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  1. Happy Brithday, even though you're not around anymore!

  2. Hey Paradoxedd, I don't know if you remember me but about a month or two ago you said you could help me with my RoboWolf custom. I was wondering if you could still do this for me, Thanks :)

  3. Adventure Time ~roleplay~

    Mint grinned, pausing as they mentioned 'Toby'. "Who that?" She interupted. Klowki nodded. "Alright then!"
  4. Adventure Time ~roleplay~

    Mou grumbled. "Good." Taking a small piece of chalk, she stood beside a tree, tracing out a wobbly happy face (Phil) on the trunk. Reaching into her coat, she walked back over, dowsing her drawing with bug milk. Watching as the portal opened, she snatched her jacket, jumping in. Klowki smiled. "When should I leave?" Mint smiled, watching Rin and Flynn. Just by watching the two, she lightly giggled, having the sense that one of the two was crushing on the other.
  5. Adventure Time ~roleplay~

    "Sure!' klowki replied, surprised. No one had ever asked her to do to a party or anything before. "Quiet, Nightosphere or not?" Mou asked.
  6. Adventure Time ~roleplay~

    Klowki blushed. "M-Me to."
  7. Adventure Time ~roleplay~

    (lol xD ) Klowki shrugged. "Small world!"
  8. Adventure Time ~roleplay~

    Moou rolled her eyes. "You want to go back to the Nightosphere?" "Klowki" The Werewolf replied, blushing slightly. Mint purred, her ears perking as Flynn noticed they were at their subjects house. Lifting her head she looked at Flynn. "Wha now?" Princess Melii gulped. It was obvious both her and Vi were scared. Picking up her cloud puppy, she held him tight. Chi stepped backward. What was the rustle?
  9. ~Dawn Clan RolePlay~

    Redkit yawned, his small jaw opening wide. Looking around, he spotted Dawnstar. What was she doing in here?
  10. Adventure Time ~roleplay~

    "Shut up," Mou grumbled, slinging Toby over her right shoulder. Mint purred. "Yea!" Klowki looked from Toby to Dean."What's going on?" Chi quickly stood, hearing a rustle nearby. Princess Melii looked at Vi, then the forest, slowly stepping in.
  11. Adventure Time ~roleplay~

    Princess Melii smiled, soon they were at the forest edge. Klowki paused. "What's going on?" She asked. Everyone here was a... Stranger to her. Chi heard a rustle, causing her to immediately jump to her feet. Mint purred. She always loved being scratched. "What now?" She asked. Mou stood. "Fine," she muttered, pulling Toby to his feet. Though she was a girl, he felt extremely heavy. But demons were always the strange and complected species. Like herself. She couldn't even be recognizable between her parents. Inheriting her fathers strange tail and horns, while getting her mothers unnatural hair color and grey skin.
  12. ~Dawn Clan Sign Ups~

    (I'll make mote later) Name: Redkit Age: 1 Moon Gender: Male Rank: Kit Prophecy cat or non Prophecy cat: No Looks: http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/roxichka25/roxichka251206/roxichka25120600067/14014324-grey-kitten.jpg Personality: Often playing hard, he is loyal, but also likes to have fun. History: Born to his dear mother, he loves her and his siblings very much. Kin: All those siblings, Featherdust [Mother] Stormheart [Father] Crush: None Mate: None Kits: None Other:
  13. Whisperclan -Signups-

    @TheZebraTamer Citrusbreath is accepted, but I will send both you and jpmouse the received kits.
  14. Adventure Time ~roleplay~

    Mou grumbled. "I could make you." Bursting from the woods, Klowki looked from Dean to Toby, then Mou. Ears positioning back, she slightly became embarrassed. What was going on here?
  15. .: Land of Ooo :. ||Signups||