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  1. I've replied to your trade! Of course it's ok, thanks for doing this! ^__^
  2. today's my birthday! but I'd like to give something in return too. so as thanks to you for making this thread, if you'd like I'd be happy to give you a Dinglecat!
  3. I was wondering if you could send me a pm, i would like to ask a very important question, its important in my view i guess.

  4. dear sketchi ican i talk to you? can you please end me a pm? thanks!

  5. would you do a cyo for me?? 50/50 and a full set? if you can do it by the 24/3/14 i will be able to get a free brush. spring themed and non-supreme but if by the time you read this and its past can you just do one for me?

  6. @ @Soichan soooo what genders would you like your water woffles? *slow turtle*
  7. cuute

    that's so cute!
  8. hi guys

    @Allie wow! your life sounds so fun and lux, haha. wish I could dress up sometimes, my dresses and nice jewelry just end up collecting dust! it never seems appropriate to wear. bahhhh! invite me to your country club life? :'D
  9. hi guys

    @Allie that sounds fun! what kind of parties do you go to? I have zero occasions to dress up for, like ever. =.=
  10. hi guys

    @Allie oooh! classy lady. I own nothing of the sort, lol! well I have some pearl stuff as a gift, but I haven't even worn them once. >.>;
  11. hi guys

    @Allie @Rinai LOL the tiny white stuff aren't pearls, they're diamonds! but I can see where the confusion comes from. the necklace pictured is made up of diamonds, jadeite, and 18k white gold (or platinum? forgot). I was too lazy to draw the diamonds properly back then, but now I do haha. well, usually... the price for that necklace was around $4000? I forget, but yeah, not really a casual purchase. x__X @ ah I would love to see the jewellery you've made! also I notice you're still custom approval staff; does that mean you approve pets somewhere else than the forums? since there's no more approval board, I mean...
  12. hi guys

    @Velseir those ones sold already, since they were one-of-a-kind pieces! they were sold in a physical shop, not online, so I unfortunately didn't take any photos. I should start photographing each piece though, 'doh! oh well, hindsight and all... I do have some of the drawings I did, though these pieces are for more "mature" ladies. large expensive statement stuff. here's the first set of necklace and earrings I made, which sold pretty much the day it was finished: it's fun, haha~ currently the most expensive necklace I've ever designed is being made (I won't show my drawing yet for safety reasons), already pre-ordered. if I get a chance I'll take a photo when it's done! the materials alone cost over 70k, luckily it's not coming out of my pocket lol.
  13. hi guys

    @PotatoeSauce no more approval board?? what about the stray pixels? :0!!! no seriously how does that work. I need to see this with my own eyes haha @Allie ee thank you! I'm glad you like it enough to consider buying, hehe. it's not for sale yet, I have to figure out manufacturing/labour cost and source more stones first. >.< @Velseir I already did make pendants/necklaces/bracelets even, but for my own line I'm gonna start with rings. pendants are probably easier actually (no sizing issue), I will think about it! @Rinai my etsy's pretty empty right now... nothing's up yet! that ring costs less than you'd think but still more than a "fun" ring. gold prices are pretty high! neek
  14. hi guys

    @ruxy91 yeah he grew up... or rather grew sideways. xD he's mellowed out a bit, I'm enjoying him a lot. @SpiritWolfe are some CYOs still 100x100, so the dimension of 150x150 is only an option (for CYOs)? I need to click around a bit more and find out these stuff. >__> what happens to old CYOs/customs? the old official pets all got updated to 150x150, right? I seem to see... @ thanks for the WB!
  15. hi guys

    @TheZebraTamer hi there! @SpiritWolfe can you elaborate on these new changes and features? I think I need a quick catch-up... I did notice just now that pets I already own in the auction will have "ALREADY OWNED" written over them, which is... amazing!!!!