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  1. Daphinteresting's Art Thread~

    Hiya all~<3 For those who aren't aware of who I am, my name is Daphne but I am known on the web as Interesting or Daphinteresting~ You're welcome to call me by either name or even by my real name. I don't mind at all~<3 Some things about me is that I'm a college graduate of the Media Arts and Animation field and I've been drawing ever since I was a kid~ c: I completely love to draw or create. It is basically my life haha. I also enjoy to help others with providing my artwork to them~ So, I'm happy to announce now that I'm opening up shop for custom pet commissions here (if anyone is interested that is xD)~ Here's examples of my adoptable work I've done for PA~ * I'm open to doing mini custom adoptables with alts or without alts~ I'm open to doing full customs adoptables with alts or without alts~ Prices~ Mini Customs with alts - $25.00 (USD) without alts - $15.00 (USD) Full Customs with alts - $55.00 (USD) without alts - $40.00 (USD) Paying Method: Paypal only please~ STATUS: Open~ *Remember, the time length for commissions can vary, depending on the order or if I have to provide work for PA at the time. But be assured, I will get your commission done for you~<3 That's it~ I believe I've covered on everything now. If you're interested in ordering, feel free to send me a PM and we'll go from there~ Thanks for reading~!
  2. Happy birthday! *huggle*

    1. Daphinteresting


      Aww thanks! *huggles back* <3

  3. ≧◔◡◔≦

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      Happy Birthday! :D

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      Happy Birthday! <3

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      Aww thank you all so much! <3 *huggles you all* hehe

  4. Happy Birthday. :3

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      Thank you! <3 *hugs*

  5. :o It's your birthday, Daph? Well, I might be a little early considering my timezone, but either way.... happy birthday! I hope you have an incredible day, hun xx <3
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      Aww thank you Rin! <3 *huggles you tightly* Haha, yeah, on my timezone, my b-day is tomorrow, but still, I so appreciate it! :D

  6. Happy Holidays~~<3

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      Happy Holidays, seasons greetings, and I hope you have a wonderful new year :)

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      Aw, thanks~~ You too~ *huggles*

  7. ~The person below me.....

    Wow, it's been a while lol. Anyway, true, when I can though~ The person below me loves to decorate the tree~
  8. Pumpkin Tiger Alt Trade. Have: Purple // Need: Red

    Alrighty~~ I added the tiger~ And accepted the trade~ I hope I did everything right haha. EDIT: Thanks @Allie~!
  9. Pumpkin Tiger Alt Trade. Have: Purple // Need: Red

    Ah, I see~ hehe Well, I sent you a trade just now~
  10. Pumpkin Tiger Alt Trade. Have: Purple // Need: Red

    @Allie Yep, it's perfect~~ How should I do this? Should I send a trade to you? (still kind of a newb with trading lol) ~v~
  11. Pumpkin Tiger Alt Trade. Have: Purple // Need: Red

    @Allie Hiya~~ Just to be sure, are you still needing this alt ? I have two of these and I would be willing to give you one of mine for the zc hehe. Feel free to let me know~ c: