    I'm super sick but I'm still hyped for Halloween lol This cold shouldn't last that long... should it?
  4. October Advent Calendar!

    Ooh! Pumpkin tiger O: Cheers!
  5. October Advent Calendar!

    Claiming! Wow, I'm late to the party xD
  6. Hello

    Welcome! If you have any questions about how the site works, feel free to @ me about them ^^
  7. Xene's Scribs

    I draw sometimes, so yeah.
  8. Badger the Magician

    From the album Xene's Scribs

    A redraw of an adoptable I've had sitting around. You can see the original HERE if you'd like.
  9. We're putting my dog down tomorrow after 13 good years. I'm unbelievably sad because this is the first time I've lost a pet and known what was happening... 

    1. Creus


      I'm sorry to hear that, its tough but at least he/she will be in a better place soon

  10. *Sees Clouded Leopards being requested* HOOOOO Boy am I the gal for you! I breed them compulsively as a hobby of sorts. If you see any you'd like to breed in my {B}{C} Clouded Leopards group on my profile, feel free to hit me up and I can lend them to you or breed them for ya! I have one of each alt in each gender except alt 4 & 6, currently, plus many bred outcomes & some neat mixes. I've even got a few pairs of bred outcomes. Unfortunately, I don't have any extras except this Alt 1 Male, but I'm also hatching a bunch of eggs from my last breeding attempts lol.
  11. Scrabble is a Mess

    From the album Xene's Scribs

  12. Hi there!

    Welcome to the site! I'm a bit rusty on my PA knowledge since I took a long hiatus a while ago, but feel free to @ me with any questions you have! ^^
  13. PSD CYO bases

    Hi! There is a board on this site that contains forum posts with each of the CYO bases. You can find it under Creativity Corner -> Custom Color Your Own Pets -> PSD Board You'll find the Creativity Corner near the bottom of the main forum page. Here's a link to the board if you're still having trouble finding it: LINK
  14. Does anyone else think breeding for breeding-exclusive alts is random, rather than dependent on what you breed? I've been looking at the outcomes of bred pairs and some pairings have produced nearly every bred alt at some point in time. There's a Norwegian Forest Cat pair (alts 5x2) that produced 8/10 of the known bred alts (not counting the mix alt) and another (alts 3x1) that produced 6/10. Any thoughts?

    1. Xene


      My thinking is that it's determined in the same way regular alts are obtained through hatching non-bred eggs; you get a random alt every time as long as you roll for a bred alt and not a parent mix.

    2. OldFoo


      It seems random to me as well.