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  1. I woke up from a nap and the only image in my head was like an end-of-game card or steam achievement type box thing, and I can't remember what the image on it was, but the text said: 

    Neutral End
    Make peace with the furries

    (It may be worth noting that the previous night, I had a nightmare where my girlfriend was secretly an active fursuiter -- I have nothing in particular against furries, my brain is just weird)

  2. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @Alexis Hey sorry I've been offline a lot!! I sent you a random assortment of pets and accepted the trade, sorry it's so late!! most of my free time is homework and sleeping now lol gotta love college also bump i guess since i still have a bunch of cyos left!!
  3. love pullin glass out of my foot for no discernable reason. new favorite hobby. terrific. /s

  4. ~Two Truths and One Lie Game~ (Guess the Lie)

    lol let's see how much of a cryptid i am here 1. my human avatar is the look I want to achieve, not how I actually look now. 2. I met my s/o because of a dating sim. 3. the squirrels here are all black, instead of grey.
  5. I'm moving some of my art off of some of my social media so that I can use it in a job application without having all my accounts hunted down; hopefully it'll only be temporary but I want to be cautious. 

    1. Cyanocitta


      I got the job :D as soon as I can do official paperwork stuff I'll be a part-time illustrator for a magazine!! 

  6. Kairon

    From the album Art etc.

    doodled my tiefling during class this morning... there might be an older drawing of him in here somewhere.
  7. Art etc.

    Things that aren't CYO's or HAI's
  8. hhhhh my girlfriend's gonna send me cookies and pumpkin bread I'm so frickin psyched I can't not yell about it

  9. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @Storybook sent and accepted!
  10. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @Lilytora @mcmuffin got all the alts you wanted, sent and accepted!! -- sorry it took a while, I haven't been on much!
  11. i just started college and classes havent started but it's already kicking my --- so I'll be away for a while; apologies to those who want cyos - I'll get to them eventually i just really need to focus on this right now

  12. GaH the Person Above You

    @Storybook hatched http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=700627
  13. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @Brightshadow @Squirrel! Sent and accepted!
  14. whoops i just got back from a week-long school trip, I'll take care of the rest of the cyo stuff today