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  1. The Elements *sign ups*

    I'd like to join if I could
  2. The Spliced Gene || Actual RP

    Aoi swatted at a few of the floating hearts, eyes squinting to block what little sunlight filtered through the window. "I'll take white, please?" The glimmers of light were blocked, and she sighed in relief, only now noticing the floating deck of cards. Blinking once owlishly, she reached out a hand, shadows whirling around to extend her reach and grasp the cards. Swatting away the floating shapes blocking her vision, she shuffled through the cards, checking to see that the deck was intact. It wasn't too uncommon for mess-ups to occur; she dubbed them 'glitches' in their systems. "So, cards? What game shall we play?" A few drops of blood later, two gloved hands materialized in the air next to Aoi's head, taking the cards and beginning to shuffle them in an extravagant manner, moving them this way and that. The action was rather mesmerizing, and she bade the hands perform a magic trick while Zedi made her decision. They held the deck up, flipped the front card over, and showed it to the two girls. The hand not holding cards snapped its fingers, and the card dissipated, turning to dust. I don't think that counts. The hands seemed to droop slightly, saddened by her remark, but then a hand pulled a card out from the center of the deck, flipping it over to show that it was the exact card that had seemed to fall into ashes. Okay, acceptable.
  3. The Spliced Gene || Actual RP

    Aoi blinked sleepily, eyes near-instantly adjusting to the darkness of her room. A shadowy hand materialized into the air near her, reaching out and helping her up. Dim candles were held in place by four stands, one at each corner of her room, with small vials of scarlet blood hanging from each, making chiming sounds as they hit against each other. The shadows clustered more around the candle holders, despite the light. Is it night yet...? Sunlight hurt too much to risk going outside; there wasn't a single window in her room to let some brightness in. The only other light in her abode was the slight glimmer of her staff, which was soon carried to her bedside by the same hand that helped her up. Aoi drifted towards the door, fidgeting with the bandages on her wrists that held back eternally flowing blood. As she wandered out the door, she sighed in relief at seeing the sun's rays fading, disappearing underneath the horizon. She moved towards the next door, one with odd purple stains around the edges. Lifting a hand, she rapped on the door, calling out, "Zedi? It's me, Kyouki!" After a moment of thought, she then added, "I'm bored, do you have chocolate?" Giggling a bit, she loosened the bandages on a wrist, letting a trickle of blood touch the bottom of the door. A shadow instantly manifested, reaching up the other side of the door and twisting the handle.
  4. The Spliced Gene || Sign Ups

    Nya... Characters? Wat? Uhh.. k. (Didn't get chocolate, so now I is sleepy.) Erm, recreating characters, k! Name: Aoi Fujisato-- Kyouki Age: 17 Gender: Female Description: Aoi's somewhat tall, at 5'10", with short gray hair, darker at the top and near-white towards the tips. She's rather pale, which is accented by all the dark clothing she wears on a daily basis. She prefers dresses, and most articles of clothing she wears are lacy, and she attempts to cover nearly all her skin so sunlight doesn't burn as much. Aoi carries around a staff, with 6 interconnected fleur-de-lis' at the tip, a glassy orb set in the center. Power Classification: Supernatural Power: She can manipulate shadows, which are usually intangible. Using her power requires a blood sacrifice, the amount of blood equivalent to the shadows she wishes to manipulate. Others' blood can be used, but it requires more focus, sometimes leaving her with a headache, and, in more severe cases, making her faint. They are only tangible to a certain extent, usually just a small amount, roughly equivalent to the size of a book. When in complete darkness, her blood only needs to touch the shadows to manipulate them however she wishes, regardless of the amount of blood that would normally be required. Weakness: The blood sacrifice! ...she can't control her power very well in sunlight; extremely bright sunlight can physically scorch her skin. When under bright light, the shadows she commands automatically go intangible regardless of the form they were in before, slowly fading away depending on how bright the light is. Failed or Normal Splice: Semi-failure. The blood loss is difficult to replace efficiently, usually leading to her storing blood, but using stale blood gives headaches. However, if she doesn't abuse her power and stays in the dark, she's perfectly fine. Personality: Aoi's a quirky girl, kind and gentle at times and murderous at others. She's resentful towards most of her relatives, barring her sister, for sending her off to some remote place, however nice it seems. Her mind's slowly falling apart at the seams, as repetitive blood loss and headaches take their toll on her body. However, she's still kind to those she respects. Aoi gets depressed whenever anyone mentions sunlight, jealous when she sees others in it, thinking of the life she could've had if she didn't have her 'gift.' Sometimes, she's shy, especially when coming into contact with cheerful, joyous people; they remind her too much of brightness. Backstory: (no rp out at least a few sentences to describe what their life was like before their power started showing and they were taken to the sanctuary) Will you stick to what you were taught or go to the dark side? Family: @Zeditha make your char! Crush: Pets? Other: Will finish later, sorry!
  5. The Animal Experiment || Sign Ups

    I say oarfish. It'll be weird, sticking a creature so mysterious into a human. Would it get a tail? owo DARP Edits: Ooh, you could make it part oarfish, part lionfish, part coral (it's technically alive...), part leafy seadragon (dragon!), part mouse... Just tossing suggestions out there. If you do make some random aquatic hybrid, though, I could find you some really interesting images.
  6. Dragon Riders------Sign Ups

