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  1. Happy Birthday. :3

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. would you do a cyo for me?? 50/50 and a full set? if you can do it by the 24/3/14 i will be able to get a free brush. spring themed and non-supreme but if by the time you read this and its past can you just do one for me?

  5. @bronwyn0702 - 1600 for the adoption and 600 for the Hi no Megami! What gender would you like the HnM to be? @Morph - sent! XD @wildfoxgirl - I can hold them for you no prob! Just let me know when you are ready! XD @Cloaked - still waiting on the trade! XD
  6. CYO Potion Stand

    @Cake Main Site Username: soiyuu CYO(s): Kitsu no Sakura Order Total: 10ZP
  7. @wildfoxgirl - Of course you may! XD @uria15 @Rena Kuro - unfortunately I only have one left, since wildfoxgirl reserved 2, I am in the process of restocking them, and would be happy to mention you when they are available! @ - one of each kind, meaning one skellicat and one inverse, alts don't matter! XD @Sytara - thank you for your offer, but unfortunately I'm not really interested in any of your CYOs. @bronwyn0702 - of course, plz start the trade and I will get them ready for you! =^ v ^= @Morph - you were intending to adopt it right? I wrote that so that I wouldn't give it to another since you wanted it, so if you still do, plz send a trade and I will send it to you! In case you forgot, this one is full priced since it is the last one, so it will be 400ZC! XD
  8. Forgotten Kitty Restock

    @ - no worries, I completely understand! XD
  9. Auction: Leopon CYO

    @Grace - it's okay...I actually completely forgot, so thanx for reminding me! XD Just let me know when you get it done, I'm really excited to see it! =^ v ^=
  10. @ - doesn't matter, surprise me! XD
  11. @ - I'd like a slot plz! XD
  12. Ryuuneko WIP

    Thanks, I'm gonna try to get it done this week! It's going to need a supreme brush, so hopefully there will be enough ppl interested in preorders! XD
  13. Soichan's WIPs

    My work in progress for my cyos/ commissions /contests!
  14. Ryuuneko WIP

    From the album Soichan's WIPs

    Very sketchy work in progress, I'd love some feedback though! XD
  15. @Rinai - so cute, I think the gray one is my favorite! XD