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  1. I'm new and I saw a topic by what I'm guessing is you. 

    I wanted these two pets but it is closed of replies! 

    Adopt your own virtual pet today!

    Adopt your own virtual pet today!


  2. Hello singingbadger! 

    I looked at your auction group and would be willing to buy or trade if you don't want them. 


  3. CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY: activity list!

    This looked like a lot of fun (even though the only events I would really be eligible for were games and clicking, lol) - shame I didn't figure out how to get here until just now. I went rambling through the Forums early Saturday but I was either too early or just blind as usual. Hope everyone had a great time!
  4. Large Decline in Site Activity

    Mmm...after reading some more of the input here I took a spin across the street...Click Exchange AND Incubator now gone, that seems a bit odd, as it removed both methods members had for hatching/levelling their own pets economically - plus, in re CE (Meadow aside), I have no idea now where I'd find Keys - will Chests be phased out? I'm going to have to come back later and read through the whole thread...
  5. Large Decline in Site Activity

    I have also been on all the sites - MWCA was my major learning experience as far as collection VA sites went, lol - and enjoyed all of them. I am a person who happens to LIKE having a lot to do (especially once I realised that collecting all the pets was going to be effectively impossible, at least for me), but consolidating redundant features is a good plan - the question is how to do it. we now have Mining A and B, Pet page A and B...and both versions of these "duplicate" features has their merits...and unless they can be consolidated somehow to retain the useful elements while getting rid of the overlaps (probably a coding horrorshow), I can't see an answer. Plushies...I started out trying for full collections but have pretty much given up - I like them but, again, just can't keep up. If they could be bought/sold as well as traded, and designed to stack in your plushie inventory so you can see what the heck you have duplicates of (or maybe have them sort alpha rather than by acquisition date?), just figuring out what you have on hand is difficult. Perhaps they could be made equippable as clothing items for pet or HA or both? Energy is a tough call...I am a gym enthusiast, but I can see why others are not. One thought I had was ditching the Gym and having the "old" mine for gathering ENERGY rather than ZC etc (with or without pets), and fiddling the ZC gains on Exploration - which can get VERY expensive in a hurry - to make up the difference. I also (mentioned elsewhere) would recommend the various ores be consolidated into a single type (Raw Z? Gemstones?) which could be plugged in wherever appropriate, giving you a placeholder while simplifying the "moving parts". Current stocks of ores in people's possession could be rolled over at a fixed conversion rate, ditto specialty pets. As far as the Bazaar goes, I like it for one reason - I can FIND what I want. I am not tempermentally suited to opening thread after thread seeking a specific pet - is there any way to have a Master Index (here OR petside) of what is for sale, and by whom? Being able to look up a pet by species at least, if not alt, and see who has it for sale where would help a lot. Perhaps it could be linked into the Color Guide? I have seen that done elsewhere with excellent results. A site I know of with similar (but far worse) problems keeping the attention of new joins recently created a clickable site "map" as a visual aid to make understanding what does what and why more user-friendly. I thought it was an EXCELLENT idea and if it wouldn't be too much of a coding headache it might be worth considering - the multiple menus with their many items can be intimidating, especially for those who don't really know what it is they're looking at. You might also rethink the categories - Personal, Get Pets, Activities, Shopping, etc. - just figuring out which menu you want can be a challenge to the inexperienced. I see suggestions to "unlock" certain features as you gain in site experience and assets - if handled carefully this could be very useful. Elsewhere I saw mention of a petside Shoutbox for those who need help : this or something like it - a live-staffed Help button? I'd be willing to take a shift - could also help new people get oriented. Having the default on profile Comments as enabled would also allow experienced members to reach and aid newbies more effectively. (and yes, I know we want to get people involved on this side...but as a Forum-resistant person myself, lol, it might be best to let them get here because they WANT to, not because it's the only way to find out what they need to know.) I have suggested Mentoring systems in the past and still favor them - we have some informal ones but a site-based listing accessible from both Forum AND petside could be a useful tool for new people - those willing to be native guides would post their availability, and those needing help could contact them readily.
  6. ...this is going to be messy, but there's no other way I can remember all that, lol...(and yes, I know that some decisions have already been made) Gym/Energy : in some ways this might benefit the site, as it might take less time on line to work out than it would to keep popping in periodically to take advantage of a time-based accumulation, but as a devotee of the gym I'd personally oppose it...also, this (I presume) would destroy the high energy levels many members have worked hard to build up. Multiple Currencies: Hm. and what becomes of the ore balances presently on hand? would they be redeemable for ZC? Not to mention the changes it would make in Exploration and the existing Ore pet populations. Perhaps they could be rolled into a single type (raw Z? Gemstones?), with a conversion rate based on relative values of the existing ores - then that could be plugged in to the feature and applied to the pets as well, simplifying things while maintaining value for the existing stocks and providing a placeholder/replacement for them. Many sites have three or four base currency types (in addition to special event currencies), but generally each has a discrete source and function, and that would be in line with that concept. Teams: if by this you mean that the Meadow would be accessed by single individuals competing, with a slightly more achievable point total, I wouldn't oppose it - time zones have always been a headache. Click Exchange: with the removal of the Incubator, this will become the only remaining resource for members to level their own pets (other than things like Yarolds). And I WOULD like to see the Meadow kept on a non-team basis. Mining: (see gym/energy and multiple currencies, above) Would you be introducing pets alreay existing but difficult to obtain elsewhere (like promos, discontinued, etc) in their place? If you decide to eliminate pets from this feature, perhaps a Hunting system (with pet-training similar to Exploration rather than battles as in the existing Adventure) could be implemented - with a random chance of finding ANY site pet - though this may be redundant with Exploration. Abandoned Room: Having the AR open once a day sounds interesting...especially if it's on a rotating or progressive time schedule so no one member group is favored. What LENGTH of time did you envision? Egg Scramble: (see Abandoned Room, above) Free Monthly Pets: This would replace Promo Pets? As I am unlucky at hitting them, lol, sounds interesting - would Promo reissues be placed in this category? Also, I'd suggest that people be allowed to choose X number of pets from an X+Y-sized group, rather than getting a preselected set, perhaps even being able to get multiples of a single species. I see above that a login allowance is contemplated - I'd favor that, especially if Mining time will be reduced. perhaps for clicking on the News?
  7. Pet Dressup Frame Shrank?

