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  1. Shading Help Needed!

    I like the colors on the 2nd and 3nd one more, it has more saturated colors and make me think more on spring or nature in a bright day (but maybe remove a bit of red from it though?), for coloring/shading (i also paint with a hue/value/saturation system) i try to give it a meaning, i mean if is a evil creature or a demon i made it more dark with lot of contrast of light and shadow, if is something good i made it with lot of light. in this case i think that for a fairy wolf/dog is a bit too dark with a intense light from the front and too dark on the top/back, i would add them more light from top. hope this make sence i ask someone to help me translate this and i'm not sure if it make sence. xD (at least for me it don't make much sence anymore /-w-;) well exaples will help (maybe?). Edit: @Ikiru just @ping you just in case also i wanted to add that this is just my way to do things and i still have a lot to learn 'w' also you could search images of nature or fantasy things for coloring/shading reference, they can be real photos (or also go see your garden if is spring/summer and have green colors xD) or ilustrations 'w' references are a good when you don't know what is wrong xD (at least i do that :3)
  2. @Pink Madness @tomomi @matchiitehew @RabbitTZY(Thanks for sending the trade ^^) @Clarrissa @Dashy Send them all! 'w' sorry for the delay >.<;
  3. @Pink Madness @tomomi @matchiitehew Sure ^^ will send them tomorrow or later :3 also bump!
  4. i was bored and draw these shotheads and they are up for adoption if you want a new chara. 'w' first come first serve, just adopt one. Maybe i do more later? maybe. They are forest themed, if i do more later they will be themed as well so suggestion are accepted. ^^ Here they are: also i'm taking commisions, the price is... a draw exchnage! you draw one of my charas and i draw one of yours. :3 Commision Slot: -Open (probably will not edit this anyway xD). Will do one at time, post that you want to commision me and i send you a pm, first come first serve, but if i already have a commision you will be on waiting list. ^^
  5. @fallenangel1550 @Vixxey Added and accepted ^^ thanks for sending the trade 'w' @Oddora send them ^^
  6. @fallenangel1550 they are all on egg stage 'w' i can choose the alt cuz they are private cyo ^^ do you want a random alt?
  7. @jpmouse added and acepted! thank you ^^
  8. @Chloecat194 Don't wory you are not late ^^ i just start this today xD and is until they are over, so maybe people will be able to grab some more later :3 also i send the trade don't worry ^^ btw @OldFoo forgot to tell you but i added them and acept 'w' thanks for sending the trade ^^ also sorry if you already noticed it ^^;
  9. @OldFoo Sure! will send them in a moment ^^ and still a very young year so happy new year to you to! 'w' the new year is just some kind of excuse to give the cyo xD
  10. @Lilytora Added and acepted ^^ thanks for sending trade 'w' @Ikiru Send them! enjoy ^^ @tomomi Send yours! also you still can choose a companion for him ^^
  11. @Ikiru @Lilytora @tomomi Sure! i will send you them, also i forgot to add but you can have two of them so if you want chose an other alt ^^
  12. Another Mystery Gift Giveaway

    @tomomi Thank you! ^^