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    Drawing Pets On Photoshop,Playing League of Legends,SkateBoarding,Watching Anime,Killing Time....Literally,Chatting,watching Horror Movies,creating anime characters...
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  1. hey guys im back!wow its been a long time since Iv been on p.a. so much has changed!

    1. Lilytora


      Hey, Welcome Back

    2. Starstream


      Welcome back :)

  2. referal's

    @chikoo12007 asky @thylac1ne she gave me a link.
  3. Supreme CYO Design Auctions (line-arts,shading)

    @OldFoo ok Ill send you the psd files. ^.^
  4. Supreme CYO Design Auctions (line-arts,shading)

    @OldFoo if you want you can buy him for that price or offer whataver more you want... I need to get rid of these guys.
  5. @SoareAndThing thanks ^.^ appreciate it yeah I think I will raise them but a little later. >.<
  6. Chit's Custom Shop! Sneezyphant now available! Artist :: Snowflakke & I!

    @matchiitehew thanks match
  7. Chit's Custom Shop! Sneezyphant now available! Artist :: Snowflakke & I!

    @matchiitehew could I order 2 zc alts 4 and 6 of the pomeranian tea chup mini custom
  8. @Dashy aw thanks dashy im also selling for USD if you would like
  9. Polar Cutie (Animated CYO!) Pre-Orders FInnished!

    @matchiitehew omg so true
  10. Polar Cutie (Animated CYO!) Pre-Orders FInnished!

    @matchiitehew eh?
  11. Hey, im new

    Welcome to PA ^.^
  12. Decided I need some extra $ So im doing art commissions (none pa stuff) Though Im only drawing headshots,half body and bust shots. Pricing Below. What I will/can draw: Busts Group half shots Half Bodys Headshots Nude NSFW-pm me for examples of this type of work Gore Neko's Animals human mlp's (pllzzz dont spam me with rainbow dash im already on it!) Girls What I cant/wont draw: boys-unless you give me a reference pose real life Full-bodys (atm) Pricing Only looking for $ which you can send to my paypal account. I might do zp commissions once in a while depending Headshots: Bust Shots: (Busy Adding) Half Bodys: Form: Username On Site: Type of Character?: (human pony,neko ect) Type Of Drawing?: Bust/Half Body/Headshot Type Of Editing: sketch/Lineart/Shading/Plain Color/Color & Shading Reference: NSFW Content?: yes/no Other?: Payment: (USD) Pre-Made Art For Sale: Dashy-9 $/900 Points/15 ZP/20,000 ZC Punk Half Body: 9 $/900 DA Points/15 ZP/20,000 ZC More Examples Of Art: (Adding) USD Slots available: 1.@Alcarie-Paid 2. 3. 4. Deviant-art Points: (900 points) click this link to order a commission 1. 2. 3. 4. ZP Slots Available: (20-35 zp) 1. 2. ZC Slots Available:(25,000-40,000 ZC) 1.@Alcarie Finished Commissions: @Alcarie (click to enlarge)