    Well then, I'll take the dark one; it looks more majestic to me, what with all the gleaming fur everywhere. The horns are nice too. Besides, the white's feathers seem something more airy, so it could fit your element too. I've updated my form again, so the personality traits are the opposite!
  7. Dragon Riders------Sign Ups

    I poked the form :3
  8. Dragon Riders------Sign Ups

    Fine... *crawls out of my dark corner* Name: Izumi (Izu) Age: 17 Gender: Female Classes: Dragon Riding, Magicks, Dragon Language, Art Personality: Izumi, like Mia, has multiple personalities, ranging from childish, cheerful, and murderous, psychopathic. However, she's rather slow to change personalities, and is far more controlled than her sister. Izumi's rather poised and elegant, obsessed with cleanliness, organized, and nearly always plans everything ahead of time. Look: Izu's rather thin, kind of tall, with fair skin and long silvery hair (previously blonde, but she bleached it because Kyouki wanted her to). She usually wears dark colors, mainly black and dark purple. She prefers long dresses, and somehow tries to cover every bit of her skin, with long silk gloves, veils, cloaks, etc. Dragon's Name: Fyonra Age: Roughly 2 years old. Gender: Female Dragon's element: Shadow/Darkness Dragon's Tattoo: Dragon's Look: Family/Siblings: Mia :3 Crush: Not yet~ Other: Nya! Hey Zedi, I found two images of dragons that I like; one's shadowy, one's all bright and fluffy. Want to make yin-yang sisters?
  9. The Animal Experiment || Sign Ups

    @Zeditha, what color is Yawela's fur? I can find you an image that looks kind of the way you described, but I want it to be color-specific. I thought about it; isn't Yawela just a gryphon with human hands? owo
  10. The Animal Experiment || Sign Ups

    I finished my character!
  11. Jp's Zoo

    @jpmouse, may I buy an alt 5 and 6 of your Japanese Cherry Blossom Foxes? Any gender's fine.
  12. Dragon Riders------Sign Ups

    Well, both dragon and human could be sisters. I don't see why not
  13. The Animal Experiment || Sign Ups

    Name: Fyonra Age: 17 Gender: Female Animal Species: Owl/fox Looks (after experiment): Family: She spends most of her time away from home, rarely seeing her parents. More often than not, she'll be following her sister- Dianora- around like a lost puppy. History: Fyonra's always been overly curious, and was easily distracted by nearly anything. She had been carrying her sketchbook around, planning on drawing the nearest sparkly thing, when she saw a paper advertising an experiment. It managed to capture her attention for more than ten seconds, so she decided to sign up. Later, when she arrived, she saw that quite a few others, including her sister, were there, although nobody ever came out the doors, only in. Personality: She's a quirky girl, smiling out of nowhere and bursting into fits of maniacal laughter. She can be impatient, and completely unreasonable, but she can calm down and act her age sometimes. Fyonra was interested in medicine, learning about antidotes to every ailment she could in school. Somewhere along the line, she learned enough about herbs to figure out how to make poison as well as heal. Crush: None yet. Why did you sign up for this experiment? She thought it would be an interesting thing, and she was bored that day and wanted something better to do than boring medical studies. Are you okay with the changes that have been made to your body? Yes, she's overly excited over them, and keeps getting distracted by her own wings. Will you escape or will you stay? She's still contemplating this, although she hasn't really found any reason to leave. If the mortals want to think she's insane and try to convince her that she's not human, oh well! It'll be fun~ What type of a room were you put into? Asylum Other: Do blueberries make any type of deadly poison? That'd be kewl. Name: Izumi Age: 17 Gender: Female Animal Species: Armadillo Gilded Lizard/Vampire Bat Looks (after experiment): Family: They never really cared about her anyway, so she just left and did whatever she wanted, even managing to get a respectable place in society with enough income to live. History: From the beginning, she was the less favored child, with parents who only cared about her older brother. Eventually, he got into a car accident, dying a few hours later amidst the remainders of what had been his car. Her parents blamed her for it somehow, and then came a time when Izumi just couldn't deal with it anymore. Walking around one day, she spotted the poster, and decided to go there just to see what it was. Personality: Izumi's a kind, caring girl at times, and then acts homicidal at other times. Having completely uncaring parents made her yearn for attention of some sort, but they had also 'trained' her to be a docile, quiet child. As such, she just ended up being bipolar. Crush: Neh! Why did you sign up for this experiment? She was just interested in it, thinking that doing something like this might make other people notice her. Are you okay with the changes that have been made to your body? She's fine with it so far; the only annoying thing is that, unless she starves herself to be thinner, the wings aren't really going to carry her very high. Short glides, sure, but full-out fly? Nope. Not yet. Will you escape or will you stay? She definitely plans on escaping-- they treat her like some sort of dumb creature who can't even think for herself. What type of a room were you put into? Feral Other: Blueberry muffin chocolate pie. I don't even know.
  14. Secrets |The Demons Within| Roleplay

    ((Lulz, it seems dead ish. We planned for a huge catastrophe that drove both sides out of their castles, and the ones who survived ended up on a battlefield together, and ta-da! There's a battle between the sides, and the winner pretty much gets to decide what's next. The last two posts were Kyouki and Flyxa both ending up at the White Castle, Kyouki because of mistake and Flyxa trying to find Kyo.))
  15. The Animal Experiment || Sign Ups

    Erhm, quick question while I'm working on my form. Is their a limit to the amount of animals, and if there were multiple animals, would they kind of fuse together? If so, I wanna make a bat lizard. Dragon!