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  1. Sleepy Sasuke

    yes, their curly hair is adorable! <3 How many puppies are there? And will you keep them all? I think his color is beautiful
  2. Sleepy Sasuke

    omg, are these the puppies? ;O;
  3. This is all she does now days

    Oooooh, how cute <3 Post pictures of the puppies too when they are born ;O; What breed is she? And will the puppies be the same breed or be mutts? Good luck with the cute little devils in a few weeks
  4. Mio's Art Thread

    @tomomi yes I have
  5. Mio's Art Thread

    @Ikiru Yes I'm open for customs and commissions Sure, shoot a PM
  6. Happy Birthday Alcarie! <3

  7. Mio's Art Thread

    Custom pets are open OR, if you want a drawing of your real pet, check this out:http://miosita.deviantart.com/journal/Pet-Commissions-OPEN-557198312 I'm saving some money for school, so any help is very appreciated! <3
  8. I passed my entrance exam for the education Animationfilm whooo

  9. Teacup Pomeranian MCA Pre-orders

    @Lilytora wow, you already have this idea for so long! Why was it so hard to find an artist? I'm very happy to draw this, I love the idea ;u; <3
  10. Old Art // Improvement~

    @Poke aww your art is so nice! I really love that goatling, it's so cute and beautiful ;o; <3 You improved so much! Keep up the great work! (How do you make such a clean sketch? T-T xD)
  11. Mio's Art Thread

    @Animal_8_Namer Customs are $ only. atm you can buy an aardwolf in the ZC shop. In the ZP shop you can buy the blue wale, shoebill, philippine eagle, black squirrel monkey and nightmonkey. For other animals you have to ask to other people to trade, buy, ... them you can see all the animals I made on my page.
  12. Mio's Art Thread

    @Lilytora Yes I am
  13. Mio's Art Thread

    @Animal_8_Namer heyy! well, I don't have such a cat so I can't give you one. (It's not because I created these pets that I own one, I have to buy them in the shop aswell.) I'm glad you like them <3
  14. poke's back... again? ;o

    w00p w00p welcome back! <33
  15. Happy Birthday Miosita!