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  1. S.I.U. Special Investigations Unit - 1x6

    ((@Snowflakke I'd prefer to respond after you have, if that's alright with you! :3c))
  2. S.I.U. Special Investigations Unit - 1x6

    "A-alright!" Garth placed the camera strap around his neck and stood up, grabbing his bag and waiting for Ae'vry to pick up all his herbs and jars. He was already on edge, but this was becoming more and more exciting for him. -- Celeste stared out the window after Akira, and waited until she was out of sight until she pulled out her phone. She checked in on the security cameras, and seeing that Kaeli was back at headquarters, called her. Though, she was confused at how quickly the girl was able to complete her mission. ((sorry for the short reply! :< ))
  3. S.I.U. Special Investigations Unit - 1x6

    Garth scrambled for his own camera, taking some hopefully better quality pictures, before turning to Ae'vry. "Should we go in? O-or return to headquarters?" He was incredibly nervous about this, since he wasn't really told what this mission was for. -- "If you want to." Celeste sneered at Akira, holding the trail mix away from her. "I'll stay out here and keep watch if you shoo." She shoved Akira off her shoulder, sitting on the far edge of her seat. "And if you get back, I might give you my cashews." To illustrate her point, she picked out a cashew from the bag and dropped it in the cupholder. "Now go."
  4. S.I.U. Special Investigations Unit - 1x6

    ((@ ye)) Celeste scoffed at Akira, opening up her own bag of trail mix. She couldn't really see why her partner would eat practically garbage. "When's something gonna happen, do you think? It's been way too long..." She stuffed a few peanuts into her mouth. -- Garth smiled a bit and murmured "Thank you," before taking a few of them. He scuffed his hooves on the floor, allowing his eyes to flutter shut for a moment.
  5. S.I.U. Special Investigations Unit - 1x6

    Garth set down his binoculars and looks down at Ae'vry, "You alright?" He hadn't been doing this job for too long, but he could still tell that the faun was getting tired. "I can cover for your next turn, if you want." He smiled, despite being really tired and hungry himself. ((sorry for the really short reply. and @ maybe Celeste could pair with Akira?))
  6. Anyone interested in a 1x4?

    @Ikiru are you going to make the thread? :?
  7. Anyone interested in a Steven Universe RP?

    I wouldn't mind! :3c
  8. Queer Mafia RP (Reboot) (Open)

    Marshall sat at his desk, scrolling through some odd site, occasionally glancing at the phone. He was barely awake at that point, and really couldn't wait until someone called in. It had been an awfully boring day for him, save for a few calls. After a moment, he sighed, and rested his head on the desk, closing his eyes. ((well that was short i'm sorry))
  9. Superhero 1x3 - with Lily, Gamma, and Rose

    Alois smiled, "It used to be a lot worse, trust me." He set the bag on the counter and went over to stand next to Oliver. "...Health potions are my most popular. Second is the love potion."
  10. Anyone interested in a 1x4?

    We also have to wait on @ :0
  11. Ikiru's 1x4 chars

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Anyone interested in a 1x4?

    I edited my form post (again), and added my second character and both their pictures!
  13. Garth

    From the album I am the arter

  14. Celeste

    From the album I am the arter

    She's gorgeous