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  1. Stucky's CYO Pet Shop!

    @Imzadi83 alright. sending trade now! (i also ended up finding a hatched alt 3 female for the Bionic Pup, so yay)
  2. Stucky's CYO Pet Shop!

    @Dashy alright! i've got an alt 2 of the Pastel Kitten hatched, and a few alt 1s of the Bionic Pup hatched (had to actually search through them to find a male though). trade sent! the other two Pastel Kittens are still eggs, and they should hopefully be the other two alts (i used the stickerbook thing to try work it out, not sure how accurate it is though)
  3. Stucky's CYO Pet Shop!

    Swipers are now up for sale!
  4. Stucky's CYO Pet Shop!

    @Imzadi83 i've got an alt 1 male and alt 2 female Bionic Pup hatched, but i don't have an alt 3 female hatched. and i've got an alt 1 and alt 2 of the Pastel Kitten hatched, but none of alt 3. i can give you eggs of the others, and if they don't hatch into the right alts, you can swap them for the right alts if i have some hatched then. is that okay?
  5. Stucky's CYO Pet Shop!

    @Alcarie you're in luck, cause i've got a few alt 1s of the Bionic Pup hatched and available trade sent
  6. Stucky's CYO Pet Shop!

    @Kitkat sure! and luckily i've got a spare one of that alt hatched already trade sent
  7. Stucky's CYO Pet Shop!

    Welcome to Stucky's CYO Pet Shop! So, basically I'm sure you all can guess what this is about. This is where I'll be selling my CYO pets that I've got. So far my shop is quite small though, but at least it's something. Also, before we start, I'd like to thank @Kaylercool for doing the artwork for three of these CYO pets. They're absolutely amazing, and I can't thank her enough for doing the artwork. Also, I don't appreciate the reselling of my CYOs, or them being sent to the Abandoned Room. If you no longer want them, feel free to send them back to me for the same price you originally bought them. I also can't guarantee alts on these, so feel free to use the wishlist to try and get the alt you were after, or swap with me if I happen to have any spares already hatched. Also, I'd like to sell at least five of each pet for zp. Mainly because there's some zp pets that I'm after, and I'd just like to have a bit of zp for once. *just mentioning that I do have a couple hatched ones, but not a lot, so those are first in first serve. the rest I cannot guarantee alts* Muffy *only available in male* 250zc or 1zp I did the artwork for this one, and it's literally the best I can get with making artwork for CYO pets. Also, this one has been on site for quite a few years now, and I still have some left. He's based on my old cat that had to get put down in August of 2014 at the age of 19, hence the reason he's only available in male. (though, honestly I think I had made this CYO pet a couple months before he passed) Bionic Pup *available in male and female* alt 1: black ~ alt: 2 ginger ~ alt: 3 golden 600zc or 3zp Artwork by @Kaylercool I'm just going to put it out there that this one is my favorite one out of the lot. Pastel Kitten *only available in female* alt 1: pink and yellow ~ alt 2: green and blue ~ alt 3: mixed 400zc or 2zp Artwork by @Kaylercool Now, I'd like to mention that the only reason these are in female, is mainly because I forgot to get any males while claiming 50 of them with the promo code, so because of that, they'll only be in female, and please don't use the wishing well to change the genders, the alts you may change, just not the genders. Swiper *available in male and female* alt 1: orange and white ~ alt 2: black and brown 300zc or 1zp artwork by @Kaylercool
  8. Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

    @OldFoo thank you!
  9. Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

    @OldFoo pet added, and trade accepted, thank you!
  10. Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

    @OldFoo alright and any gender is fine
  11. Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

    @OldFoo yep. i can do that the both of them are the same alt according to the wishlist anyway
  12. Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

    @OldFoo i don't have any customs to trade with, but i've got three Winterfluffs, and according to the Wishlist feature thing two alts are the same (not entirely sure which ones, as the three of them are still eggs, but i think i might know which one it is) i don't mind trading one of those for it? i also have a spare of the Gumdrop Bunny i don't mind trading either. would those two work? if it's not quite enough i don't mind paying some zc as well
  13. Looking for CYO artist

    @Kaylercool alright that sounds good and i'd love for you to add more to the second one to make it more unique. i honestly don't really know what else exactly to add onto it, so if you've got some ideas, i'd love to hear them
  14. Looking for CYO artist

    @Kaylercool i'd absolutely love for you to do the artwork for them! your CYO pets are some of my favorite, and it would be amazing if you could do the artwork for these. for the third one, the designs i was thinking of are like, white with ginger patches, and the black and brown one similar to the markings of a Rottweiler. the mask would be like those ones that cover just the eyes. like, similar to the ones that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have i guess. with the designs for the second one, i was kind of thinking like a calico pattern with the pastel colors, or somethingg similar to tye dye but pastel. i was thinking about adding something else to it, but i'm not sure what. maybe a flowercrown if possible? or at least a flower on its head.
  15. Looking for CYO artist

    So, basically I've got three CYO alt brushes, and since I'm not very good at making CYO pets - Well, really just making art and stuff online - I'm looking for someone who's willing to do the art for some CYO pets. We can negotiate on the price, and if the pet is accepted, you'll get a full set of the pets, depending on how many alts said pet will have. Probably only two or three. The first one, I'd like in the African Wild Dog base, stage 4. The idea I have in mind for it, is a bionic dog, so half dog, half robot. I'm thinking only one or two alts for this one, maybe just one alt. And I'm not entirely sure on the design, maybe one bionic arm and ear with a black and white coat. Maybe one red eye as well if possible. The egg can just be white with black patches, or just black and white, depending on whatever is easiest, with a bionic ear if possible. The second, I'd like in the Scottish Fold Cat base, stage 3. Basically the idea for this one is pastel themed, with the coats being a mix of pastel colors. I think three alts for this one. The first alt a mix of pastel pink and pastel yellow, the second pastel green and pastel blue, and the third a mix of all four colors. The egg can be a mix of pastel pink and pastel yellow. And the third, I'd like in the Kitsune Fox base, stage 3. This one I'd like only two alts of. One an orange and white with a blue mask over it's eyes, and the other a black and brown with a red mask over it's eyes. The egg can just be orange and white with a blue ribbon (similar to the mask around it's eyes) wrapped around the middle of the egg. So, if anyone wants to do this for me, I'd be very grateful. You don't have to do all three though, but if you want, then go for it!