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  1. School wears me out. 18 more school days... That is all I have.

    1. cinnamonapples


      This is a great way to stay motivated ! <3 ~ :D Just think of how much of a relief it will be after !!! <3 ~ & the time you'll have for other things ! <3 ~

      Hope it gets easier as it comes down to the last days !!! <3 ~ :D 

    2. Jade Leigh

      Jade Leigh

      Thank you so much. I'm still working hard at it, maintaining all my A's. Soon I get to start my time at film school, that's what I am excited for.

    3. cinnamonapples


      You're very welcome ! <3 ~ & I didn't stay motivated at all LOL ~ so that's a great achievement in itself <3 !!! & the fact you're doing so well too !!! <3 ~ :D 

      It's a lot of grunt work you have to get through ~ but I'm glad it's moving on to something you're passionate about ! <3 ~ :D Excited for youuu !!! <3 :D