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  1. From Ghoul To Cool ;)

    From the album Xene's Scribs

    I drew the first image in 2012, back before I realized dinosaurs aren't walking skeletons. The new image was drawn today in 2018. I feel I've gotten better lol!
  2. Xene's Scribs

    I draw sometimes, so yeah.
  3. Coming back to PA to stay for a while. It's been a long time lol.

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    2. kurokishi


      Oh, I see what you mean! Hopefully they'll get back to you soon!

      Thanks! Yeah, the BG color is really hurting my eyes tbh; definitely need to change it ASAP! (Actually, the 4her adoptable only has three stages; the fourth stage is just a placeholder, as I was testing the width of the columns, just to make sure it could fit all four. I'll delete the fourth column 4her now.)

      1. At first, I didn't know what it was referring to either, since most of the site is really vague, but it's referring to the proportion of said pets against all pets; i.e. the % of Pembroke Welsh Corgis is currently 0.9186%, that is to say the Pembroke Welsh Corgi makes up 92% of total pets on site. Hope that makes sense! We don't have to add that or the total of pets in if it's not necessary.
      2. Ok, I'll change any I find and continue with the 'Alt 1-6' labelling.
      3. I find that the clicks are just based on the adoptables themselves, because some Egg Drop adoptable are 50, whilst other Egg Drop adoptables are 100. I'll record the ones that I have and keep track of them from now.
      4. I was thinking that we have a masterlist of site, so people can CRTL+F to find the pet if they don't know the category. Also need to do an overhaul on the pages that are not pet listings either; currently working on some of them and finished the Egg DropAuction House pages and more on my checklist on the Pet Adoptables Wiki tab.
      5. Is it alright to class them as their class and subsection by families? I'm fine with Hyenas and Hyraxes being their families, Hyaenidae and Procaviidae respectively, then being under the class, Mammalia. So it would be: Mammals > Canidae | Felidae | Hyaenidae | Procaviidae | etc.

        Some of the family names are a little complicated though, so I'm not sure if we should just keep the common name or use the actual family name.

        I hate the 'Other' and 'Miscellaneous' categories too; I like to give them specific categories when possible. 

        As for the current four categories I've listed, as I said, this is just a mock-up, so I haven't finished typing all of it since we hadn't decided or finalized categories to put. I'll type them up so just let me know what you think. (No worries! I know the feeling! I always get frustrated if my things aren't categorized or if someone messes it!)

        Yeah, artist is a little more difficult since some Custom pets are drawn by in-house artists and not by the 'creator'. Members pay the artist to draw for them, and it's listed in the member's name, so it's a little confusing. CYO pets are easier since it's just the member recoloring/redesigning a current base.
      6. Thanks so much! I learnt about Navboxes and Infoboxes as soon as possible because I like jazzing things up. Not sure what color to make it though, since PA doesn't have a specific color scheme. Do you have any preferences? Otherwise, blue's my favorite color lol
    3. Xene


      1. Ah! I see what you're getting at. There's certainly an accuracy issue with listing the number of pets onsite since with breeding/egg drop/etc. that number is always changing. With CYOs/Customs it's a little easier to keep track, but still not easy enough.
      2. Tell me what you find, because I've never really paid much attention to click count, and the View Stats page is pretty unhelpful e-e . We can list it, but it might be a pain to find out the click count for every pet lol.
      3. That makes sense. It'll probably be a long page, though, but a master list would be pretty helpful. We can maybe link it to the Bali Tiger image/link on the main page.
      4. I think, to keep things easy, common names are the best to go by.  I tend to overcategorize things (i.e. the antelopes & deer categories) that could easily fit into a larger category like Ungulates/Hoofstock, so those can be condensed. As for artists, I think the "creator" info is just the person who uploaded the pet to the site: the owner, of sorts. Still, it could be useful for categorization since people might like one person's CYOs/Customs, and being able to search by creator will help them find more. The Color Almanac seems to be missing this feature from what I've seen.
      5. Once the theme is fixed we can find something that looks nice. Actually, the forum colors are pretty nice. I might take a little inspiration from here lol; then you can keep your blue.
    4. kurokishi


      1. If it's not necessary, then I say we leave it out. I don't think many are too concerned with the numbers.
      2. I can record for the pets I have; I can't do it for some Customs and ZP pets, but I'll do my best!
      3. Sure thing! The front page feels a bit busy right now imo.
      4. Ok, I'm in the process of fixing the categories and navbox; just let me know if I've missed any or if there are any to be added. When categorizing the pets, I'm listing them by Rarity > Types > Holiday > Familiies > Creator.

        IFor categories ending with 'Pets', we can leave out the 'Pets'.

        For 'Pets by Holiday' and 'Pets by Creator', we can have it as 'Sorted By'.

        For 'Fantasy Creature', I've just shortened it to 'Fantasy'.
      5. Yeah, some are even missing the Creator all together. I'll go according to what's on the Color Almanac.
      6. I never even thought of using the Forums' color scheme; it sounds good! Maybe we can use PA's BG (the grassy hills) as the BG and white as the container BG?
  4. Just checking in to see how the site's going. ;D

    I won't stick around, but I thought I'd stop by and say a quick hello.

    1. Bob


      Why won't you stick around? Just curious. :)

  5. Happy birthday!! :) hope u had a great one! Today's is a lot of the older members' birthdays :)

  6. Holy crap. owo I got tickets to a BASTILLE concert in October. I'm so excited! Best birthday present ever!

    1. Nickykitty


      thats cool you need to tell us how it was after you go

    2. Starstream
    3. SoareAndThing


      Oo, awesome, Xene!! :D

  7. Happy birthday Xene!!! =D

  8. Happy Birthday. ^^

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    2. Xene


      Happy birthday to you, too, Tomo. XD just realized.

    3. tomomi


      Thank you both. xD

    4. tomomi


      Thank you for the gift thylac1ne. :3

  9. -Close-

    @Velseir Yup!
  10. -Close-

    Can I get a male in ZC?
  11. Official Click Thread

    http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=xenephos Due to complications with my motivation to post up my eggs, here is the link to my profile! ^D^ I would especially like my Clouded Leopard and African Wild Dog Eggs to be clicked.
  12. Three more days until school's out!

  13. Oh my god. Why... Just. ;3; Why did that episode of Fargo have to be so depressing. Poor Wrench. He looked so sad. D':

  14. Im Back!

    Welcome back! We all missed you. A lot. owo I can't say much, since everything else that is important has already been said. XD But I will say that I missed you about as much as everyone else did. :3 I'm a cheesy welcome-backer. XD @Grace