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  1. holy cow it has been YEARS since I've been on here 

  2. Jurassic World RP

    Blue made her way to the clearing in her shared cage, the growing number of humans coming by telling her that it was almost time for her meal. She barked out to her pack, seeing that she was the only raptor visible. Delta and Echo were close by, she could smell them. Another scent however distracted her. The alpha.. Blue forgot about her packmates temporarily, padding over to the fence, noticing that the alpha was near by. She let out a sharp hiss to get his attention, her tail swishing around.
  3. ngl walk the moon is really good

  4. seeing fall out boy tomorrow <3

    1. Rose305


      Take me with you! *clings*

  5. Jurassic World RP

    " Welcome to Jurassic World " Welcome to Jurassic World. Our modern, completely safe facilities are host to all kinds of attractions. Like our one of a kind gyrosphere, or our incredible Mosasaurus arena. And of course, our world famous creation lab, where we are always pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Curiosity is encouraged whether you are one of our guests, or a member of our staff. Jurassic World would like to remind you we are not liable for any personal injury. Jurassic World, a whole new world of possibilities. The park is open. *rp takes place after the indominus rex incident Humans: Zach Mitchell -- Guest Oliver Cook -- Trainer Rachel Bryan -- Security Guard Owen Grady -- Trainer / Alpha Of Raptor Group Dinosaurs: Blue -- Velociraptor -- Carnivore Indominus Rex -- Indominus Rex -- Carnivore Echo -- Velociraptor -- Carnivore Delta -- Velociraptor -- Carnivore
  6. IMG 20150623 111753609

    Dude this looks so awesome!
  7. do you ever just listen to a band for the first time and it's like love at first sight?

    1. matchiiStar
    2. yuuri


      Me with tøp and fob omg

    3. Seokjin


      omg same hawkeye <3 ;o;

  8. 8 days till warped tour ; o ; <3

  9. Jurassic World (Sign Ups)

    @ Accepted! Also, I'll make the rp later today!
  10. Jurassic World (Sign Ups)

    @darkwolf Accepted!
  11. Spirited Away (Sign ups) Open

    @darkwolf Yeah! I think I'll do that ^^
  12. Jurassic World (Sign Ups)

    @ Accepted!!
  13. Jurassic World (Sign Ups)

    bump o v o
  14. Spirited Away (Sign ups) Open

    Name: Winona Gender: Female Age: 19 Job: Owner of a mochi stand History: Winona vaguely remembers her past, she can't even recall what her name was before her new name was given to her. Personality: Motherly and kind, if Winona could remember her past it would show that she had several siblings that she cared for, hence her motherly presence. She is very mature, and it known to have a bad temper if pushed hard enough. Type of spirit: Normal Spirit (Cat) Offspring: N/A Crush: Open Siblings/Family: None Mate: Open Other: Nah
  15. Jurassic World (Sign Ups)

    @darkwolf Nope! Dinosaurs can be boys or girls, and sure!