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  1. Free German Pups (CYO)

    I sent them out to everyone
  2. Free German Pups (CYO)

    I've decided to give away several of my German pups. Just comment if you're interested and I'll send one over!
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Does anyone have any of the Snow Dragon of Pirineos? I only have one alt and would love to buy some more.

  5. UNLIMITED Click Thread

    Would anyone mind to space a couple clicks? Thanks!
  6. Oh whoops, I kinda took a hiatus longer then expected >.<

  7. My dog managed to get an ibuprofen bottle today Dx She got sick but she's doing better now, luckily the vet said she should be fine. She had around 7 pills and shes only a puppy. Never leave things on your table!

  8. Rory

    From the album My pets

    I got a kitten.
  9. My pets

    Photos of my pets :3
  10. I'm sorry I went away for so long Dx

  11. School will be the death of me. Getting up at 5:30-6am leaves me drained by 4-5. I miss going to school at 8, oh well.

    1. PotatoeSauce


      Oh dear! D:

      Yours is earlier than mine. I have to wake up around 6:40-50 ish since school starts at 7:20-ish :(

  12. School ipad = just another thing I can draw on

  13. Yay, caught up on a lot of owed art, did my homework, watched online premier of "Selfie" because I think Karen Gillian is rad, five episodes of black butler, and cleaned the house. I think today has been a pretty good day, now off to read, maybe chill on the interwebs

  14. Gah my dog will NOT use the bathroom outside at all, and she keeps going in the floor, but never large amounts. Always pea sized :|

    1. Cyanocitta


      How old is she?

    2. Dyanwolfe


      No clue >.< I just adopted her today, she seems to be younger. I won't be getting all her info for another week or so.

  15. I love how my cat is glaring at me because the dog is sitting with me