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    ________What Vixxey hoards__________
    All Bats| Bull Shark | Bush Baby
    Coatmundi | Common Carp | Cornish Rex Cat
    Crested Gecko | Deer Mouse | Doberman
    Doltech | Dragons | Independence Eagle
    Fire Lion | Flutterhoof | Galaxy Bear
    Galaxy Pony | Garden Keeper | Giant Pacific Octopus
    Gypsy Pony | Hellhound | Knight Pony
    Leopard Gecko | Little Red | Loch Ness Monster
    Matey Mutt | Meerkat | Merfox [Male only]
    Moonlight Pony | Muskateer Penguin | Nebula Horse
    Pharaoh Lion| Pirate Parrot | Standard Poodle Dog
    Rockstar | Serpent Spirit | Shih Tzu Dog
    Skinks | Slitherhoof | All Snakes [ Except Rattlesnakes]
    Spellbound penguin | Starlight Llama | Stitch Bear
    Trainer Dolphin | Tropical Dolphin | Tropical Seal
    Unicorn of Life | Walrus | Wolf in sheepskin
    Ze Knight n Ze Princess[/spoiler]

    I am 100 % interested in all the creatures above should you have any for sale!
    That being said ,I will not pay over 400 for 1 creature
    Now don't get me wrong I fully understand
    their prices before eggdrop!

    My interests include a wide variety of video games being that first/third person shooters are my main favorite genre thanks to my old days of playing resident evil on playstation. I collect a variety of consoles and video games. Thanks to my parents that were also into video games!

    My other main interest is Pokemon now that has been apart of my life since 1990s , I own numerous video games, cards, plushies and other knick knacks.

    Things I can honestly say I do not like probably would have to be live action shows they have ruined some really good channels I used to watch as a kid most of them rarely run past a season 4! I have a natural phobia of thunderstorms and bees no matter where I go a bee follows I can't tell you the times I've been stung!
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  1. :huh:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OldFoo


      How are you doing? And your family is well?

    3. Vixxey


      Doing fine after taking a short hiatus my family grew once more  had a lil boy my 2nd c-section so recovery was rough :(

    4. OldFoo


      Should have had a zipper put in the first time. I have a friend who is going in for her third and last c-section. That's what her mother said. Feel better.

  2. Yeppers I did it again ~_~  ... I am seriously gonna try to be more active!

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    2. Vixxey


      ty ty :) I am again re elarning to do stuff haha <3


    3. Dashy


      Vixxey! <3

      It's been so long!~ :D 

    4. Vixxey


      Yes, real life has been beating me up lately , so finally get some time to be on and now can try to focus more !


  3. I need to stop taking long breaks..

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    2. Vixxey


      Yes :P finallly back ugh and trying to figure out where I left off :)

    3. mcmuffin


      welcome back XD and nice to meet you

    4. RiverFlow


      your breaks aren't as long as my breaks vixxey.....

  4. I was having bad pains last night and had to be admitted to the hospital literally lost all my daycare kiddos. Like why ..

  5. GaH the Person Above You

    my gecko babie please
  6. GaH the Person Above You

    Hatched ! Found my abandon room kiddos !! If I could get a hatch
  7. GaH the Person Above You

    @tomomi Hatched looks like you got a cute parent blend ^^
  8. *New* Giveaway Thread! Open!

    Yessss, very dusty thread lol Coming onsite soon~ Quentin already got approved and is onsite!!
  9. Ugh I need to get me an egg done as well as to cut a back ground out of a cyo bleh forgot where everything iss~

  10. *New* Giveaway Thread! Open!

    Available soon Cleaning my rooms up , but expect the Giveaway to re open on 12/1/2016
  11. Grr lost my 3 gecko eggs , guess I'll be lurking in the abandon room this saturday !

    1. OldFoo


      Post the links and I'll look for them too. And if you are housecleaning your rooms, throw some in a trade and tell me how much I owe you.

    2. Vixxey


      I regret hoarding soo many geckos took me a good 20 minutes to find the parents ugh why oh why u.u 


      Here are the links , 




      I'll shoot over a trade , to be honest I am not really seeking much just enough to afford some slots :) and clean up my rooms ughh I have been gone so long I forgot how I just left everything all over the place

  12. GaH the Person Above You

    one of the above please
  13. Flight Rising

    The only thing I bred so far that loooks good, I'm so mad my boggies came out ugly as can be so I sold them and kept 1 that looks semi decent :/
  14. GaH the Person Above You

    Hatch my children please ;o; I cried when I saw how cheap galaxy bears were so im gonna non stop breed them.
  15. Ugh , prenatal pills are the worst along with the iron pills they give :X at 29 weeks I can no longer handle them!! 

    1. Apples


      Do what you can. Don't push yourself to take things that you do not want to take if you can't handle them anymore. But if it will benefit you in some way in the long run, continue to take them. I hope everything i works out though in the end. :angel:

    2. Vixxey


      Thanks , I was told by my recent labs that I have developed light anemia haha its either the pills or iron shots ! I skipped nearly a week [of iron pills not prenatals] so , I got a lecture from my obgyn ! Just glad that I passed the glucose challenge test [ Diabetes] now a day before Thanksgiving I am scheduled for the Tdap shot X) hehe so much they do during the final trimester !