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  1. Leopard's Wishlist

    @ I'm running low on ZC, they are common and retired right?
  2. Leopard's Wishlist

    @ Okay. Please post the alt., gender, and stage, with a price you'd like me to pay

    @ May I please adopt and please?
  4. Preview of my FIRST CYO

    @Silver Thank you, I might try that and see how it looks @ Thank you! That means a lot
  5. ღScarlet's CYO Boutiqueღ *Ameyuri Now On-Site!*

    @ This might have been skipped... I thought I'd repost just in case!
  6. Pastel Wolf Preview

    From the album Possible CYO's

    This will be my first CYO. I thought I'd get peoples thoughts on the idea, so please tell me what you think!
  7. -Close-

    @Velseir Thank you so much! I'll be back for a special deal next week!
  8. -Close-

    @Velseir I added 950 ZC (I think that's right) and accepted it! Thank you sooo much!
  9. -Close-

    @Velseir Yes please! Thank you.
  10. ღScarlet's CYO Boutiqueღ *Ameyuri Now On-Site!*

    @ Can I have an Insula (Female), Electric Riot (Male), and an alt. 3 Starry Wish (Female) put on hold please? That's a total of 1, 500 ZC I believe
  11. -Close-

    @Velseir Really?! Thank you so much! So many to choose from... Can I please have a male alt. 6 of the Ephyra dragon, and I can now afford the alt. 6 liger? Thank you again! I owe you so much.
  12. -Close-

    @Velseir Do you have any special deals currently?
  13. ~* Webby's Xmas Drive *~

    This Christmas, I wish for... A pair of Fairy Pom Poms (male and female) or a Nymph Fawn. I know it's a lot, but please try
  14. Legend Of Zeditha

    I edited his description
  15. Legend Of Zeditha

    I'm working on that description right now, and thank you! Any name suggestions?
  16. Legend Of Zeditha

    Female Water Dragon: Her name is Rivicka. Rivicka is a shy, young dragon about 15 moons old. She is a beautiful light crystal blue, with river blue eyes that sparkle. Her wings are a delicate turquoise color, and sparkle in the sun. She tends to only have 2 close friends, and often will not talk to male dragons. When she is older she would love to have a little family, but right now she is sticking to having fun and enjoying life. But approach her carefully or else she might fly away. She doesn't trust easily either, so if she's trusts you NEVER do anything to make her regret it, or she may never trust anyone again. Male Chromus Dragon: His name is Zolor. Zolor is one of the most outgoing dragons you will ever meet. He is also a horrible prankster, and great at getting his revenge. It is suggested you do not get on his bad side. Zolor is a rainbow color, starting with read on his head to violet on his tail, but it is not bright colors, they are light pastel. His eyes are a light sea green color. He loves to go for the girls, but he hasn't spotted anyone special, yet.
  17. Legend Of Zeditha

    May I be the male Chromus Dragon and female air dragon, for now?
  18. CLOSED

    @ May I please adopt and , today?
  19. CLOSED

    May I please adopt today?
  20. I would like a winter themed pet. I am a newbie, so I am new to this. I would like either a big dog, winged cat, griffin, or wyvern base used. The brush I have is: with alts.
  21. CLOSED

    @ May I please adopt the squirrel http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=472087 ?
  22. Please vote for my Barbed Darter Dragon in the Pet Pageant! Thank you. It is much appreciated

  23. CLOSED

    @ May I please adopt the Virginia Opposum http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=456757 ?
  24. -Close-

    @Velseir It's fine, thank you anyway! I will still keep my current alt. 6 on hold please!
  25. -Close-

    @Velseir Could I get a liger pack instead of the alt. 6 I have on hold actually? It's OK if I can't I was just wondering(it would have to be put on hold.)