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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I finally have internet again :D

  3. Indomita

    @ added you as a friend, if you have any questions just ask
  4. Indomita

    https://indomita.net/register.php?id=881 Since I see that most of us play FR and CS, I thought that I should share this site. It is a horse SIM but it has also a lot of RP stuff, and I know that most of us love RPs and breeding websites. The site is quite new, less than 2000 users, I think, and it is very different from any other pet site I have been before, give to it a chance Im #881 Graciegra there, so any question you have PM there or here. I will be glad to help
  5. WIP V Fur

    From the album Draws

    The drawing is finished but Im a quite sad about how the fur got covered by the stripes so, this wip is for me to enjoy my good job x3 http://graciegra.deviantart.com/art/Young-And-Reckless-503726331
  6. Comm 1

    thanks <3
  7. LittleRed

    Is it good? (I want to watch it) Nice drawing I loved the wolf shadow-dark figure idea
  8. WIP IV

    From the album Draws

    The journey continues. At least the fur is done...
  9. Tag

    From the album lioden

    Only god knows how much i had missed doing tags.... http://graciegra-sites.tumblr.com/post/106261276727/lioden-tag-for-2070
  10. WIP III

    thanks, but dont die D:
  11. 0_0

  12. WIP III

    thank you
  13. Flight Rising

    Wow lucky. 100 chest, but i havent opened them yet