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  1. Kelly's Art Thread

    slots are full!! Thanks Tomomi & Wolfdrache <3 I'll get back to you guys asap in the PMs you sent me!
  2. Kelly's Art Thread

    hey everyone! its winter break and im finally free from school to work on some customs again I'll have 2-3 slots open for now, so feel free to message me or post here if you are interested!
  3. Random pigeon

    this is the best thing ever omg
  4. Huh..

    i love this style so much!!
  5. doggy bounce

    omg!!!! so cool!!!
  6. first walk cycle/animation

    This is so cool!!!! Reminds me of my first animation walk cycle I did a long time ago when I first started experimenting in Flash Keep practicing!! There are tons of great walk cycle references online (like this one that I love!), and tons of great books out there about animation published by Disney (I kind of collect them.. haha)
  7. Kelly's Art Thread

    hello again everyone! Ive finished my last batch of customs, and I think I will take a short break (like a week or so) before taking on my next round of customs so I can focus on school starting and everything
  8. Leo

    your art style is so cute!!
  9. Kelly's Art Thread

    All slots full !! Thank you everyone
  10. Kelly's Art Thread

    2 slots have been claimed, so I can probably take on one more if anybody else is interested! Feel free to post here or message me
  11. Kelly's Art Thread

    @tomomi Of course!! Thanks, Tomomi <3
  12. Kelly's Art Thread

    Hello everyone again! I'm open for custom pets again if anyone is interested. I can probably take around 1-3 slots at a time right now (depending if they are full alts or just a single alt, or etc) just post here or send me a PM if you're interested!
  13. Custom Pets 5

    so pretty omgg

    Hey everyone again!! I finally got around to coloring/outlining a sketch I had lying around for a potential HA base. Looking for some feedback from you guys, since I'm worried that the base is too small. I wanted to hopefully have enough space around the base for other designs, like bird wings, big hair, backgrounds, pets, etc, but at the same time I don't want the base to be so small that you can't see the details. But YEAH! Im planning on shading this and adding different colors. The eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows will all be separate from the base as well, because I'd like everyone to be able to customize their faces
  15. Kelly's Art Thread

    Slot has been taken!