    Thanks, love! Myk is feeling a tad crowded, lol.
  8. Pet Dressup Frame Shrank?

    could be...but Myk's an old-school pet, looks like he grew, lol. I can put stuff anywhere I want - but only what falls in the white box shows up. And since Myk now pretty much fills the box...
  9. Pet Dressup Frame Shrank?

    I went to update Myk's accessories, and his image is now larger, against a small white square framed in a larger grey one. Most of the things in his scene fell outside the white box (and nowhere near his new, enlarged image). I repositioned one item, then saved and refreshed figuring the "normal" sizes and proportions would return, but my work area is locked into the white box with the larger version of the pet, so very little fits. i tried various methods to zoom out to the larger frame but found nothing that would work. I notice in the pageant that his image in Pageants is now minature and raised in the frame - some other pets have this, some do not (guessing that the larger ones have not yet been updated). Is this a quirk of the new server - and if so, will it be fixed? (and if not, can I "back up" to the way he was before? I'd rather have him well-set-up and uneditable than squashed into a frame that doesn't fit...)
  10. Suggestions galore!

    lots of good stuff there! I've been wanting to edit Trade messages for a while, especially on GiftingThread. Also for Trading, I'd like to see cancelled trades on the 'completed" list, a few times people have sent trades for GT here, then canceled them before I got their names...and I don't recognise them from GT thread/profile entries. A "periscope" function to see what's already in a trade without opening it unnecessarily would be terrific, also. I'm 100% behind Not For Trade being the default state - I've brought that up before, and I think it would save a lot of headaches. also, I'd like to see Comments ON as default on profiles, it can be the only way to get hold of a new join - though if we are able to PM nonfriends this would also serve.
  11. New Member? Like Presents?

    sorry I've been MIA - we had a couple of deaths in the family over the holidays and I'm still picking up the pieces. I'll get the next batch of pets sent over to GiftingThread soon and send out everyone's choices.
  12. Do we need a G through X rating system?

    I don't see anything wrong with the bases, necessarily...just with what I presume is some folks' sense of humor. They were designed to be clothed, far as I know, unless they are already "clothed" in fur. I didn't mean a literal rating system a la Hollywood, just some sort of standard for running around in what amounts to public. Maybe the bases could have underwear...or a bikini.
  13. I'm Back? :)

    Hey, sweetie! The dragons (who emigrated from Dragonopia) are in the new Mining Adventure - which is wicked cool even without them...I have a Guide over in the relevant thread, Take a look and PM me - either side - if you have any questions/problems.