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    probably not wearing socks, scrunched up in an odd position, playing on my laptop, listening to 1989
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    reading, writing, creating things, hanging out with my friends, smiling, laughing, making people laugh, tumblr, skinny jeans, pretty art, music, clothes, youtube, taylor swift, (probably gay) shipping, and a lot of other stuff i can't come up with on the top of my head.
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  1. Looking for Ferrets and Oncillas (First gen only)

    hello! i have an alt 3 female i'm willing to part with. is 200zc alright? (-: edit: oh and i have an alt 2 male!!!
  2. Happy Birthday! :D

  3. JellyBelly's "General" Pet Sale!

    hey y'all xx i dunno if any of you noticed, but i don't really get on anymore! i'm gonna close this thread (it'd be super cool if a mod could lock this thread) but to the current people that i haven't yet replied to, don't worry about paying, i'll just send you a trade with it and you guys can get them for free (-: i'm gonna start working on the trades for you guys now xx
  4. ahhh!! i was SO happy to hear that gay marriage is legal in every state!! i cried twice (x

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    2. thylac1ne


      wishful thinking Rose! wishful thinking.. X'D

    3. Rose305


      shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...shhh. Just let it happen.

    4. Starstream
  5. it's kinda cool to see you guys still visit my profile even though i get on once every blue moon

    1. Rose305


      Blue moons are special.

    2. Starstream
  6. cool, i like ur profile too :)

  7. i just fixed up my profile and things and i'm very happy with it

    1. Puma concolor

      Puma concolor

      Checked it out, I really like the 10 things I know about you-it's like you're a psychic.

    2. JellyBelly


      you can't tell anyone i'm a psychic they'll come for me

      but seriously, thanks (x

  8. Hi Rose (: Do you remember me? (x Last time I talked to you you were taking your brake. I don't get on much at all any more, but how are you? ((:

  9. Hi, guys (: It's been a while. How is everyone?

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    2. SoareAndThing


      How have you been?? =) (And oops. >.< I'll go work on that. ^^; )

    3. JellyBelly


      I've been great, thanks Soare! How are you doing? (: (Alright (x )

    4. SoareAndThing


      Pretty decent. Yeah. :-)

  10. Happy Birthday Webbbyyyyyy! ~glomp~ I hope you have a good one, dear <3

    1. Aeryn


      Thanks so much! ♥

  11. Aaaaaah I'm sorry I had to say something your name is HATTY HATTINGTON I LOVE THAT GAME

    1. yuuri


      xD Battleblock Theater is my favorite game ever!

  12. Happy Birthday Jelly!

    1. JellyBelly


      Thank you lucky <3

      How're you doing? (: Surviving without me? ;D

    2. Starstream


      I'm doing alright but I really miss you and a few others D: How have you been doing?

    3. JellyBelly


      I've been doing very well thank you. I miss you a lot too. <3

  13. Guys, I'm sorry, I'm slipping away from PA. I'll only get on occasionally for PMs (Includes roleplays). Sorry ):

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    2. JellyBelly



      I don't know. I just find I don't visit often anymore ):


      I'm sorry </3 I'll still visit.


      Always <3

    3. SoareAndThing


      Yay! Nika and Clyo's relationship is too promising to leave. o3o

    4. Starstream


      *huggles Jelly* Hopes Jelly will visit often *looks hopeful*

  14. Roleplay Moderators WANTED!

    I would love to apply. I can usually be on about an hour a day, with the exception of the occasional day. Oh weekends I can usually be on a boatload xD
  15. The Bazaar - Buy pets! (Please no posting, just yet.)

    Sorry for lateness, all. I'll get to adding those pets right away.