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    Reading, Singing, The Internet, Drawing, Writing, Dancing Horribly ( That's the only kind of dance I know XD ), Listening To Music, Role Playing, Reading specific book series like tunnels and warrior cats... Umm that's all I got right now.
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  1. Again I ask, Anyone got a dog/wolf/warrior cats(Not the book series, new clans like sunclan or something)/human/sort-of romance/creature Role Play? (fantasy or real on all) I want to join a role play but can't find one.

  2. Precarious Balance ~ A stuffed animal role play {Sign Up topic}

    Never mind me joining then. I don't find it all fair about the powers she can have. The stats I get but I jus find the powers thing unfair. I am sorry.
  3. Tell Me A Ghost Story

    Aww man, Too late for this one
  4. Rememberance Day!

    All of these stories are about pets running away/dying/having to be given away... Do we have to tell stories like that? My dog is still alive and will never be given away and I want to write about her but I am not sure if that is okay.
  5. Help!~sign ups

    Yes they are all one character, My character's transformation will be a dog, specifically German shepherd.
  6. Hello~c:

    Welcome to the site ~ ( I know I am not apart of the staff but I think I am allowed to welcome new users too, right )
  7. Help!~sign ups

    Okay but I can get some, here for some animal images: (( They are all German Shepherd Dogs ))
  8. Help!~sign ups

    Name: Elizabeth Sarah Woods Picture: ( None available ) She has long dark chocolate brown hair, greenish blue eyes, tan skin, she is average height and weighs 101 pounds. Personality: She is funny, kind, loving, sweet, and amazing but can be serious and strict if she needs to be. Gender: Female Age: 16 1/2 (?) Grade: Junior, 11th grade Transformation(If you want to be transformed to something): N/A Parents: Kathryn Woods -Mom Jason Woods -Dad Siblings: Carson Henry Woods Animal Images/image: (Why?) Crush: Secret Friends: ( Do I write random names? ) Other: She has her ears pierced and she always wears a necklace with a charm that is a heart locket with roses and vines with thorns and inside is a picture of her family on one side and her dog on the other. (her dog had died the year before because of old age) WIP
  9. Precarious Balance ~ A stuffed animal role play {Sign Up topic}

    Name: Beary Age: 9 Years Rank: Favorite Gender: Female Looks: Strength: 8 Speed: 7 Stamina: 10 Agility: 7 Imagination Power: She has two powers, One which is her strongest one is the power of a force field. She can shield herself and whoever she'd like. It will protect them from any creepy, no matter how powerful. Her second one which is not as strong but strong enough is the power to think. She can get the little girl to think about her, one way or another but only once can she use this power per month. Her power isn't too strong so the thought will only last a minute or less so she can only pray that if she ever needs to use this power of hers that The thought she gives her will make her remember more and that she wont be forgotten any more if she is ever forgotten. Personality: She is a very fun and loving bear. She loves to play and to cuddle and all of that stuff stuffed animals do. She is very loving and caring. She is also very fun and she herself is very imaginative and positive. History: She came from a store in New York. Her grandmother had bought her and gave her to Emmy for her 1st birthday. She never has been forgotten, she isn't always the favorite but she is always a favorite. She has been with her for a long time and Emmy loves her still.
  10. Creature 1x1 with Amanda Role Player

    ( do you wanna do a time skip to the morning when they are going to their jobs/whatever they do? )
  11. Creature 1x1 with Amanda Role Player

    Lizzy she set down the plate and glass of milk onto the 'mini' table that was in the living room. ( the coffee table or whatever it is called ) She then sat down on the couch and grabbed the remote. She turned on the TV and then set down the remote and grabbed the slice of pizza and picked it up. Then she took a bite out of it as she watched the TV show that was on.
  12. Creature 1x1 with Amanda Role Player

    Lizzy Finally when she got herself awake she was able to relax. She stood up to go and do something. She probably couldn't sleep because she had taken a 'nap' during the day and so she just wasn't tired at all. She was going to go get something to snack on and watch a movie or something. She went to her kitchen and opened up the fridge. She looked in it.. She thought,' What to have?' she decided on a glass of milk and then she would get something from the cub-boards (or whatever they are called). She took out a gallon of milk and got a cup and poured some milk then closed then milk jug thing and put it back in the fridge. Then she saw she had left-over pizza and decided to have that. She got out a plate and put the pizza on it. She put it in the microwave for like 15-20 seconds and then took it out. She grabbed her glass of milk and went into the living room.
  13. Anyone got a dog/wolf/warrior cats(Not the book series, new clans like sunclan or something)/human/sort-of romance/creature Role Play? (fantasy or real on all) I want to join a role play but can't find one.

  14. Oakleaf Wolf Pack Signups!

    Character Name ::: Isabella Age ::: 30 Moons Gender ::: Female Picture ::: Rank [if wanting a higher rank, put a lower rank as well] ::: loner, will be a hunter Crush [Don't put a certain wolf right when you sign up. Keep your options open] ::: secret Mate ::: none Pups ::: none Personality Description [Flirty, Introverted, ect.] ::: She is a very out-going wolf. She is brave and bold and will stick up for what she believes in. She loves making friends but is not one to be tricked or fooled. She not only is kind, caring, loving and all of that but if she needs to she can be mean, harsh and killer. History [At least 5 Sentences] ::: She doesn't like to talk about it. She doesn't feel as if you should know but she will tell you this... Her family was evil and cruel. They never took no for an answer and had a thirst for other wolves blood. One day they crossed her, and so she left and they got what they deserved for killing many innocent wolves. She doesn't regret what she did but that doesn't necessarily mean she is proud of what she did. She misses them occasionally because they weren't always cruel, sometimes they were nice. Are you going to be a new comer, or just jump in? [You will have to jump in when it is morning, or late at night] ::: New Comer
  15. Hey People

    Thank you all for the help !