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  1. y'all don't know how blessed i am by the anime yuri on ice??? i cant believe its an anime that portrays a healthy relationship between two males without it being categorized as "yaoi" and that the relationship isn't even the main focus of the anime, it just developed naturally.. I'm so happy about this guys

    1. DonutMunchie


      Same tbh. I love this show!

  2. i can't believe the anime Yuri on Ice single handedly saved 2016

    1. ---


      im so unbelievably pleased
      episode seven staved off the apocalypse

  3. Everyone- I'm so sorry about the results of last night. So many POC and LGBT+ members are fearing for their lives because of the new president of the united states. I just wanted to say that you are loved, and people care about you. Keep fighting, no matter what, alright? We can get through this together. I love you all, please stay safe.

    1. Lone Wolf

      Lone Wolf

      Thank you for saying this. It's so very true. 

    2. Nickykitty


      maybe he will realize he said some stupid stuff and grow up

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  7. Witch Revolver - Interest check

    @bilbo212 oh sorry, I thought I saw someone else get one so I put it there. Also, I guess I like the sound of the revolver, as I assume they would have training time. The power I gave my character isn't weather control though, it's water control. She stopped the rain just around the house.
  8. Happy Halloween everybody!! What're you dressing up as? I'm going as a fem!Captain Kirk from Star Trek with my friend who's fem!Spock. I might post a picture later :0

    1. Chloecat194


      I'm being a kitty cat, like I've been the past couple of years

    2. Lone Wolf

      Lone Wolf

      Nothing, I don't really celebrate Halloween. 

    3. Lilytora


      I was a sloth

  9. Witch Revolver - Interest check

    I was dressed in the plainest clothes that I could find in my wardrobe, which was a pale pink frock with an even lighter petticoat, matched with ankle boots colored a suave brown. Seeing my slender and tall figure in, how should I say, commoner clothes would probably draw more attention to me than what I was currently wearing. I hid my face from view with my long auburn curls, though they were rather messy, I felt like they complimented my sienna skin and large hazel eyes. A thin silver band adornded my right ring finger, engraved with single symbol; a fancy looking L. Blinking rapidly at the man, I composed myself and smiled. "Theodosia Rain." I quite liked the name, as I thought it brought some sort of elegance to me. "Oh..." Already I was concerned about this question. "I guess I could go by just Rain. It's my favorite form of weather after all." I smiled secretively. "My story? Ah, what a fun tale. I lived on the other side of New York until I turned 18, and my family was on the higher end of the class spectrum. I had a relatively good life until one day, when my family was heading out to a rather fancy party, it began to rain cats and dogs. I, of course, was pretty upset, as I had been planning this party for ages. Before I knew what I was doing, I marched outside and flung my hand out and..." I paused for a second. "The rain just... stopped. For a second, I completely forgot what I was doing, but then it hit me; I had done magic. The rest is... kind of a blur." I looked away at that, twisting my ring around. "My mother, she... she saved me. She knew I was a witch and sent me off here... because of my fancier clothes I was hired as a maid for a wealthy family and that's how I've been living." I reach into a pocket sown haphazardly on the side of my dress and pull out a small flask. Popping open the cap, out flows a steady stream of water, controlled by measured movements of my hand. I knew that my eyes glowed a dark orange as I did this, after practicing in the mirror. Quickly, I made sure the liquid went properly back into it's containor. "I've slowly been training myself to control different forms of liquid, not just water. I respond immediately. "A hand gun." Firing one of those had come so easy to me. It was so simple to just comfortably hold in both hands or one and just fire. I stow the weapon in my small rucksack. Here it is!!
  10. Just joined

    Welcome!! I love Star Trek and Doctor Who a lot omg,, I hope you have fun here!
  11. Witch Revolver - Interest check

    woah this sounds really cool. can I join ? I'll make my my form in a sec.
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  13. aaa the new episode of Yuri on Ice was so good,,, please check it out if you haven't! It's a new sports anime (figure skating) and it's super good!!!!!! :0

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  15. Cavern Clan || Warrior Cats Sign Ups

    Name: Twigpaw Age: 7 moons Gender: Female Clan Member or Newcomer? Newcomer Rank: Description: Personality: Twigpaw loves attention more than anything, and has always strived to outdo everyone around her. Even though she was raised by Flickerwind, who is much older than her, she tried to help him as much as she could, damaging one of her paws in the process. She still wants to hunt and fight no matter what. Background/History: Twigpaw lost her parents to a fox attack and vows to avenge them. A day or so afterwards, she met Flickerwind, who sort of adopted her as his little sister. Family: Parents - Withertounge and Leafheart, dead; Flickerwind - adopted brother Mate: Too young Crush: Develops one on Aspenpaw Kits? Too young Is your character killable? No Other: Sugar Glider Name: Flickerwind Age: 29 moons Gender: Male Clan Member or Newcomer? Newcomer Rank: wants to become a warrior Description: Personality: Flickerwind has that kind of cold indifference that usually drives most cats away from him. He grew up with parents who didn't care for kits as much as they probably should have, so he developed the tendancy to also ignore other cats. This changed when he met Twigpaw. Somehow he knew he must look after her and became fiercely loyal and protective. Background/History: His parents lived by themselves, and he was the only kit (that he knew of) in his litter. They were selfish and didn't pay attention to Flickerwind, so he practically raised himself. After they died, he went on in search of a place to actually settle down which didn't have too many bad memories, and found Twigpaw alone and starving. Something inside him melted and he immediately adopted her as his "little sister". Family: Twigpaw - adopted sister Mate: Really wants one Crush: none yet Kits? none Is your character killable? maybe Other: Sugar Glider I wanted to make some more cats because y'all have a lot so :0 Here they are