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  1. Let's try this ~ Pre-Order time! ~ CLOSED

    @tomomi love the first two will have to get some zp
  2. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    aurora and Trig jump onto the deer and help Sliver take it down
  3. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Trig and Aurora listen to Sliver
  4. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Aurora and trig Follow Sliver
  5. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Trig nods "deer sounds good" he wags his tail happy to finally have a family Aurora gets up and leaves the den "Sliver I'll let you track it"
  6. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Aurora Nods "well then lets get up and go and maybe fine some breakfast on the way" Trig "breakfast sounds great"
  7. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Aurora "we need to find somewhere big enough for a pack"
  8. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Trig shakes his head "no"
  9. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Trig wags his tail "thank you so much Alpha" Aurora snuggles against Sliver "looks like we will need another den"
  10. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Aurora crawls onto Sliver and Nuzzles him "thank you"
  11. PA SURVEY: we want your feedback!

    Why do you play PA? I play PA because i like the community here and enjoy seeing pets that other people have created and trying to collect most of what is on the site. What attracts you to the site? The pets available and the community Would you say you collect pets to relax? Yes What types of site events do you enjoy the most? Which site events do you dislike the most? I enjoyed site events where we have to log in and collect prizes or solve something to earn a prize. I haven't found any events i dislike. What is your favorite part of the site? Your least favorite? My favorite part of the site is the adoption center, my least favorite is the mining feature. In order to pay server costs and artwork fees, the site has to bring in an income. What types of things would YOU be interested in purchasing to help support the site? I would be interested in purchasing special pets or items that may help enhance breeding opportunities. How much time would you estimate you spend on the site on a daily basis? I would say I spend at least an hour on everyday.
  12. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Aurora looks at Sliver "can we keep him" she begs
  13. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    *i went ahead and added it* Aurora looks at the wolf "how old are you and why are you alone ' Trig looked at the female talking to him "I'm a year and a half old" he looks down "my alpha had me thrown out when i was old enough to hunt on my own because he thinks that my eyes are a curse"
  14. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    *will add his Info tomorrow* Trig lays to show his submissivness "Hi my name is Trig I don't have a pack an I smelled you two and was curious if I could stay around you" Aurora looks at the other wolf realizing he looks barely a year old
  15. Change of time 1X1rp(Em&darkwolf)

    Aurora looks at Sliver then to the stranger in their den