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  1. Well, my, my, long time no see good people! I just wanted to pop in a say hello! :)

  2. Hey guys? I could use some help on something. Friends and I decided to start a friendly PG-T betting thing. I've come up with what to do for winner/losers this round. However, I can think of anything to set it up. Anyone is welcome to help me brain storm ideas on what to bet on.

  3. So how do you guys react when someone you haven't seen in two years starting talking to you? Because I'm shaking, but extremely happy.

    1. Lilytora


      I think my reaction would be based on the person, I have some people I'd be happy to hear from and others whom I wish to never contact me again for some very good reason.

      I am glad you are happy though, that is always a good thing. :3

  4. Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

    1. Lilytora


      I haven't heard any good things about it, I would suggest maybe looking into what others think of it

    2. Lone Wolf

      Lone Wolf

      I personally like it alot more than Windows 8, but I agree with Lilytora about hearing more opinions on it; maybe even look into the features it has yourself. 

    3. Creus


      I have windows 10, seems much better then windows 8 but still not as good as windows 7

  5. Bloodstone Dragacorn

    Sick! They look great!
  6. AR Frenzy Finds

    @Oddora Added and accepted! Thanks for, well.. donating actually! @Lone Wolf That's whom I targeting, but if it's not gone by the end of the week I'll be more than happy to send it over! Just to give others a chance you know?
  7. Giving AR Frenzy pets (5) away for free. Preferably to people who did NOT get a lot, 1 per person please! ^^

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. OldFoo


      Thank you very much. :D

    3. Pink Madness

      Pink Madness

      I am interested about Happy Gator?

    4. Sicarian


      Can do Pink Madness. Sent and accepted. ^^

  8. AR Frenzy Finds

    @Oddora Are you willing to swap something for it? As long as it's from the AR frenzy I'd be happy to swap since it looks like you had some better luck than others? @Lilytora Good idea!
  9. AR Frenzy Finds

    Hey guys ^^ I'm not on much any more, but I managed to grab these: If anyone wants one (preferably to the people who didn't get much) they're free.
  10. Officially kinda homeless. Thanks dad.

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    2. Lone Wolf

      Lone Wolf

      That was pretty stupid of him.. I really hope things wotk out for you. 

      Do you have anywhere to go?

    3. Revan


      I've been in that situation before. Sucks butt, and a lot of it. Try finding a friend, if not, then sleep in a business that's open 24hrs. I know it sounds weird, but if you can get away with sleeping in the bathroom, it's better than outside

    4. Sicarian


      I appreciate that info Jason! But my sister was cool enough to let me stay with her, not all of my family is crazy. <3

  11. What are the pets for? :)

  12. GaH the Person Above You

    @Brightshadow Hatched <3
  13. Been awhile, how are your beautiful faces?

  14. GaH the Person Above You

    @Hazel Grey Hatched <3
  15. GaH the Person Above You

    @matchiitehew Hatched ^^ Cute Fishy!