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  1. I'm very surprised that Glitchy Reality was allowed and I very much hoping I do not get one of them as the game they based on creeps me out really bad.

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    2. Nickykitty


      @CaitlynMellark for me its more of taking the game mechanics into account from that game and the fact that I happen to have suffered from that growing up (still do). Tho taking in the game mechanics is why I surprised they was allowed. For me it would be a cruel reminder of it.

    3. Kaylercool



      The CYO belongs to me. I made it before CYOs were thrown into the egg drop, so I never would have imagined they would have been put into it. Like Caitlyn said, I did put a lot of work into it. I made it for fun and with no ill intentions in mind, so I'm sorry if it bothers you. I never even put it up for sale in my shop, I just gave some out to friends of mine that are a fan of the game since I considered them more of a fun, personal CYO rather than something to make ZC off of.
      Once again, I apologize if they bother you.
      Though I have suffered from topics the game portrays as well, they don't bother me. Given my position, I never expected they would impact anyone else in a bad way. It seems I was wrong about that. 
      Now, please don't take offense to this or think I'm trying to be rude, that is not my intention. I feel bad about causing any problems to you or others with my CYO, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit upset about someone calling out my CYO in a bad light since I worked so hard on it. Though, I do understand why you'd speak your mind about it. That's why I must as well. 

      As I said, I have no ill intentions here and I'm honestly only responding because I think it's important to put my thoughts out there as well. I hope things are well for you, friend.

    4. Nickykitty


      beside of how they make me feel I do find them well made @Kaylercool

  2. Haven't been on in a long while my account was not agreeing with me on my laptop.

    1. Dashy


      Glad to see you back! It's definitely been awhile lol~

    2. Starstream


      Hey Nicky! :D

    3. Nickykitty
  3. Kinda getting tired of this event its not fun to be about 5-3 off to only end up losing 20-50. it really makes events like this annoying.

  4. Sick and hate it. Got rid of every thing but my cough.

    1. Dashy


      Oh no! Being sick is the worst >< I hope you get better soon! 

  5. ~*~ PA Fairy Gifting ~*~

    @cinnamonapples sent 3 of them as I have a 3 limit
  6. GaH the Person Above You

    @Runix Hatched http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1071653
  7. GaH the Person Above You

    @Storybook hatched
  8. ~*~ PA Fairy Gifting ~*~

    @Antashi Sent also I only had 2 also added a halloween pet
  9. ok good night going to bed before 2 am tonight

  10. so bored need to rp or curl up and sleep

  11. hello 2 am so for all here good night from me

  12. I'm looking for a RP partner for a slightly dark rp shall be in privet message as it will be more mature (aka undesired pet relationship/almost death) then I feel posting in the open nothing super graphic I have a line. message for more info but must be ok to accept 1 lines to paragraph (as sometimes if I stuck on how I want to word I do simple replies). This shall be a male/male rp my character is a submissive male. Again nothing to graphic I just don't feel conferrable posting anything with a slight death or the relationship in the open. Will still be following site rules just a little darker.
  13. my first drawing of brick (I used MS paint.)

    omg first time its so good