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  1. Happy Birthday Red!

  2. Red where are you D:

  3. Happy Birthday! 8)

  4. I haven't been on in FOREVER. Can someone fill me in!? Whats happened since January!?

    1. Cake


      Since January, we're on a new release schedule of releasing new pets on the first of every month. :) Besides that, nothing really big has changed. :)

    2. Starstream
    3. RiverFlow


      hey Red you missed the valentines event!!! XP

  5. I got a single Zodiac Crystal for Christmas from the advent calender. Hahaha! XD

    1. Krafty20


      Oh I got 17 at least xD

    2. Pixie


      there was one day I had just 1 zc too. Boy, was I annoyed (yet it was funny when you think of it).

  6. Custom pets?

    Will we be able to search "Custom" or the pet type?
  7. Feature Suggestion: Cloning

    I like the idea, but I don't see the point of it really. Maybe mix something with it. I like the idea of clone mutations. Maybe it could something like, a crazy scientist lab? And the pet purposely comes out mutated or alt-mixed?
  8. Custom pets?

    Just a question, but will we be able to see the custom pets in the color almanac? Or will there be a place where you can go and see the pets that have been custom made? I was just wondering, I think it would be interesting to see them.
  9. Its the white and blueish one.
  10. I need the Black Arctic Wolf. Would you do an ALT swap for her?
  11. Arctic Wolf ALT SWAP

    Main post has been edited!
  12. Looking for Black Arctic Fox. Anyone willing to sell one for maybe 175?

  13. Selling Pets! Christmas Clean-Out!

    I'll buy the fox for 200.
  14. Arctic Wolf ALT SWAP

    Edited post. I have a new alt that needs to be swapped!