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  1. Helllloooooo I'm back :D 

    1. Lilytora


      Welcome Back!!

    2. Gracey


      Thank you darling <3

  2. I really need help with a 6-8 paper for English.. Can anyone help me write the paper? I'm honestly to the point where I'm so desperate that I'll pay someone to help me write this.. It's an informative paper over puppy mills

    1. Puma concolor

      Puma concolor

      I might be able to help. What do you mean by a 6-8 paper?

    2. Gracey


      @Vulcan 6-8 pages I meant. And I guess I need a thesis too, I have a majority of the notes.

    3. Puma concolor

      Puma concolor

      Do you have an outline done?

  3. Happy Birthday. :3

    1. Gracey


      Thanks gorgeous(:

  4. Yum or Yuck

    Yuk.. Peanut butter and pickles
  5. Guys, it's okay, I'm still alive! I miss everyone though ): If anyone wants to talk, just message me and I'll tell you my snapchat/number. I love you guys! I wish I just had more time ):

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    2. Gracey


      Hey guys! I've been gone for a super long time, and I really miss all of you guys ): I'm gonna try and get on more though!

    3. Starstream
    4. Gracey


      *Huggles back*

  6. Hey guys, I know I haven't been online lately. School is a pain in the rump, so if you ever wish to talk, just email me! Just message me and ask for it. I love you all! <3 :*

  7. Lots of pets for sale!!

    @ Erm.. 120ZC? :3 If that's too much lemme know.. (Btw, love your photo and name ;D) @Blazie Can you send the trade? :3
  8. Lots of pets for sale!!

    @ I'm not sure, I'm hhorrible at prices.. @Blazie Uhm.. 145ZC? Sorry, horrible at pricing
  9. Lots of pets for sale!!

    Bumppppp? :3
  10. Lots of pets for sale!!

    Bump? (:
  11. Lots of pets for sale!!

    @thylac1ne Yes sorry! I've been busy lately, I'll do the trade now~
  12. Kelly's Art Thread

    @kellaymarie Awesome, you should let me know when you are :3
  13. Kelly's Art Thread

    Are ya open darling?
  14. Sure (: Should I send the trade?
  15. Sure (: Should I send the trade?