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  1. Adam and darkwolf 1x1 (dungeon)

    "Thanks" Adam replied afterwards and stretched out his arm.
  2. aaaaaaaaaAAA A A A A A A A

    And im having nightmares again tonight XD
  3. Sword Art Online 1x1 with emptyadam

    ((@SoareAndThing dont worry i was at camp )) Adam looked at it. "How much are you willing to sell it for?" He was interested in the conversation, but didn't know where to continue it. "I am decent in cooking in the real world." He offered to continue the conversation.
  4. Adam and darkwolf 1x1 (dungeon)

    "I dont know, some sort of crystal that dropped from the monster... I'll take it to the smith later." Adam replied.
  5. Im back, and my phone was taken away bc i was caught popping a few zits. Wow gr8 reason. Ugh, life.

  6. I got a girlfriend :D

  7. Sword Art Online 1x1 with emptyadam

    *attemts to revive yet again*@SoareAndThing
  8. Adam and darkwolf 1x1 (dungeon)

    Adam stretched his arm. "Yes please." He felt something in his back, and he felt the crystal that dropped. Good it's still there...
  9. ~*~ Anime Fans Unite! ~*~

    @Snowflakke sweet :3
  10. Adam and darkwolf 1x1 (dungeon)

    Adam nodded. "T-thanks..." He looked uncomfortable and shifted. He looked around the room again. "N-nice room..." He said right after that.
  11. Sword Art Online 1x1 with emptyadam

  12. Adam and darkwolf 1x1 (dungeon)

  13. Adam and darkwolf 1x1 (dungeon)

    Adam woke up in a strange house. The first thing he noticed was the giant crystal on his chest from the monster, then realizing it wasn't his house. He went to grab for his dagger, only to remember that his was broken. He got up and started looking around the small apartment. It doesn't seem like she's part of a clan or any type of group... Adam thought as he remembered the girl in the corner of the dungeon. "Where am I?" Adam asked in a quiet voice
  14. Sword Art Online 1x1 with emptyadam

    Adam looked slightly uncomfortable to be talking with someone. "Uhh... Sure... How would you like it cooked?" Adam asked, sliding his finger across the in game menu and clicking on the butcher knife (almost called it another b word xD). Adam looked in. "Rank S meat I see... That's rare... Was it a rabbit or something?" Adam inquired."