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  1. GaH the Person Above You

    @Storybook hatched http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=700627
  2. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @Brightshadow @Squirrel! Sent and accepted!
  3. whoops i just got back from a week-long school trip, I'll take care of the rest of the cyo stuff today

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  5. screams eternally

    From the album misc.

    my girlfriend got me the official plush of The King from Holiday Star and he's so tiny and soft I love him aaaaaaa
  6. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @Sergeant_Stucky Sent and Accepted
  7. GaH the Person Above You

    @mcmuffin hatched and also oh my gOD HATOFUL I love hatoful http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=671993 this kiddo please I forgot how many clicks they need ugh
  8. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @SwiftTalon Sent and accepted!!
  9. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @mcmuffin @Lilytora I edited the main post to show which alts of which pets I have hatched; and threw some of the second shark set into yarolds so we'll see if I can't get a couple of the alts you want. For now I'll work on getting the rest of the trades set up @Kageshiryu21 Sent and accepted!
  10. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @OldFoo @Kaylercool Setting up/Accepting the trades now -- they'll show up under the username arachnidsGrip Edit: Sent and Accepted for both!
  11. Reopened my CYO Shop, except now I'm just giving them away

  12. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    Bump - MASSIVELY edited the first post!!
  13. New DnD Char

    Thank you!!
  14. Art etc.

    Things that aren't CYO's or HAI's
  15. New DnD Char

    From the album Art etc.

    I did a super frickin long write-up with this dude's backstory and everything but since this site's image uploading thinger sucks, quite frankly, when I tried hitting Finish Editing Images it opened another mini-popup inside this one and tried to make me start uploading another thing. There goes that half hour of my life. Anyway, this is Aethre (Avery but with a "th" sound instead of a "v" bc birds don't have lips) they're an aarakocra illusion wizard with a neutral good alignment and a Gladiator background (variant of Entertainer) whom I'll most likely be multiclassing as a bard eventually, they use any pronouns and probably have ptsd because they were essentially "bred" for illegal fantasy cockfights and taught themself illusion magic in secret out of desperation bc they didn't want to fight/hurt others. Somehow they get out, and later on perform a double act with another illusion-specialist aarakocra, who later dies. Ae keeps one of their feathers as a token of remembrance but is blamed for their death and can no longer return to the town where they built a life. They're based on a leucistic cardinal and their costume can change to mimic different weather but always looks like a daytime sky (their partner had a similar one that was always night) This is my first time really trying pixel art and I really love how it turned out!! My party decided on making sprites bc the Roll20 tokens are awful and tbh it's cool to see all our different art styles in pixels.