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  1. Stucky's CYO Pet Shop!

    these have all been added to the egg drop except Muffy and Bionic Pup.... how am i supposed to sell them on here now? and it's only a matter of time until Bionic Pup gets added to it.... the pets that have been added to the egg drop, are now half price
  2. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples hahah, i love the Tuftswipe pet these pets for the click wall please (i gotta sort out my main room sometime tomorrow, but kinda difficult to do when my laptop is being a pain) http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1117696 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1124118 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1117874 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1119706 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1110066 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1123053 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1118565 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1128898
  3. i am not happy right now... someone reported on of my books over on Wattpad, and now it's gone... i mean, i don't really care about what book was removed, but i'm still not happy about it.

    sure it was a book full of sexual content, but there's basically hundreds of those on Wattpad, and more that are much more graphic than mine, so i'm annoyed that mine was removed, even though i personally don't give a damn about that book.

    1. cinnamonapples


      Do you still have a copy of it? :c ~ 

      & ye that's ridic when yours is chosen out of many ~ :c & they are allowed to have content that's the same/more graphic while yours is taken down :c 

      Silly that someone would go as far as report it instead of overlooking it :c ~ 

    2. Sergeant_Stucky


      @cinnamonapples i have a backup of all my stories on Google Docs, but i really don't know if i'm going to republish this one or not, as it's not one that i really care about (if i do, i can just put them in with my other one-shots, as it was only a book full of mature one-shots after all), even though it was one of my highest read fanfics with 150k reads. it also had been up since like, 2015, and was fine being on there up until earlier today.

    3. Chinchilla_Fangirl


      I know how you feel - I've had that happen to me also. It really annoys me -_-

  4. CYO Preorder! [Five nights at Freddy CYO] (Revamped)

    i'd love to preorder two of the Five Nights at Freddy's please. a male and female for zc
  5. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples honestly, Chevy was kind of a pain at times, but a great dog nonetheless. very talkative too, usually wouldn't shut up half the time, and loved going for walks even with his old age (you couldn't grab his leash or say walk around him without him getting excited) he was kind of a big wuss too, wouldn't go into any room, or through any doorways if the cat was sitting near it (but then with neighbouring cats, he wasn't afraid to bark at them). these pets for the wall please http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1123015 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1117578 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1117710 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1115385 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1117678 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1117699 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1097314
  6. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples i'm actually not sure if i have posted a photo of my old dog anywhere on here but i can put a photo of him in a spoiler thingy right now i mean, that alt of the Flittering Guardian isn't really like him, but it's probably the closest i'm gonna get to any of the dog pets on here looking similar to the old boy (unless there's others that i'm not aware of). unfortunately the old guy is no longer living, as he passed around June last year at 13 years old. (his name was Chevy btw) -- and awesome! you can swap the Red Wolves for these two http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1127427 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1127124
  7. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples awesome! aah! the Snuggle Panda is the best, so is the Flittering Guardian (probably the closest looking design on here like my old dog, so loving that alt) these ones please http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1110052 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1108901 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1097311 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1105443
  8. my Sleeping Beauty egg hatched, and i am in love with this alt. it's absolutely gorgeous!


    1. Jadespets


      Wow soooo gorgeous me want! 

  9. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples awesome! can you replace them with these ones? (also, with the Snuggle Panda, i don't really know what alt i'm after) http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1121432 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1120754 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1109899 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1117050 also, @Miss Kitty i actually can't remember where i got it from, but i think it must have been from on of the event things on the main site
  10. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples awesome! can you please replace them with these ones? http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1105444 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1104858 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1118515 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1119216 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1105359 http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1097637
  11. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples i love the Hanyakos too. definitely going to have to get the rest once i've got enough zc and yes, i'd like the Birmans at stage 4 you may replace the Hanyakos with these two http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1097313 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1097638 also, two of the pets that i linked earlier have hatched already (the Bombay Cat and the Dragon Dove of Lyza), so can you replace them with these two? the others that i listed earlier are fine to go on the click wall though (had no idea those two were already so close to hatching) http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1096363 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1107201
  12. Chit's CYO & Custom Shop [open] *SPECIAL PETS FOR SALE!*

    @matchiitehew i've added zc and trade accepted!
  13. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples yay! i'd like to swap the hatched pets with the following http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1096559 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1101298 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1099308 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1098612 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1109612 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1095781 -- regarding the announcement, i like to keep all my unhatched eggs on my main room in alphabetical order, but if it would help, i don't mind moving the ones that are on the click wall to the top of my main room
  14. Questions about Pets from Mining

    the traps for catching pets in the mine has been discontinued for a couple years now i believe (maybe since 2015, but i can't remember), so i really don't know why they still have that on the mine. i can't recall if when i first started on this site if i ever got lucky with the pet traps, maybe a couple times, so i can't really remember exactly what they did, or what pets you could get out of it. the portals do exactly as @cinnamonapples said, though i've never been lucky enough to get anything out of them, i think i've only gotten like, one or two pets from that.