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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. bored. what's the latest addicting game out there?

  3. Human Avatar Fashion

    I've been waiting for my clothes to be approved for a long time (4 months) and it says it's still currently waiting for approval. What's it gonna take for it to be approved? Currently Awaiting Approval Name: Dawn Name: Lawbreaker Name: Heart Full Of Love
  4. pan white

    cute, can you do some flag colors too?
  5. hyena zero

    From the album CPA

    yes I know he doesn't have a mane
  6. The Heavens

    From the album Wallpaper

  7. Wallpaper

    all my abstract, photomanip, nonanimal designs.
  8. Need Help naming bunny?

  9. Selling Pets!

    the commodo dragon still for sale?
  10. Large

    gotta have 1
  11. light

  12. Going away for the summer, but will be back

  13. Can U guess

    correct! you get a free pet.
  14. Can U guess

    can u be specific?