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  1. PA SURVEY: we want your feedback!

    Why do you play PA? I like to collect pets and especially CYO. What attracts you to the site? The variety of different pets available, including alternates. Would you say you collect pets to relax? Yes and no, it's just for fun What types of site events do you enjoy the most? Which site events do you dislike the most? I like Halloween events because they are my favorite pets. The one is dislike is VDay since it's a more stressful system to be able to get pets. What is your favorite part of the site? Your least favorite? I like that the site give to charity, it means a lot for me. What I dislike is the new leveling system that doesn't allow us to choose which pets we want to level. In order to pay server costs and artwork fees, the site has to bring in an income. What types of things would YOU be interested in purchasing to help support the site? I like special edition pets that can be only obtained by purchasing ZP. That made them rare and valuable, which help to worth spending money on it How much time would you estimate you spend on the site on a daily basis? I used to play few hours everyday but since I'm leaving the site soon (too much change that made me unhappy with the new site), I no longer play much.
  2. Throwing LOT of Cyos in the AR soon!

    Please do NOT ask me to buy my pets. Or to trade. Or to give them to you. I will cancel all persons asking me for trade.
  3. Throwing LOT of Cyos in the AR soon!

    @Nickykitty I'm okay with that. Will move them for you tomorrow @Animal_8_Namer Actually they'll be in the AR this week-end, but if somebody catch those they'll know you are interested. And welcome back
  4. Throwing LOT of Cyos in the AR soon!

    @Nickykitty Message me which you wanted and I'll put them in the Available group to hold them for you too
  5. Yup, there was long time I'm gone from here. All the changes made this website way less friendly and interesting, and this is why I'm gone. I'm just logging once in a while for a friend and that's all. I'm throwing all the group called "Giveaway" on my profile. Only this group. Do not beg to get something in it, it'll only be thrown in the AR, so try your luck this week-end! You are free however to tell which you hope to catch Pets in "Available" group are mean to be traded for currency on khimeros.com (beads or trinkets). Or for custom artworks of my beloved characters. If you are interested by that option, please link me examples of what you draw. No longer offered, they are all on hold now. Wish you best for the future guys! Naja
  6. AR Drop + AR CYO Ideas!

    Can I give 2ZP to help funding ?
  7. ==to be deleted==

    I'm leaving this website and my newbie group no longer exist. Please do not post here.
  8. Leaving

    Sadly I'm not really looking to swap. Lot of those costed me real money (I do invested too much @@) --- For any person interested to draw for pets, message Najawarie on Khimeros.com OR e-mail me on studio-ventes@hotmail.ca
  9. Naja's CYO Shop - Cats of the Wild online!

    @ Sure It'll be 1 pearl for the whole thing Do you want specific gender?
  10. Naja's CYO Shop - Cats of the Wild online!

    @ Trade sent
  11. Naja's CYO Shop - Cats of the Wild online!

    @ Sure! For the bead, you can send it to Najawarie on khimeros (same name, hehe) Soon I got it I'll send you the pets. Any specific gender or random ones? I'll start tarde for the manticore, do you want specific gender? -------- @Nickykitty A full set of purebreed cats for beads will be 2 beads or 25 000 trinkets
  12. Naja's CYO Shop - Cats of the Wild online!

    @Nickykitty I prefer beads, but could accept trinkets too Can accept some special khimbits too, especially Wyvir, Ethira Cub and Lamb.
  13. Naja's CYO Shop - Cats of the Wild online!

    @Nickykitty Yeah I accept Khimeros currency for my PA pets for those who want.
  14. Naja's CYO Shop - Cats of the Wild online!

    Like it's written, I no longer sell for ZC as I am leaving. Sorry people