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  1. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @tomomi omggggggg!!!! they are so, so.... omg, can't even put it into words XD totally understanding your feeling of wanting them >< I would also have a pretty hard time to make a decision, like you said it's a must have, but the money and space is also an issue one has to take into account -.-
  2. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @tomomi I'm sure they make an OVA at some point ^^ well, they simply have to!!! hmm, it depends on how much they change and shorten the story like for akagami, they follow the manga nearly to the dot, so it really is like one story of the manga = one ep that is why I think they could turn soul catcher (S) into an anime the manga even started its second arc! another sad thing is that the current scanlation group isn't really releasing ch and since they are responsible for it, other scanlation groups can't pick it up -.-
  3. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @tomomi actually me too -.- I would like to see an adult version of them ^^ well, luckily the 2nd season will start shortly after the first one I think for some of the 2nd seasons I have to rewatch the first one -.- yeah, if you look at the amount of ch that are already out, they would already have enough for 2 seasons ^^ and in the monthly ranking it even got 1st place, before haikyuu and all the other ones I really can't understand, if it got so popular in japan, why won't they do it already!? edit: I like the small and cute chopper figure ^^
  4. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @tomomi ah, ok ^^ it was listed under anime series, so I assumed it was a new season I judge the manga after it came to an end like I said, owari is kinda sad -.- yes, for several years now XD I have them all, there are 12 vol so far ^^ but I'm also reading the english ch, since they are already further in the story and I so wanna see soul catcher (s) as an anime, now they really made an anime adaption of all the other manga series that were in the same weekly magazine currently it has over 70 ch, I think that would be enough to make an anime -.-
  5. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @tomomi I forgot to tell you something pretty nice coming winter a new season of free! will be aired, but not about the adult versions, this is about the very start when they were kids and started swimming ^^ some time ago, the manga to owari no seraph also came out in german akagami no shirayuki hime anime follows the manga most of the time, it was a nice surprise ^^ I'm reading the manga ever since it came out in german ^^
  6. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @Starstream yes, there will be a second season ^^ akagami no shirayuki hime gets a 2nd season as well and will be aired coming winter by the way, soredemo sekai wa utsukushii also gets a second season ;P by the way, have you seen the OVA about the special in the manga? @tomomi I thought so, magi also gets another season, but I think it's planned for it to be aired coming winter season and I'm so looking forward to K anime, tatara and mikoto will appear anna in a dream XD also waiting for owari no seraph, if you haven't seen it yet, you should watch it I'm also happy about Haikyuu and Noragami ^^
  7. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @tomomi have you already seen the chart for the upcoming fall anime? we are blessed with many 2nd seasons, like K anime, Haikyuu!, Noragami, World Trigger, Owari no Seraph, Diabolik Lovers, Soukyuu no Fafner, Ameiro Cocoa and some new ones that seem to be interesting ^^
  8. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @Snowflakke Ok, if you really want a summary, I'll pm you would you like a detailed one or just some interesting facts without telling you why or how it happend, so that you might feel the need to read it yourself?
  9. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @Snowflakke ok, now I know where you are so, that has yet to happen, hmm... let me ask you this, do you know what'll happen to alibaba? I don't want to spoiler you but the next arc starts with a really tragic turn of events and I think one of the saddest moments in the whole manga takes place an unforseen enemy seems to rise and at the same time something really interesting happens and like I already said, it seems everything starts to fall into place so, you have three options, read it yourself, let me give you a small summary or wait until the arc is complete (god knows how long this will take -.-) and read it in one go what will you do?
  10. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @Snowflakke but in case of Magi, the waiting is only a week, so I think it's ok and yes, I meant Magi but like I said, I can't recall where vol 25 stopped, so what is the last thing that happened?
  11. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @tomomi well, at least the main points are somehow still the same but like I said, if you ever feel like it, play the original game rpg fans still say it's one of the best psp games that ever came out and since it's pretty cheap now, it's worth a try ^^ after all it is the only game I ever lost myself in playing XD ok, I pm you just want the overall summary, or a more detailed explanation? @Snowflakke you have to read it!!! the story reached a bitter plot twist, but with it, it becomes really interesting also the matter about alibaba.... it feels like everything finally starts to fall into place ^^ but you are right, it's so hard to wait for another week, I wanna know why it turned out like this and what happened to alibaba and what he'll do now >< oh, where are you now in the story? have you already read that really sad ch?
  12. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @tomomi yes, actuall I'm watching many new ones on that note, akagami no shirayuki-hime follows the manga nearly to 100%, so it's really great on the other hand, for all people who love the game, god eater is kind of a let down -.- also, can't believe they finally managed to air the third season of junjou romantica but maybe it's just me, but I feel like there is a story gape between the 2nd and 3rd season? and after reading the sequel manga to K anime, I'm so looking forward to the second season ^^ oh and have you read the newest Magi ch? if not, I don't want to spoiler you, but something really interesting happened to alibaba and the figures are just awesome XD the chibis are so cute >< and the other are just so beautifully made, I wouldn't be able to decide what to get -.-
  13. ~*~ Gamer's Heaven ~*~

    @tomomi that's my plan, but I guess when that happens, they're going to release something like a ps5 mark my words, it's always like this -.- argh, since I played all KH games so far, it doesn't sit right with me to miss this one... also, finally saw some news about the remake of FFVII on tumblr and what is everybody looking forward to, cloud in his crossdressing outfit, this reaction was so obvious to happen T_T
  14. ~*~ Gamer's Heaven ~*~

    @tomomi because I really loved the game and am sad about the fact that I can't play it as well -.- hmm, but I think they will improve it a bit and maybe add some extras? otherwise it would be kinda disappointing e.g. you know I'm waiting for god eater burst rage to be released, right? good news, it will most likely be this year ^^ but what I want to say, you also know I love the first game a lot and actually a year after, they released the sequel in japan as god eater burst 2 but the fans were all very disappointed in the sequel, because the creators removed the option to create our own chara, the cut scenes and movie sequences were way less than the first one and the story wasn't as deep so they decided to do a redo of the game and worked years on it and finally released the redo as god eater burst rage this year and the fans were all happy about it, since they improved it by far and now it is said that it is a s good as the first one and even better ^^
  15. ~*~ Gamer's Heaven ~*~

    @tomomi *sob* crying for another reason.... but still I'm happy for you ^^