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  1. Vulcan's CYO Shoppe ~ New Stuff!!! (I'm back!!!)

    @jadepets haha I was in the middle of typing glad you found it
  2. Vulcan's CYO Shoppe ~ New Stuff!!! (I'm back!!!)

    @Puma concolor if you are still doing 5 free eggs a day from my egg room I would like these baby's there are so many in there I want really hard to choose just 5
  3. Grimms CYO Shop (New FREE Masked Kitsune CYO!!!)

    Are your Masked Kitsune still free? if so I would Like 1 please
  4. Question priceing

    Hi guys I'm sure this has been asked before but here goes it. How do you know what is fair when pricing pets? I know that egg drop stuff is obviously not worth as much as an uncommon or rare and retired are more because you cant get them anymore. currently I go to bazaar and then slightly discount from the lowest price. I just started playing again and a lot of the ones ive been trying to price are not in the bazaar.any tips appreciated
  5. Expanded Breeding Center

    I just got into breeding did my first pair of bats last week. now 2 of 3 rooms are full soon to be all 3, I second having more rooms especially since it seems to take a few days to complete if you don't have an endless supply of zp to buy elixer. timer would definitely be helpful as well. Knowing the cost before you start is also great I canceled a couple due to lack of funds. thanks for posting Kageshiryu21 just found out about the wiki I know its not updated but useful info for me being a green horn when it comes to breeding
  6. Alt/stage swaps

    trade accepted thank you
  7. Alt/stage swaps

    ok great ill start possum trade. yes everything in trade room is for sale
  8. Alt/stage swaps

    Hi everyone looking to swap some to complete my collections Brown Hyena Have: want: any alt in stage 1 Common Dormouse Have: want: Coyote Have: want: any alt in stage 1 or 2 Egyptian Fruit Bat Have: want: any other alt Elemental Pony Have: want: Queensland Heeler Dog Have: want: any alt stage 1,2 or 3 Mountain Lion Have: want: any alt stage 1,2 or 3
  9. will this be a fair trade?

    thank you for your help just stated playing again after a 4 year break but always had trouble with trades even before, unless it was 1 to 1 and both pets were of the same rarity and retirement status
  10. will this be a fair trade?

    and 6 Zp for red foxes and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are retired. Not sure what the exchange rate is between zc and zp? Bazaar no red fox, Fairy Corgipom, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Samoyed Dog, Bloodhound or American Staffordshire Terrier Akita dog is 1000 - 2500 zc, Doberman egg is 2300 zc.
  11. Scone's Custom Shop

    @Scone can i get a full set of your Cervus Felis for zc? gender prefrence of alt 3 and 6 be male, alt 1 and 4 be female, the other 2 can be serprizes.
  12. Closed.

    PA Username: paws4ever Amount Paid: 20 zc
  13. Closed.

    PA Username: paws4ever Amount Paid: 20 zc
  14. Sketchi ♥ CYO's

    @sketchi sent thanks any genders please
  15. Beach Party is now over.

    @Allie any more spots open for giveaway? i have many pets i could donate.