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  1. Happy Birthday, Mille! I havn't seen you in a while, so I hope everything is okay <3

  2. *dances* Happy birthday! ^3^

  3. Are you okay? You haven't been on for a while, so I just want to make sure that everything is alright :)

  4. I hope to see you guys soon. uwu

    1. TheZebraTamer


      Where are you going? ;n; *huggles* don't leave me ;n;

  5. Pokemon! Warning: Might Be Spoilers

    Victini! ^w^ The one with buttwings. xD Come to think of it they have the same colors. xD I like all the starters so it was really hard going with my traditional choice!
  6. Pokemon! Warning: Might Be Spoilers

    *Possibly spoilery?* Out of curiosity what starters are you guys picking? I'm picking the water one!
  7. Pokemon! Warning: Might Be Spoilers

    @jpmouse Wartortle! @PotatoeSauce Probably water. xD It kind of takes too long to get a good fishing pole in the games, so I tend to pick the Water starter and I've grown attached to them since. @Ace I just found this on my tumblr dashboard... xD http://24.media.tumblr.com/6d859c400afec3a43e901c05eeb47ca6/tumblr_mpsk5yeoOc1rjjieqo1_500.gif
  8. Pokemon! Warning: Might Be Spoilers

    I loved my Pikachu! Well the one before that one. xD Their main focus was selling strong and rare Pokemon, and everything was mainly done in the name of profit. "Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket." I hope team Flare has... Well... Potential! xD They're so.... Red.
  9. Pokemon! Warning: Might Be Spoilers

    I did a Nuzlocke yellow and my Pikachu fainted battling the rival's Eevee during the very first battle due to two critical hits. xD They money thing was disappointing because that's basically what Team Rocket did... I'm kind of hoping their method of making money will be essentially anything immoral. Their name reminds me of fashion, so maybe they try to turn Pokemon into fashion items? xD
  10. Pokemon! Warning: Might Be Spoilers

    I usually pick the one that has the version specific Pokemon I want! xD I'm guessing the new form of Mewtwo will be an event based Pokemon. They said it's a new form, but not a new Pokemon according to Corocoro.
  11. Pokemon! Warning: Might Be Spoilers

    Sylveon is a confirmed Fairy type! No one is quite sure what the new evolutions are but people are speculating Fennekin will be Fire/Psychic, Froakie will be Water/Fighting, and Chespin will be Grass/Dark.
  12. Rant Thread v2

    I really hate when I log onto a game like World of Warcraft and see people harassing each other and telling them awful things like 'go kill yourself'. Why do people insist upon being so mean? When I act mean like that, if I ever do, I feel really awful afterwards and it bothers me for a -very- long time. I don't understand why people think it's funny and cool to behave that way, especially when they are the type of people who probably don't say those things in person. It bothers me even more when it happens in groups while I'm in a dungeon or something and they start harassing someone because they're not living up to their expectations. I mean really? It's just a game! At least don't talk to and ignore the person if you don't like the way they're behaving. :/ I mean you don't even know that person in real life, and who they really are and what they go through every day... How can you even deem it necessary to virtually attack someone just because you're feeling particularly nasty that day?
  13. Pokemon! Warning: Might Be Spoilers

    Nintendo has specifically said that they put in Fairy types to help balance out Dragon types in metagaming because honestly the psuedo legendary dragons are awful! xD It doesn't help that most ice types are incredibly frail and mostly likely won't be able to get a hit in. So it will give a rise to using something besides a dragon to fight a dragon. Besides that, the 'fairy' concept for Pokemon has been around for a long, long time! It has been in breeding groups and also referenced for Pokemon like Clefairy and Togepi! It's honestly nothing new to Pokemon besides now having a type. People sort of reacted the same when they added in Dark types, I remember several of my friends being mad, but they warmed up to it quickly. xD @Ace It won't be by a Moon Stone most likely. When they release a new Eevee evolution there is a new method of evolving it that comes along with it. They also said another Pokemon had a new way of evolving that's probably similar to Sylveon. ^w^
  14. Pokemon! Warning: Might Be Spoilers

    I'm really excited for Fairy type! I know a lot of people think it's 'girly' and it'll be weak but that feels like a state of mind? I mean something having fairy as a type doesn't mean it's going to be geared towards girls and look pink and fluffy! The deer legendary is a fairy type and it's the 'Life Pokemon' so it must be pretty awesome to be giving life to everything! Fairies have been known to be part of nature, so it could just as easily be related to nature, which is so neat because I'm hoping there will be more Grass/Fairy type Pokemon! ^w^ Like the little one they released earlier with the flower that reminds me of a pikmin. xD I am getting X!