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  1. I love the Red Kangaroo line art, if only I could get my hands on a male and female pair.

  2. I started working out again, and let me tell you, my body hates me for it.

  3. If anyone is willing to sell me a male and female Speckled Flitty, I would be forever grateful.

    1. gamma


      do you have any specific alts you want? You could take a look at my speckled flitty room I know I have some doubles

  4. It's been a long birthday. I'm finally a legal adult.

  5. In a major turn of events, I am a nominee for Prom Queen at my school.

    1. cinnamonapples


      Awwwwww <3 !!!!!! <3 

    2. Jade Leigh

      Jade Leigh

      I'm not even a popular girl, soooooooooo... I do not know how this happened.

    3. Uni_Animalia


      Haha I hope you win! I was homeschooled so I never had that option to me, all though my nickname was, "Princess" which annoyed the fluff outta me :lol:

      My brother did it 90% percent of the time, *Cough* potato brains. 

  6. School wears me out. 18 more school days... That is all I have.

    1. cinnamonapples


      This is a great way to stay motivated ! <3 ~ :D Just think of how much of a relief it will be after !!! <3 ~ & the time you'll have for other things ! <3 ~

      Hope it gets easier as it comes down to the last days !!! <3 ~ :D 

    2. Jade Leigh

      Jade Leigh

      Thank you so much. I'm still working hard at it, maintaining all my A's. Soon I get to start my time at film school, that's what I am excited for.

    3. cinnamonapples


      You're very welcome ! <3 ~ & I didn't stay motivated at all LOL ~ so that's a great achievement in itself <3 !!! & the fact you're doing so well too !!! <3 ~ :D 

      It's a lot of grunt work you have to get through ~ but I'm glad it's moving on to something you're passionate about ! <3 ~ :D Excited for youuu !!! <3 :D 

  7. After taking a hiatus for over a year, it feels weird to be back. So many of my old friends are no longer present.

    1. Dashy


      Welcome back!~

      It's true, a bunch of older members don't come on very often/they just quit ;c It's nice to see you back, though. ^^


    2. Jade Leigh

      Jade Leigh

      It's nice to see you, Dashy (: One familiar face.

    3. Miss Kitty

      Miss Kitty

      PA, but especially the forum, seems like a familiar little place with just a handfull of people. As a newbie on PA I kinda like that about this site, I must admit :) 

  8. For anyone I owe ZC to, I am most sorry that I haven't gotten it to you. I am very sick right now, sorry for the inconvenience

    1. Dashy


      Get well soon <3

  9. It's been a while... but I finally updates my bio on here.

  10. I thought I'd left my account with over 10,000 ZC on it, but I came back to find it with only 200 ZC... It was highly upsetting. Time to get to work!

    1. Lilytora


      Do you have mine security because that would explain where the zc went

    2. Jade Leigh

      Jade Leigh

      I don't, never have. But thank you for the suggestion

    3. OldFoo


      Did you check your transactions?

  11. second date was a success... so happy and bubbly right now

  12. no birthdays today... well it's my half birthday, does that count? xD

  13. spent 5 hours crying last night and got no sleep... hopefully tonight is better

    1. yuuri


      Oh no! :( Remember that you can PM at any time you need to talk <3

    2. Nickykitty
  14. I had such a great first date yesterday! Thank you to everyone who calmed me down. I have another date this coming Saturday. Eek

    1. Cyanocitta


      Nice!! Glad it worked out!!

  15. going on a date in a little over an hour... oh, help me, please!

  16. so I guess I have a date tomorrow... eek!

  17. i'm so confused, nervous, excited, upset, and happy all at the time... I'm such a wreck

    1. Morph


      *snugs* Hopefully all of that is due to good things.

  18. Added purple to my hair(: Been wanting to do it for ages and I finally did!

    1. Teakitty


      Good for you! I've never been able to bring myself to do that, although it always sounds fun XD

    2. Emeraldwolf


      where at i had the front of mine purple last year

  19. Today was a bad day... half an hour of crying on the school bus...

    1. PotatoeSauce


      Oh no, I'm so sorry D: I can lend a ear if you need someone to talk to. *hugs*

    2. Teakitty


      *hugs* Same as Potato--feel free to vent on me.

  20. went to see Demi Lovato last night with my junior friend. he is such a big fan of her... i had a blast

    1. The Mad Hatter

      The Mad Hatter

      Cool! Was she good, and what was your favorite song that she preformed?

  21. Last night was my first homecoming, first date, and first kiss. Life couldn't be better

  22. I'm so sorry. I have been away for such a long time. What's been happening?

    1. Teakitty


      I missed you :( Play more often, please!

    2. Starstream
  23. One week til I go to England! :)

    1. Teakitty


      Take me with you! D:

  24. Happy Birthday!! :-D

    1. ruxy91


      Thank you :D!!!

  25. Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! It was amazing. I'm gone all next week for a school trip to Washington, D.C.