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  1. Rachel Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Rachel!

  3. 1st Weekly Competitions

    Of course lucky ^^ Heian and Alyssa, I'll send you your prizes as well now
  4. Congratualtions to singingbadger!

    Congratulations singing!!
  5. Hey Rachel---do you know if it possible to ban a guest or guests if you have their IP address?

  6. Count 'Til Member

    *pokes 1 and wonders when it's going to stop playing dead*
  7. Dark or Light?

    158 (Wow, this is...low... )
  8. 1st Weekly Competitions

    *slinks back in* I'm back! ^^' ehehe The final results were: entry 1:- 2 votes entry 2:- 3 votes entry 3:- 3 votes so, yeah a draw ;-) Icewing and Lucky333123 (entry 3), and Heian and Alyssa09 (entry 2) can claim their prize, just choose and post which octi you would like ^^
  9. Dark or Light?

    222 :-)
  10. Poetic's introduction

    Hello and welcome to PA!! ^^ I don't really RP myself but I know there is a good number to choose from and the members seem quite active in them I hope you enjoy the site
  11. 1st Weekly Competitions

    Still taking votes for your favourite entries!
  12. Dark or Light?

  13. Dark or Light?

  14. Dark or Light?